Monday, December 12, 2011

Snowy White Ruby Tuesday

winter snows have finally arrived to the niagara peninsular and it was a cruel awakening..i cannot blame the snow queen of idaho, because for the last few weeks she has been wearing her "mother of the year" crown..she has been at the side of her pretty daughter who is giving mr. and mrs. mac another grandchild...and so i really don't know WHO i can blame!

the snow has changed this[our very last flower of the year who had been doing just fine]...

to THIS!..just look at that brave little face peeking through the cold!.....not a pretty sight!

here is another victim..the little red car really enjoys the sun but winter has changed it ...

to THIS!!

and it has put bernie to work!

oh well such is life.. and so the little red car offered to take us away from all of this.. saying so long to the snow covered sunday school van..we are carried away to bettys.

and betty carries us away to niagara falls where we will be picking up rachel from work.

rachel is a manager of wendys and she treats us to a late supper..the chili really takes away the chill from our cold bodies!

betty and her beautiful daughter, rachel.

rachel and her lovely sister, amy.

ha!..and you know who these two characters are!

well here is ruby tuesday in the background

amy who knows about my ruby tuesday and who has seen our beloved teach decided to take this picture.
just imagine.... in the chill of a new winter, here we are standing in front of the ruby tuesday restaurant in niagara falls!

look at the ferris wheel in the is lighting up the night sky.

as we walk, we get closer..

and closer...

we discover that rachel and amy have planned a surpise for her mom and her auntie and uncle...

they have decided to send us up into the sky in that huge wheel ...up above.. high above the ground ...a ride and a look-see of niagara falls!

we aren't afraid at all..after all doesn't betty have on her ruby red coat?!

for sure and she is a real pro at riding this ferris wheel..just a month ago, she and her family spent a few days in niagara falls, enjoying this ride!

ha!..bernie is trying hard not to show that he is scared..he looks as white as he did years ago when we took a ski lift, in calgary way high to the mountain top...of course there was a little matter of a thunder storm on our way up...but it's all right! chance of a thunder storm HERE!..maybe a snow blizzard but NOT a thunder storm!

oh the glittering lights below were so beautiful!

blues and reds and greens and yellows...

sparkling like precious jewels!

niagara falls is pretty busy at night..the roads are filled with cars and the sreets are crowded with people..old people,young people and even babies being wheeled about by young mom's and dad's!

we have one more look at the skylon tower and we are satisfied...snow or no snow...a ruby tuesday visit to niagara falls was not too bad!

happy ruby tuesday everyone and thank you my best friend, felisol for your encouraging me to finally smarten up and put in a post!!...god bless you terry