Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Bernie Boy!


dear bernie..today is your birthday and you are 61 years old.
we are both 49ners but for three months you will be a year older than i am.
i am STILL 60! talk about robbing the cradle, eh?
anyways we will be celebrating your birthday tomorrow when rachel and betty take us out for the day.
the little red car has his nose way out of joint for sure because it is being left behind!..ha!
i hope you like this card i have put in here for you.

here is an old song that we liked when we first started to go together...i really don't know where the time has gone bernie...ha! we are both old but both young at heart!
i thank the lord the day that i ever met you!..love terry

Monday, May 24, 2010

May 25,,,Mary T's Ruby Tuesday Birthday!


this is a day early but i thought that it was soon enough to wish mary t, the boss a very happy ruby tuesday birthday.
although we live in welland, the rose city, there is not yet a rose to be found and so we are sending to you beloved teach this dew-drenched ruby red tulip from our garden.
alas! it will soon be saying its good byes..

our whole family..bernie and i and the little red car wishes for you a very happy day tomorrow...
i don't know if we will be around here much longer.
the neighbours think that we have gone crazy!
this is the first sweltering hot day that we have had in ages and here we are wearing warm red coats..ha!
alas!..the boys in the white jackets will surely be coming to take us away!

in the meantime mary t...have some cake that i googled in!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!...........love bernie and terry and the little red car.