Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Bernie Boy!


dear bernie..today is your birthday and you are 61 years old.
we are both 49ners but for three months you will be a year older than i am.
i am STILL 60! talk about robbing the cradle, eh?
anyways we will be celebrating your birthday tomorrow when rachel and betty take us out for the day.
the little red car has his nose way out of joint for sure because it is being left behind!..ha!
i hope you like this card i have put in here for you.

here is an old song that we liked when we first started to go together...i really don't know where the time has gone bernie...ha! we are both old but both young at heart!
i thank the lord the day that i ever met you!..love terry


Felisol said...

Dear Bernie,
It's 4.47 a.m., early morning in Norway, but I popped over to Terry to what she might have come up with for her beloved husband.
A nice post, don't you think.
I wish you all well to day and all your days to come.
May God bless you and keep you always.
Happy birthday, sweet 16, no reversed, 61!
From Felisol

jel said...

HAppy BDAY Bernie

Sandy said...

Happy Birthday to Bernie!!
You both look great. I see
love in your eyes!
I remember that love song
by Herman's Hermits. Used to
be a favorite of mine.
Have a blessed day!

reg said...

Well Bernie I have yet to meet you but I know I will at some point. At any rate Happy Birthday and may you have 100 more!!!!!!!

Sioux said...

Again, Bernie, happy, happy birthday!

Amrita said...

Happy Birthday Bernie, you share your birthday with Anjali my sister.

I am sure Terry and you celebrated in a most charming and lovely way.

May God fill your year with love, joy and peace.l

Amrita said...

Sheeba and Mama also say Happy birthday

Pat said...

Happy Birthday Bernie...may the Lord bless you with his favor!

Trish said...

Happy Birthday to Bernie....loved Herman's Hermits...great song!

donna said...

Happy Birthday Bernie...

Robin said...

Happy 6st to your DH :). Great song choice too, I love Herman's Hermits. Off to have a listen now...

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akumangkok said...

Happy birthday Bernie!
I feel I almost know you, thanks to Terry!
(Just ask Terry who I am)


Dianne said...

Dear, dear Teresa,
Please tell that precious husband of yours that I said, "Happy Birthday." I remember the first night I met you guys and he hopped over to Walmart's sight to check out a camera deal for me. He did not have to do that. I knew from the start that you had yourself a very special guy.


♥ Kathy said...

aww Terry you are so sweet ♥ Happy Birthday Bernie even though I'm a little late :)

DeanO said...

Happy birthday Bernie - and I love the age group of the audience in the YouTube video.

PEA said...

Happy "belated" Birthday to Bernie:-) I hope he had the loveliest of days celebrating his special day. You are both very lucky to have found each other and no doubt you're both 29 years old at heart! hehe Have always loved that song!! xoxo

Jim said...

Happy Birthday, Bernie!
Happy Birthday, Bernie!
Happy Birthday, Bernie!
Happy Birthday, Bernie!
Happy Birthday, Bernie!
Happy Birthday, Bernie!
Happy Birthday, Bernie!
Happy Birthday, Bernie!
Happy Birthday, Bernie!
Happy Birthday, Bernie!
Happy Birthday, Bernie!
Happy Birthday, Bernie!
Happy Birthday to you!

I sang on yesterday's blog but will put it on here to make it offical. I hope you enjoyed your Big BDay!

I am sorry that you cut your finger. Here is to getting it better real fast.

Bernie, you are a good sport. Terry has you in a lot of her pictures and we all enjoy seeing what you are doing.
Do you censure what Terry puts on of you? A lot of spouses do, I won't mention names.

Again, Happy Birthday, Bernie!