Thursday, April 26, 2007

Mom Gone Visiting

Mom signing Daisy's guestbook

Mom giving Aunt Marion some hymn CDs that she had brought down for her.

Mom and Daisy getting reacquainted.

Mom and Shirley.
Shirley had cried when she heard the hymns playing on the CD player even as she sang softly along with them.

Yesterday it seemed like a good idea for Mom and I to go and visit Aunt Marion, Mom's one remaining sister.
Although my mother wasn't feeling well at all with her sore bones, she bravely told me to pick her up.
In the end she is glad that she went!

You see about four weeks ago my Aunt Marion had been gravely ill and was laying at death's door.
Her family thought they were going to lose her.

Two weeks ago when we visited her in the nursing home, she was still not out of the woods,but much to our surprise this Tuesday she was almost like a ball on fire.
She took us to different people that she hadn't seen in a while and wanted me to take pictures of them.
I did not have to be asked twice!

In the bottom pictures, you can see that I have put each of the darlings into an Ontario sunset.

I printed out several pictures for Shirley, Daisy and Bob and told them that they could give the extras to whoever they wanted to.
They were as happy as little children as they picked out different nurses and friends that they wanted to bestow their pictures upon.
They were careful to save some for their family members that would be visiting.

All in all Mom had a really good day because after we left the home, telling Aunt Marion that we would return on Thursday, I took that dear mother of mine to Wendy's for her favorite meal...A baked potato!!

Now I had told some of my blogging friends that I would be doing another cat blog but I have still not gathered them all up.
The ones I HAVE gathered are causing no end of havoc in this house but I will just have to grin and bear it until the rest of the guests have arrived.
Oh!! If only Susie's son, Vincent were here to settle them all down!

Apparently that child of Sioux Sue's, Turtle is waiting anxiously at the border for Adi to pick her up!
And Adi?
Well THAT little miss is waiting on Amber to finish watching her favorite program, "Deal Or No Deal"!!


jel said...

sounds like ya had a good time with your mom!
and those pictures , are very good !

flyby hugging! :)

Anonymous said...

I finnaly caught up with Janice. Terry good pictures of your Mom AND Aunt Marion . Blessings and tell Bernie morning for me ! Grandpaw .

Pat said...

These pictures are so precious, they really touched my heart. What a sweet mother you have to go out, even when not feeling that well. From the looks of the smiles on the faces of everyone - she made their day complete!
Boy, a baked potato at Wendy's does sound good!

Saija said...

you're so good to your mom ... :o)

Noel said...

This is the best I can do for now. It seems there is a setting in your blog that keeps messing up the display. I'll keep working at it (unless someone else has an idea of how to fix it...Sorry :(

Jim said...

Hi Terry. Your new template is pretty nice. It sure is handy to have a techie friend, isn't it?
I worked mine over, changing colors and size, but it still is a Blogger furnished template.

Terry said...

Thanks so much Noel, my very own "techie" friend!

This is so nice the way you have fixed this page for me and I am going to KEEP it ...Thanks!! from Terry

Terry said...

Oh!! I just noticed the flower. Please keep it there!!
So pretty!
Is it a Texas Bluebonnet Noel?

Anonymous said...

Miss Terry, No! Not a Bluebonnet! Love your new format! Your Mother is precious.
Susan Adams

Pilot Mom said...

Oh! I had to look twice to make sure I was at the right place! ;)

Your mom and I would get along famously at Wendy's because I love their baked potatos too! Yum!

What a thoughtful thing to do for your mom and her sister. I miss my mom something fierce! But I call my aunt, my mom's sister, often. She is in Texas so I can't just pop in and see her. She is the last of my mom's family.

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
thank you for being so lovely understanding. I do appericiate that. It is wanderful to be a part of the sunshine days you are creating for your mother and your aunt. I've done something similar with CDs to my parents and aunts and uncles. Gathered old "redemtion songs" that are not easy avilable and burnt them on CDs. It's wonderful to see how the music and lyrics can bring back happy memories..
I'm with my father at the hospitale twelve hours a day these days. He's 86 and is treated for a blodcloth in his leg and also dehydration due to problems with his bladder. It's so hard to see the one I love so much suffer. He's done nothing but good all of his life.
I'm praying that God must ease his pains.
We're clinging to his promise , "I will never foresake you and never let you go".
Have a good week end with all your loved ones, both the two and four legged.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Terry and Bernie wishing ya'll a blessed weekend , and I did the last one yesterday ? Ron.

Sue Seibert said...

Terry, what a wonderful thing your did for you and your mother. I know it was rewarding to see them together.

As for Turtle, you know her, she waited a while and then snuck into Canada when the guards were looking the other way. She'll be with you shortly, I'm sure, although she said she wanted to check out some tasty Canadian mice she had heard about.

Corry said...

I am so glad to hear y'all had such a good time!
Those pics are lovely, Terry.

God's Grace.

Jim said...

Deal or No Deal is unplugged. But Amber wants to stay. Maybe she's hooked on us here.
Both Adi and Amber are taking a nap right now.

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
thank you for your kind and heartfelt greeting. You're so warm, I can feel it all the way acroos the Atlantic. Wonderful. I've been nie - ten hours at the hospital with my father every day this week, and should be too tired the be on the internet. Someoene must ahve been sending up prayers for me as well, because I am in remarkably good shape. As for my father, he's also recovering and will be sent back to his and my mother's home some time tomorrow.
He is in no pain at all. Even more wonderful, even though we know his time on earth is limited. He is such a unik person. "I wish that Jesus would fetch me home soon," he said, "but, you know, he can fetch all of us," he quickly added, that we should not feel he wanted to get away from us.
I have been browsing at SiouxSue's blog. That's an impressive woman, who I'd like to know better. I am amazed how many gifted and burning Christian people I meet on the net, youself included. I am thrilled and feeling enriched.
Gottta go to bed now, tomorrow early I'm going back to the hospital, trying to persuade the doctors to do their very best for my father's and mother's well being. Good night.
P.S. I must try to make that fruitbowl of yours very soon. I think I'll find the ingredients in a well assorted store in the neighbourhood.
I've been to Portugale once and to Lanzarote (island belonging to Spain, but never actually visited to proud and ancient culture nation Spain. Maybe next year.. We are four friends planning to walk the pilgrim route to Santiago di Compostela.. can imagine how happy that old grandma must have been, when you took the trouble the learn Spanish..."I was a stranger and you did care.."
Good night once more.

Sue Seibert said...

Hey, Terry, just a had an email from Turtle...she caught the mouse, had mouse fricassee. Said it was yummy with some goldfinch sauce, but that she is on her way to your house and should be there very soon. You can give her a good talkingto!

Mrs. Mac said...

You are a kind daughter to spend such quality and quanity time with your sweet mom. And to go visiting at the nursing home is such a treat to those you visited. Ahh ... a baked potato for dinner ... sounds like something I'd make with lots of toppings of course! Living in Idaho we have lots of potato recipes!

Anonymous said...

You are getting a lot of comments, girlfriend! I had to quickly skim through.

What a nice thing to do, giving the people in the nursing home pictures of themselves to give to others!

I love to read about how you take your Mom (and Dad, when he wants to) out for some fast food.

My laptop is still in my closet, BTW. I'm downstairs at our "main" computer. I hear P sighing. I think he wants me to get off...

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention that your vibrant new template suits you! I don't know if anyone identified the flower on the top yet but, if not, it's a flax flower (linum). I have a "thing" about blue flowers, y'know. (o:

susanwalkergirl said...

Dearest Terry...what a sweetie you are. Always putting others first. What a special day you, your Mom and Aunt had. I'm sure the folks must have loved giving their pictures to their special persons. What a treasure you are dear one.

Blessings in Christ. By the way...really like the new look of your blog. Be well kindred spirit.


donna said...

Love your new look...Noel is wonderful!!! Such a great post...

I responded to your comment on my blog, but wanted to let you know I am making a trip to Niagara Falls this weekend....


Sue Seibert said...

I can't email from here, but I can

"Well, you tell that Turtle that if she doesn't loose the weight and get her stylishly girly figure back, her Jack won't love her any more!!

"Love ya, Terry!!!"

Maggie Ann said...

Dear Terry, I'm so glad to hear your Aunt is doing better!!! I recognized the nursing home room from my years spent visiting my Mum. How sweet of your Mom to go when she wasn't feeling that well herself. Love the pictures!!! You are special....=)