Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Raining Cats and Dogs!....Part One

This is a rain cloud made by artist, Sioux Sue.
Her three cats, Turtle, Jake and Gus are floating in the cloud without a care in the world.
They don't seem to mind that it is raining and why SHOULD they?
After all they are safely tucked inside their mama's fluffy cloud where all is quiet and warm and dry!
Turtle is looking calmly at the outside storm, Gus is curiously looking up to see where the water is coming from that he hears pattering on the cotton roof and all that Jake seems to care about is giving himself his evening bath before he goes to bed.
It has been a long trip for these two brothers and their sister.
I will have to continue with this posting tomorrow as Adi still has to round up a few more guests.
Vincent, Susie's handsome son is helping Adi who as we all know is Jim's granddaughter.
Ron's [RRBJ] daughter, Princess is also throwing in a helping paw.
She just arrived tonight tucked inside an email, so she is glad to be helping and breathing in some fresh Canadian air,eh?
She probably thinks she is in doggie heaven!!

To be continued...

As you can see there has been a slight change in the occupants in Sioux Sue's cloud.
After hearing from Eija, Pepe's mother this morning about Pepe's not liking the rain, I decided the only fair thing to do was to to put the little one into the shelter of the cloud.
As he did not want to be alone with three cats, he insisted that his sister, "Old Lady" be allowed entrance too, so there you have it!



Jim said...

Well, Terry, I'm hanging on tight. It might be a bumpy ride for all those critters too.
So I'll bide my time and wait patiently to see and read the fruit of your hard working.
That must be an awful lot of work to get them all together.
Thank you Terry.

Terry said...

No touble for me at all Grampa Jim!!
Adi does all the work and Vincent and Princess are going to be a big help!.......Love Terry

Susie said...

I love your kitty posts so much! Vincent is snoring peacefully here beside me. I hope he plays nice at your house. He can be a real snooty boy!!

Anonymous said...

Happy cats make the world go round. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, your blog has a new paint! Really nice...

Thanks for your last warm comment again - I've been lazy on commenting myself, so don't blame yourself!

Lousy weather here, too. Rainy and c.o.l.d. - and my doggie Pepe absolutely hates it!

Lori said...

How cute! I'm a first time visitor, I'll be back soon.

Anonymous said...

Looking good Terry and I was worried about Princess so I left instructions over on my blog ? Blessings. Ron.

Anonymous said...

HI Terry I posted some more instructions over on my blog that are important for Princess's health ? Blessings. Ron.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Terry! I thought I should come check out your blog. (I read the Pilgrim's like I check out the FOX/CBC/TSN headlines on my Google homepage--about once a day). Nice color and set-up. I see you like pets, especially cats...you would love my house. I thought the comments on your flower were amusing: having grown flax more than once, and been to Texas when the bluebonnets were in full bloom.

Just a friendly reminder to you and your readers that the 3rd of May is the National Day of Prayer, and though maybe not as well observed here as in the U.S.A., it is still important! Please pray, and if possible fast, for our nation of Canada, our leaders, and our people. Those who honor (or honour) Him, God will honor. Let's as a nation turn our hearts to Him.

Terry said...

Yes Hebrews 11:1.
David Fisher is very special to us all and we appreciate him!
When I first started blogging Urka and Morgan Denise[Splash Of Color]helped me to learn a few of the ropes.
I am still quite computer illiterate but as long as I can email and go through my blog buddy sites , that is all I need!
I met David Fisher because of my love for Southern Gospel and Greater Vision,and then I met a lot of his friends, and that is why he is our boss and we love to belong to the Fisher Connection!
It is always nice to meet new friends...new friends that are Christians!!
Noel Lewis set up my blog site for me.
Eveyone on my favorite links are very special people!!
Thanks for your visit, Hebrews 11:1
I always enjoy your comments at the Piglrims!!...From Terry

Sue Seibert said...

As it is raining cats and dogs in Texas right now, Carolyn called to tell us Gus wanted OUT! In his younger days he was scared to death of storms.

Glad to know they arrived in Canada safely...and that Jake is cleaning himself up after the trip.

Love ya, Terry!!