Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hey Jada Gigi..How About My Concert Memories on This Ruby Tuesday

two weeks ago bernie and i attended a southern gospel concert in niagara falls. the dixie melody boys quartet have always been one of our favourites'... my friend jada gigi suggested that i make a ruby tuesday post and so i have chosen a few pictures to download. as you can see by this picture, the concert auditorium was just swimming with bright red chairs.
this young man who sings with the "proverbs", is making sure with the sound man that everything is up to par with the music. i must say that their bright smiling faces go very well in a happy ruby post!
i pulled this song out of you tube, and the music man did a good job here....just as he had done in niagara falls! of course the boys WERE missing their fine red ties[except for ed o'neal] and the poppies!
this fine looking couple seem almost royalty. ed o'neal and his lovely wife had spent time during the day discovering niagara falls and they really enjoyed themselves. they are just surrounded by ruby and the little lady even sports a wine coloured vest, which goes very well with ed's tie and the poppies!
now THIS is the photo that jada gigi[cheryl] suggested i post. here i am with my beloved quartet...."the dixie melody boys"... have a happy ruby tuesday everybody and may god bless you all....love terry