Tuesday, November 24, 2009

For Crown Of Beauty



Terry said...

dear crown of beauty..just to let you know how everyone loves you and i think in this song, the scenes cover every country in the whole wide world....
ernie would have been so proud of you the way that you have gone on walking with the lord and have scattered your love around and encouragement to so many...love terry

PEA said...

I just went to visit Crown of Beauty's blog and my heart goes out to her on the loss of her husband a year ago but how wonderful that she has done so well since then and has kept her faith and love of life. A beautiful tribute, my friend. xoxo

Amrita said...

I will visit Lidj after this.
Sorry Terry I forgot that you had seen my roses.

Felisol said...

Dera Terry,
I have admired the pictures over at Lidj's. The thing I've most noticed is Ernie's careful and protective way of holding his arms around his wife.
How she must miss those embracing arms.
Thank you for reminding her of our concern.
From felisol

Crown of Beauty said...

Terry, you are definitely one sweet, kind, thoughtful soul. I too am so blessed by your friendship. I think you, me, Felisol and Amrita should plan on getting together!

I think one of the scenes in this picture is from Thailand...

Lovely song, Ernie used to sing that song.

As Felisol commented...I have to admit. I miss Ernie's protective arms around me. If you will go to my Nov 23 post, I have shared many pictures of me and him together...but after he died, there will be no more "me and Ernie" pictures! Just me... It's not the same.

But, well I always tell myself, I can't go on being sad forever. Thanks for being my friends at this season of my life.