Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The First Day Of Spring and Nathan is Sixteen!

this is my favouite picture of nathan, the gift from god!


i decided that seeing as it is spring, i had better dust the cow webs from my blog and announce to all the world that nathan is SIXTEEN years old on this first day of spring and on a ruby tuesday!

for sure and this little guy HAS come a long way..nathan's favourite colour is yellow and so here he is placed in yellow!

this was nathan on his last year's birthday when he turned 15...he does NOT like cake and so i guess he will have to share the googled in birthday cake with his pal, jacob..

now this is one happy camper and i must tell you why!..i just lifted his mama's words from her blog and i am pasting them right here under the picture of one happy little guy!

mrs. mac said..."his (favorite) 5-6th grade teacher has moved up and is now his 8th grade teacher. He is so happy to trek off to school each morning and is continually making progress. His in home therapy has ended as he met all of his goals. Now he spends two afternoon/evenings a week receiving developmental therapy in a group setting with a new set of goals. This is a BIG deal for him .. considering that only a year ago he would barely set foot inside the building. His comfort level has greatly increased. My once introverted son is comfortable enough to dance to music in front of his peers. Praising God for His goodness!"

now i know that this is a young picture of our birthday boy but i just couldn't resist slipping it in!just look at his carefree happy face!

in november nathan had to face some sad days when his beloved dawg passed away...

this card was made for him so that he will never forget his buddy, who was the joy of not only nathan but the whole mac family and who was loved by so many people who knew him through mrs. mac and nathan.

again i will borrow from mrs. mac a very special moment that she treasures..her mother heart has desired this for years and it finally happened..

mrs. mac said.."today was his second Sunday attending church with me .. in the adult church .. he has sat quietly by my side during the entire service .. soaking in some of God's word .. listening to praise and worship music. This is something I have prayed for for several years .. Words are not adequate for what is taking place.jan 2011"

praise to the lord!

it is a good thing that little jacob is not just his nephew but also his bestest friend!

and just look at what nathan has gotten the past year...the sweetest little niece that any uncle could desire...for sure and what a blessed little boy he surely is!

nathan has gotten himself into music and DANCING!!.....his mama's words again..

mrs. mac said, "Most days find our son, Nathan, somewhat apprehensive and shy. That is ... until ... he turns on some music and starts dancing (spinning) .. non stop until he either wears himself out ... or I purposely 'unplug' him. Sometimes it's a struggle for the rest of the family to 'endure' another playing of 'Little GTO' ... or ... surfin' 60's music, or The Monster Mash, as he can listen to the same selection over and over. Thank goodness when we built our home I had six inch walls stuffed with insulation and solid wood doors put on the bedroom doorways On the bright side .. Nathan often sings along with the music ... helping him to practice his speech. My once un-intelligibly voiced son is starting to string three and four word sentences together. Music ... soothes the savage beast (so I've heard) ... and brings out the best in Nathan. Normally, loud noise sets him off in a tizzy ... but not so with music .. to him it's a white noise pleasure. BTW ... I have to frequently change the furniture placement so as not to wear a hole in the carpet."

haaaa..haaaa mrs. mac!

there is no way that i could have missed nathan's birthday..every day as i looked at the sweet picture of his mama from the calendar that miss diane had sent, i would see march 20!...a special day!...the little gifts SPECIAL day!

i was so incredibly happy when i met nathan's mama and that mama came from idaho bearing priceless gifts!...

i now get a glimpse of nathan every time that i open my wallet...he is so dear to my heart..i have loved him for five years now!..and so do all of the scarf sisters..

this is a picture that is surely a piece of art that mrs. mac brought to mr. bernie and i from nathan..i will always treasure it!mr. and mrs. mac have loved their special gift from god for 16 years now and here is what mrs. mac says,

mr. and mrs. mac have love their special gift from god for 16 years now and here is what mrs. mac says,
"I no longer live and breath in fear and for that, I praise God. Nathan continually brings home notes from his teacher that he had a good day. He plays hard at P.E. ... is learning to use his iPad for communication at school, attends an after school program twice a week .. and is awaiting anxiously for spring so he can start his developmental (horseback) riding lessons. And this from a boy that had to be pulled through the horse barn just two years ago at the fair! A few summers ago he 'went through' three or four summer camp aides ... two days of Nathan was enough to send them looking for another job or be reassigned. That's the summer we met Miss Paula (an interventionist).. and our journey began with IBI.

If you are the parent of a special needs child needing behavior modifications, have a talk with your pediatrician by mentioning your concerns. We would have never gotten help had I not spoken up during a routine yearly medical exam; that's when our doctor recommended IBI."

this is nathan with his beloved family and i will let mrs. mac tell you how blessed she really is..

mrs. mac finishes, "
Thankful for one left in the nest. After Ann moved out in May, I have come to discover it would be pretty lonely around here without any youngins at home. Nathan (the possessor of an extra chromosome) is perpetually youthful and adds great joy to life. To be so young at heart .. always .. is a gift beyond measure.

Every part of life is a season. I think the empty nest phase would be quite .. well empty without our special needs son. So thankful God knew we needed him before he was born. Even with all of his challenges, life adds a richness that would be lacking without him.

In God's infinite wisdom .. He has blessed us and given us reason to have joy as we enter the golden stage of life.

it's a miracle he's growing up so strong and healthy .. full of life .. and a blessing to all who know him. Thank you Lord for the honor of being his mom."

it would really be worth your while to read the 64 posts that mrs. mac has of her special boy...oh she has a rich store of his story!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR NATHAN!!....love mr. bernie and miss terry