Saturday, May 05, 2007

Captain Adi Flies Our Visitors Home

Some of my blogging friends have been asking me when I will be sending their children back, so I thought I had better send them home as soon as possible.
I will say good bye to each one of them and tell you who their parents are..
Here goes!!
Ripper,Tug,Snug, and Slasher are four brothers and Bug is their little sister..They belong to Jeanette and Tony..[Jeanette's Journey].
Annie and Simon are Flip-Flop's pride and joy, although that Simon has been treading on thin ice as of late!
Nathan is Mrs. Mac's little gift and he insisted on coming with Miss Holly over to Canada to visit Bernie, me and Shopping News, along with his Golden Retriever, the joy of his life.
Stray, Skat and Junior came along for the journey for a second time with their mama, Amanda's blessing.
Snoopy and Riley are two brothers who their mother, Gold Wings gave me strict orders that they were never to be separated!
Moss, and Nate, as you know are Daisy's children and they brought their new little brother, Rudy with them and of course this trio belong to my kindred spirit, Susan Walker.
Marcello, the sweetest little kittie comes from her mother, Felisol, and she has come up missing. I had her picture, so I thought I would just slip her in with the rest of the cats and dogs and the little boy and Rudy's pal, the teddy bear and hopefully if anyone sees her around anywhere that they will tell her to go home to her family who are really missing her!
Jessica and Nicky belong to their daddy, Noel Lewis who is my forever friend, and my own personal "blog site techie".
Jack is Canadian and belongs to my friend, Lauren-Mary.
Now Adi told me she would go out of her way a little to drop Jack off in Ottawa, so his mother can welcome him home with open arms, even though that Jack can be a naughty boy sometimes!!
Captain Velcro, who belongs to Rachel has a nose that is really out of joint these days.
He came here, hoping with his title and all that he would be ruling the roost, but Vincent told him quite politely that Adi is the big cheese in this gang!!
Vincent as you all know belongs to Susie. She tells me that even though Vincent is quite a snooty cat that she will be glad to get him home, where I suppose she will spoil him even more!
I had no trouble at all with Vincent. In fact He and Snug were quite a help to me all in all.
Now that darling dog, Pepe is Eija's son and our other Golden Retriever, Old Lady is Pepe's big sister.
This is another pair that do not want to be separated!
Now the list of passengers, I believe have all been accounted for.

OH!!!I forgot to tell you that of course Shopping News will be staying here in Canada with his dad, Bernie.
And that Princess, I am sorry to inform HER dad, Ron [RRBJ], that she will have to remain a couple of more weeks at least because she was forever phoning long distance to her Uncle Brett and she ran my phone bill up so much that I have to put her out to work so she can earn the money and pay me back!!
Plus she was eating us out of house and home!
Her dad informs me that he is going to sic Judge Judy on me, but that lady judge has no jurisdiction over here in Canada!
Turtle, Jake, and Gus, Sioux Sue's cute kids have kindly offered to stay until Adi has paid back everything owes.
These nice kitties will then escort Ron's spoiled daughter home!!

Now Adi, Jim's granddaughter is not a passenger, She is the captain and Amber, Jim's granddaughter and Karen's kid is the stewardess!

There you have it!!

Come back anytime you want passengers and crew...and Good Luck at the border!


byhisgracealone said...

you have been VERY fun!

Susie said...

Thanks for letting Vincent visit. I'm sure he had a wonderful time!
(although he's a man of few words unless he wants something!)

Jim said...
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Jim said...

Thank you, Terry, for being so nice to Adi and Amber.
Though they enjoyed their visit a whole lot, I think they will be glad to be home.
(Between you and me, they are going to visit Karen for a while very soon, they just don't know that yet. I hope you didn't spoil them too badly for Karen to cope with them. Karen or Billy or both may write my blog for a while, I would hope they would give us a status report on the pets every now and then.)
Adi and Amber seemed pleased with their roles too. Amber certainly has seen enough of Deal or No Deal for a while.

Mrs. Mac said...

Well, now this was just too funny of a post and the picture ... (lol)! I think once I referred to your cat by the name "shopping cart" ... I new it was shopping something. Hope you sent snacks for all the critters on their way home ... you know they don't serve anything to eat ... even on the long flights.

rrbj said...

Terry I sure hope that you are not instigating a kidnapping conspirancy ? For your information Judge Judy is very close personal friends of the D.A. IN Ontario and she notified me today that the D.A. is checking into this matter ? When I looked at that picture and didn't see Princess I new something was up ? That explains why she was crying the last time she called her Uncle Brett !!!! I'm certainly glad that all the Canadian Ladys ain't as mean as you ? Blessings to Bernie and ya'll have a nice Sunday ? Ron.

Saija said...

terry you are so sweet & funny! :o)

Lauren-Mary said...

Well aren't they just the cutest bunch of cats?!? I still think Jack is the cutest, but I'll admit to being slightly biased! I had to leave him behind, at least for now, and I miss him terribly. My last day in my apartment he slept almost the entire day on one of my suitcases...I think it was his form of protesting my leaving!

hebrews 11:1 said...

This post was just what I needed to read and see this made me laugh! I was still stewing over a Christian blog I'd visited for the first time Friday night, whose post was upsetting and...never mind. Now that I have met all those animals and know their owners, I thought I'd count how many we've had pass through our home. In the last 8 years (drum roll, please)... 14 dogs and 35 cats. No, personally we've only had 4 of those pets, but we've cared for that many at one time or another, some for as long as 1 year! I don't know what it would look like if I put them all in a collage...SCARY! I have the talent to do so, but not the time. So, let's say one day, if we ever meet in our earthly life, I'll give you all those photos and files, and you can enjoy yourself. :) How old are Jack, Marcello, and Rudy by the way? They look rather young.
However did you get the name, Shopping News?! Isn't that long, or do you shorten it? We've come up with some pretty strange names, as you can imagine. Besides having a few kittens with a mistaken/misidentified gender until they were a few months old (now that's embaressing!), and having to rename them!
I'm looking forward to your 16 list on the Pilgrim's blog! Have a blessed Sunday.

Jeanette said...

my goodness, i'm so surprised that tug got along with everyone! thanks for keeping them for a bit. :)

Terry said...

Hey Hebrews 11:1
I just go home from my mom and dad's and was glad to see you on my comments.

YOU are the reason that I introduced the parents of this fur ball gang, because you thought maybe that they all belonged to Bernie and me!
Mind you if I let that guy, he would have a dozen cats!
At the LEAST!

When Bernie and I lived in a bigger house we had two cats but we fed a lot of strays that used to come around for a handout.
We had lots of dishes lined up outside to feed them all.
We named them all and there wasn't a Blackie or a Smokey or any such "cat" names among them!
Here are some of their names...Scruffian, Num Num, Joseph, Fathead, Columbo.
Oh there WAS one Blackie come to think of it,
He was a huge pure white cat with a fat BLACK tail.
Now there was, Spirals,Pinhead, Buddy, Chaos, Fleabag, Quincy,Red Hot Coals, Slapshot,Cousin Brucie,Hot Shot,and Nobber...oh just to name a few!

Jack is Lauren-Marys's cat and I do think he is pretty young.
Lauren-Mary has quite a few nice pictures of him on her blog.

Marcello is a young kitty too, I think.
Her mother Felisol, is heart broken because Marcello is missing and they have put up all kinds of signs looking for her.

Rudy is a young kitty that Susan Walker brought home just recently.

Now I better be off to see that Pilgrim and I will tell you later how Shopping News got his name.
My friend, Mrs. Mac thought his name was Shopping Cart!....from Terry

Hebrews 11:1 said...

Thank you for writing it out just for me...
As we were sitting around the table discussing our pets and others' pets, we realized I'd missed a few: 17 canines, and 45 felines. Whew! I'm tired just thinking of them all!
Gotta run! God bless you.

Hebrews 11:1 said...

Okay, I'm back...I just saw that the Sabres eliminated MY Rangers. And my sister says she hopes that they don't have "the stuffing beaten out of them" as you said, so be careful how hard you pray for that :) She's a softie for the Sabres, although she loves the Sens...go figure.
As for all those crazy pet names, I hope my siblings don't get any ideas. They love your pet blogs (more than) like I do. Did you ever name a pet after someone who died? I thought that was kind of strange, until I named one after a ref who'd died 2 days after the pet was born. To this day my parents don't know WHY I chose that name...but no one has to know, I guess. We like to choose names in different languages, like the Finnish name Jussi for instance (oh, alright, he was named after the Oilers goalie Jussi Markennan--my parents don't know about that one either!). Maybe Felisol can give us some suggestions in Norweigian (spelling?!)...

P.S. What is your last name? I have always called those older by their last name, but don't know yours.

eija said...

Haha... some flight you have here :D I hope Pepe behaved - he has a tendency to be rather energetic at times... And that's when Old Lady finds it a bit hard to tolerate him :D

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
you are an amazing woman. I cannot even imagine how much work you have had composing those lovely pictures. I love them.
I have been reading a whole lot of your blogs, and have enjoyed what I read and see.
A warm, considerate woman, (looking very much like her Ma), with a heart bigger than a barn, and rooms for children, the eldrer, animals as well as your friends.
It is rare qualities now a days, and I'm so happy to have found your blog.
I lie your artistic qualities as well. The way you, by mixing pictures, pictures and drawing, pictures upon pictures make a whole new expression and actually tell a new story.
Wonderful. As for the age I am 12.08. Great year for vintage people, don't you think?

susanwalkergirl said...

Well holy makanoli Missy! sure do know your kitties...and their owners too.

Nate, Moss and Rudy...send love and kisses to their Canadian kindred spirit.

You are quite the expert with photos!

Blessings dear one. Susan