Saturday, January 02, 2010

A Birthday Wish For Mrs Jim

yesterday, january 1st was mrs. jim's mr. jim told me that she does not want any fanfare going on about this but i really thought that i wanted to give to her this yellow rose and the pretty card of her and mr. jim and their three grandchilden, peeking out of this window, looking brightly into the new year, and i really thought that i would put one of my favourite hymns of jim reeves here and count it toward mrs. jim as a belated birthday gift!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MRS. JIM! bernie and terry

Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year

bernie and i want to wish you a very happy new year...this first day of january 2010.
may the year ahead be a blessed and peaceful one.
i am putting this song in for my friend corry who is a good friend to my grandpaw ron and my sunshine, jel.
we have met so many nice people the last four years and i am so glad that bernie and i have discovered each one of you! bernie ane terry

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Farewell To Shopper

december 28, bernie had to say good bye to his buddy of 14 years, his kitty "shopping news" and it has broken his heart.
this is a story i wrote about shopping news a few years back that a nice blog lady published for me on her blog...

Shopping News--The Cat!

Shopper's real name is "Shopping News."--For a reason. . . One morning when I was about to take my husband, Bernie, to work, I noticed a meowing coming from somewhere in the car. We looked under the hood of the car and nothing. Bernie thought I was just hearing things, so we got into the car and proceeded to drive. As soon as we had got around the corner, I told Bernie, "I STILL hear it!" We stopped right away at the side of the road, and by this time Bernie heard the same meowing!
He promptly got out, and going under the car, he started to explore. To his amazement he saw a small, skinny tail dangling from just under the muffler. He tried gently to give the tail a pull, with no results. There was nothing to be done but to give that tail a ruthless yank, and with that mighty pull out came a kitten! Somehow that little jigger had gotten himself on top of the muffler and had been trapped and couldn't get himself out! Well! Just then a guy that Bernie works with came by and yelled, "Bernie, you don't drive to work under the car! You get into the car!" With that he told Bernie he would drive him to work, and guess who got stuck looking after that kitten? Well I took him home and stuffed him into the bathroom with a litter box and a dish of food and shut the door. After all, I had a paper route to be delivered that morning. No time to be playing with stray cats! The paper I was delivering was the "Shopping News." Therefore that cat became "Shopping News"—“Shopper” for short, and ever since that day Shopper has been Bernie's boss. And my big black cat, "Sir Galahad" became Shopper’s boss. And as for me? I’m no longer a boss--I have become a referee for the three of them!
PS: Shopping News is now about ten years old and my Sir Galahad died at the age of 16 two years ago. © Teresa Shirkie

Bernie buried shopping news beside sir galahad in the back garden....

Monday, December 28, 2009

Continued Happy Birthday Greetings To Grandpaw Ron

well, this is the best i could do grandpaw ron...i just had to google a cake in for you and by the sad looks of this little doggie that i found in your blog, he sure doesn't look happy with the looks of this!

here you are grandpaw ron inside this picture that jel took and then inside the picture that i helped myself to from your blog. you are flying with the eagles and god is hiding you under his wings!

your mama and your sister and you are looking after their children and their children's children and teaching them the ways of the lord and so your family will be blessed!

now dear grandpaw ron, after all of these nice things i have said about you...alas!' i have to tell all of your friends that you have a little bit of a mean streak! are always taking bernie's part and giving him ideas that he should not be putting up with the mean ole canadian lady and in fact not to be working the many jobs i have for him and in fact telling him to flee out the door!..not nice grandpaw ron!

here is the picture that grandpaw ron got princess to draw and i really think that was way too mean!...he paid that doggie in tangerines and golden granny smith apples to do the bad deed!
you can read all about it here.

well all is forgiven grandpaw ron and so i will hire in some music for your birthday and i will get a hold of my very own singing telegram man, mr. jim and he will sing you your song!!

happy birthday one more bernie and terry

Happy Birthday Grandpaw Ron

aw shucks!
i will have to continue this later.
there were so many candles on grandpaw ron's cake that the whole thing caught on fire!
the little red car has to take bernie and me out to pick up some flour and sugar to make another cake.... be continued!