Friday, June 09, 2006

A Stream Of Pure Gold

Last week along the Lake Ontario shore there were some wonderful sunsets! One sunset turned this little stream into pure gold. One little stream flowing quietly from Lake Ontario, on to the barren shore, noticed by the Lord above. Our lives sometimes seem to be so small but God notices each and every one of His children and lights our lives as only He can. The living waters inside us should be over flowing with His love and touching the lives about us even though it is in a small and quiet way!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A Rainy But Green Saturday

I was ready, and looking forward to a sunny Saturday in the country this week so I could take an abundance of pictures but lo and behold, the rain decided to come!! The only photos that I could possibly take had to be done from the safety of the house, standing at the open door!! Even the birds were missing. I guess THEY didn't appreciate the dampness either!
Oh well, I must admit that even in the midst of all this gloom, the green of the trees and grass on the Palace grounds came through just fine! Unlike the birds and I they appreciated the showers of blessings being sent to them from above!!

Maybe tomorrow will be a sunny day!