Saturday, May 05, 2007

Captain Adi Flies Our Visitors Home

Some of my blogging friends have been asking me when I will be sending their children back, so I thought I had better send them home as soon as possible.
I will say good bye to each one of them and tell you who their parents are..
Here goes!!
Ripper,Tug,Snug, and Slasher are four brothers and Bug is their little sister..They belong to Jeanette and Tony..[Jeanette's Journey].
Annie and Simon are Flip-Flop's pride and joy, although that Simon has been treading on thin ice as of late!
Nathan is Mrs. Mac's little gift and he insisted on coming with Miss Holly over to Canada to visit Bernie, me and Shopping News, along with his Golden Retriever, the joy of his life.
Stray, Skat and Junior came along for the journey for a second time with their mama, Amanda's blessing.
Snoopy and Riley are two brothers who their mother, Gold Wings gave me strict orders that they were never to be separated!
Moss, and Nate, as you know are Daisy's children and they brought their new little brother, Rudy with them and of course this trio belong to my kindred spirit, Susan Walker.
Marcello, the sweetest little kittie comes from her mother, Felisol, and she has come up missing. I had her picture, so I thought I would just slip her in with the rest of the cats and dogs and the little boy and Rudy's pal, the teddy bear and hopefully if anyone sees her around anywhere that they will tell her to go home to her family who are really missing her!
Jessica and Nicky belong to their daddy, Noel Lewis who is my forever friend, and my own personal "blog site techie".
Jack is Canadian and belongs to my friend, Lauren-Mary.
Now Adi told me she would go out of her way a little to drop Jack off in Ottawa, so his mother can welcome him home with open arms, even though that Jack can be a naughty boy sometimes!!
Captain Velcro, who belongs to Rachel has a nose that is really out of joint these days.
He came here, hoping with his title and all that he would be ruling the roost, but Vincent told him quite politely that Adi is the big cheese in this gang!!
Vincent as you all know belongs to Susie. She tells me that even though Vincent is quite a snooty cat that she will be glad to get him home, where I suppose she will spoil him even more!
I had no trouble at all with Vincent. In fact He and Snug were quite a help to me all in all.
Now that darling dog, Pepe is Eija's son and our other Golden Retriever, Old Lady is Pepe's big sister.
This is another pair that do not want to be separated!
Now the list of passengers, I believe have all been accounted for.

OH!!!I forgot to tell you that of course Shopping News will be staying here in Canada with his dad, Bernie.
And that Princess, I am sorry to inform HER dad, Ron [RRBJ], that she will have to remain a couple of more weeks at least because she was forever phoning long distance to her Uncle Brett and she ran my phone bill up so much that I have to put her out to work so she can earn the money and pay me back!!
Plus she was eating us out of house and home!
Her dad informs me that he is going to sic Judge Judy on me, but that lady judge has no jurisdiction over here in Canada!
Turtle, Jake, and Gus, Sioux Sue's cute kids have kindly offered to stay until Adi has paid back everything owes.
These nice kitties will then escort Ron's spoiled daughter home!!

Now Adi, Jim's granddaughter is not a passenger, She is the captain and Amber, Jim's granddaughter and Karen's kid is the stewardess!

There you have it!!

Come back anytime you want passengers and crew...and Good Luck at the border!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Raining Cats And Dogs...Part Two

Oh dear ...have I been busy!.
Bernie is on nights and I had no help coming from him!
I had to get all of these rainy day friends together for a photo shoot and it was sure no picnic!
Adi,and Princess refused to do anything else!
"After all" they told me, "We have done most of the work gathering up this furry bunch!"
If it hadn't of been for sweet Vincent and Snug, I just don't know HOW I would have managed!
In fact, I really don't think I have all those kitties and doggies photographed yet.
I think that there are a few naughty kitties in the attic hiding on me who are rather camera shy.
So therefore, I will have to say....
"To be continued AGAIN!!"

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Raining Cats and Dogs!....Part One

This is a rain cloud made by artist, Sioux Sue.
Her three cats, Turtle, Jake and Gus are floating in the cloud without a care in the world.
They don't seem to mind that it is raining and why SHOULD they?
After all they are safely tucked inside their mama's fluffy cloud where all is quiet and warm and dry!
Turtle is looking calmly at the outside storm, Gus is curiously looking up to see where the water is coming from that he hears pattering on the cotton roof and all that Jake seems to care about is giving himself his evening bath before he goes to bed.
It has been a long trip for these two brothers and their sister.
I will have to continue with this posting tomorrow as Adi still has to round up a few more guests.
Vincent, Susie's handsome son is helping Adi who as we all know is Jim's granddaughter.
Ron's [RRBJ] daughter, Princess is also throwing in a helping paw.
She just arrived tonight tucked inside an email, so she is glad to be helping and breathing in some fresh Canadian air,eh?
She probably thinks she is in doggie heaven!!

To be continued...

As you can see there has been a slight change in the occupants in Sioux Sue's cloud.
After hearing from Eija, Pepe's mother this morning about Pepe's not liking the rain, I decided the only fair thing to do was to to put the little one into the shelter of the cloud.
As he did not want to be alone with three cats, he insisted that his sister, "Old Lady" be allowed entrance too, so there you have it!