Thursday, May 03, 2007

Raining Cats And Dogs...Part Two

Oh dear ...have I been busy!.
Bernie is on nights and I had no help coming from him!
I had to get all of these rainy day friends together for a photo shoot and it was sure no picnic!
Adi,and Princess refused to do anything else!
"After all" they told me, "We have done most of the work gathering up this furry bunch!"
If it hadn't of been for sweet Vincent and Snug, I just don't know HOW I would have managed!
In fact, I really don't think I have all those kitties and doggies photographed yet.
I think that there are a few naughty kitties in the attic hiding on me who are rather camera shy.
So therefore, I will have to say....
"To be continued AGAIN!!"


rrbj said...

Terry looking good !! Check your cellphone to see if Princess used it last night to try and call me ? She looks like she misses me ? That is a good looking bunch! Blessings to you and Bernie . Ron.

rrbj said...

By the way , One more thing ? If your viewers would like to see a full size photos of any of the pictures just left click on picture ? Blessings Ron.

Mrs. Mac said...

Good thing I took my allergy medicine before visiting this morning (acheew). So Bernie was of no help, eh? How about making him clean out all the kitty litter boxes (lol). You have quite a collection of pictures ... and the layout of your blog is very pretty. I can see you've driven out the drab of winter and given your visitors a splash of spring color. Hoping your day is blessed.

Jim said...

Hi Terry -- Adi was really glad to be President. Was there an election or an appointment?
I have a new YouTube (Jim1Jim1) of her that will go on my blog before Sunday. It's a little corny, but so are my others. Her blinking with the Christmas tree lights video has had more than 600 views now since Christmas time.

Jim said...

That YouTube of Jim1Jim1 is at
It shows you how to feed her. Be careful not to feed her too muuch, she has gained a little this Spring.

Jim said...

Terry, I put a notice on my blog. If I have the organization name wrong, please leave me a comment and I will fix it.

Susie said...

Fancy, funny, furry, fickle felines!!
You did a great job Terry!!!
I hope Vincent's title doesn't go to his head! He's such a big snooty boy anyway :)

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Look at all of the cats!! I like your new look too!! You have Simon and Annie's names backwards but thatis okay!! Just thought I would tell you...Have a great day. Sandy

Terry said...

Dear Flip Flop...No it ISN'T alright at all.
I just had to make that MISS Secretary get off of her picnic chair and make her fix it!
Boy,you can hire help, but sometomes they sure don't do a good job!!
I hope this is more to your liking Sandy!
One more mistake by that Princess and she's outta' here!!...Love Terry

Jim said...

Hi Terry -- this afternoon when I click on the "officer" page, it shows a large picture of Captain Velcro instead.
The others are fine, the 'officer' page link should be
instead of
which shows Captain Velcro.

rrbj said...

Terry that is the Boss's fault that Princess messed up ? You better be careful because you hurt her feelings ? Besides now I can't view her in a full size photo by clicking on her picture ? Are you trying to tell me something ? Blessings. Ron.

Felisol said...

Fear Terry,
thank you for bring Marcello in such exquicite company. Daughter Serina had tears in her eyes, when I showed her your wonderful montage.
I'll be more than honoured to be linked to your site. Is it OK if I ask Gunnar helping me to do the same??
You are right, my father is ready for heaven. His only concern is leaving my mother behind. She will manage fine, I think, she has had four years to prepare for being alone, and she's become remarkable independent. Besides she has both me and my brother to lean on..
My father is not a many of great words, but he is a firm believer in the power of prayer, and has taught us all to use that way of conection with God.
I have always been able to ask him for prayer help if any of mine was ill or in need.
A collegue of mine was once diagnosed with cancer. My friend said "don't you worry, Elise's father is praying for you." I had not contacted him on that matter, and hurried to the nearest phone. My collegue eventually was healed after surgery. Many of my friends and husband's relatives have become open about praying after meeting my dad, and are now praying for him.
I'm so happy that you do the same.
I shall not stop praying for your father. I feel confident that God will show him the way and lead him by his hand. He does not change, our God, nor does he forget one single of his sheep. Jesus said he'll leave the ninetynine to search for the one gone astray.
Our garden is blossoming in yellow, white, blue and red, but most of all the wood anemones are making me happy. They are growing in abundance in our district, and I'm picking new bouquets for our kitchen table every day.
"Look her softly in her eyes, then you have seen God," one of our poets said about the wood anemone.
Goota go to bed. It's two in the morning in Norway. In three thour daylight will be coming.

Terry said...

Dear Ron...The Boss, Adi had nothing to do with messing up the picture of the office.
When I told that Secretary to fix up her mistakes, well somehow she mucked up the pictures!
Thank you for telling me though, Grandpaw.
I went in and fixed it all up!
Now you can see the office alright!
Do you see that Princess just loves Pepsi now instead of that fancy juice you force her to drink.
She tells me that she is glad to be a part of the"Pepsi Generation".

Sorry about your allergies, Mrs. Mac. I guess I should have warned you about all those fur balls!

I was glad to appoint Adi aa the President Grampa Jim!
To tell you the truth Captain Velcro wanted the job and that is why I had to put it to a vote.
The vote had three animals voting,
Amber, Captain Velcro and Adi..
You can see who won!
I think that Adi's sister,Amber was the tie breaker!

NOw Susie, don't you be so hard on sweet Vincent!
Like I said he has been one big help to me and Adi and Princess.
That is why Adi picked him as her Vice and he in turned picked Princess to be his secretary.
As you can see, he hired the princess entirley because of her good looks!!
I think he regrets this decision and told me that he SHOULD have picked Annie!!.....Terry

susanwalkergirl said...

Way cool Miss Terry! Way cool! Makes me want to get a few more pets

Thank dear one!

SiouxSue said...

Terry, you tell that Turtle if she is misbehaving and helping the others hide, there will be only dry food for a week!!

Jim said...

Hi Terry -- I'm glad you mentioned, Amber likes Fancy Feast salman when she watches TV.
That was some vote too!

Saija said...

after the salt mines are done with, i'll come visit your "cat friendly" site more ... ((hugs)) ... we still miss our fearless feline so much ...

rrbj said...

Hello Bernie what do you do with all that noise , Its has got me wondering ? Terry I'm still trying to get all the information from Princess's Uncle Brett where she called Him last night? Judge Judy told me that she would get a Canadian visa and check on princess ??? Blessings. Ron. PS- Princess likes to go to the farmers market every saturday to help select her apples and fresh carrots ???

hebrews 11:1 said...

Hello! I have a question, which is probably silly, How many pets do you have, and which are yours?! Sorry, but you'll have to put up with me being new here.
Thank you for responding to my comment. I am computer literate (your computer comments sound like my mom, and she is almost your age, too!), but prefer snail mail to e-mail, and stayed away from blogs until last year. I read a blog in the fall while searching for something for a friend. I had some generally negative pre-conceived ideas about blogs and bloggers. Then I found Mr. Fisher's blogs by accident, while scrolling through a list of sport-related ministries. I jumped when I read about Epistle Sport Ministries, because it sounded a tad bit like what I have been doing for the past 2 years. I prefer to write anonymously, and have written under so many different pen names. This is just my latest name, and I think it has stuck for a while. I am so glad that I found Pilgrim Scribblings, because it is such an encouragement in my life. I will certainly check your blog out when I can, too. (You see, my part-time work is mainly based on the computer, and my young eyes hurt from the light after awhile, and I can get tired of being on the computer rather quickly.)
May God bless your day with His goodness.

Terry said...

Hello Hebrews 11:1
No, only one of these kitties is mine, or should I say Bernie's.
His name is Shopping News!
The others were all gathered up by Adi the dog, Jim's grandaughter, and delivered to me.
Poot Princess came in an email and she was so glad when I rescued her
Princess belongs to Ron,alias, Grandpaw, alias amazing grace man, alias RRBJ!!

As I haven't finished writing my posting, I better get at it.
That Jim has informed me that he wants to know who belongs to WHO!

Blessings to you and DON'T change you name.
Like I told you at the Pigrims...It is one lovely name!

I agree with you hebrews 11:1...Three cheers for our Boss, alias Pilgrim David Fisher, alias Barnabas, alias Fish, alias Squished Fish!!.........from Terry

Corry said...

They are all nice looking critters, you got there, Terry.
Just don't overfeed them, they kinda fall heavy on my head, hehe.

God's Grace.

Noel Lewis said...

Wow! That's pretty good company Nick and Jessica are in. How are you Terry? Hope things are going great. Miss talking to ya!

Jim said...

Hi Terry, it's Saturday and I'm checking up on my animals. Adi may need a shot if she shows signs of having allergy problems.
Will you be sending them home soon, I'm missing them a lot.

rrbj said...

Evening Terry I'm just checking on Princess hadn't heard from her today ? Tell her just cause you have to give her canned carrots and canned apples that her Daddy went shopping today at the farmers market and got all fresh and to hang in there a little longer that Judge Judy is going to rescue her ? Would you tell her that for me ? I missed getting up at 6:00 oclock to let her out every morning ? Blessings and tell Bernie hello for me ! Ron.