Friday, April 20, 2007

Daisy And Her Family

It is very late at night and I am a little tired but I just couldn't help but put a short posting in about Susan's cats.
The Mommy cat, Daisy is the one that is in the frame that is surrounded with hearts.
I read Daisy's story at "Susan's Blog".
It is a very humorous and yet touching narration of this mother cat and her kids.
Nathan, one of Daisy's kids will soon be 16 years old, so Susan has written this little story about him, and I think all of my cat loving blogger friends would surely enjoy the reading of it!.
She also tells us about Moss, Daisy's other boy and relates the young history of the orange kitty,Rudy
The name of the posting is "Fading Away".
In the meantime , I have been gathering up all of your cats and few of your dogs and have invited them over for another visit to my blog.
It will be a happy reunion.
Susie's cat, Vincent will keep an eye on things.
Vincent is the one that caught Amber pinching her sister, Adi, and for sure, we can't have any of THAT going on! Grampa Jim has kindly allowed me to hire Adi again as the chauffeur.
Thank you my kindred spirit Susan, for the lend of of your cats!
I may as well keep them for a few days so they can join in the party with the others.....Love Terry


Judas Hate said...

Dear Terry,

Thank you for your kindness and most gracious comment.


Mrs. Mac said...

Saturday greetings Miss Terry, What a sad week it has been with the tragic - senseless shootings in Virginia ... very mind numbing and sobering to say the least. Hope you have rest this weekend ... please say you have the weekend off ... free from work ... or, perhaps, you have the honor of visiting Lady Katherine?
Give Bernie and Shopping Cart a hug from 'lil ol me.

Susie said...

Love the sweet faces on all those kitties. I wish I could get Vincent to get even a half smile on his face once in a while. He's Mr. Serious Boy!!

Jim said...

Hi Terry -- Guess I need to keep better tabs on your tabbie friends.
I need to figure out who Vincent is and all the others.
When you have the reunion maybe then I can keep them all straight if you would put their owners or grandparents name along with them.
You do have a cute kitten collection. I think Adi is the only dog.
Maybe you aren't a mess after all, time will tell.

susanwalkergirl said...

Miss the look of the blog. Looks fantastic!

Thank you dear one...for this post on my babies...little Nate, Moss and baby Rudy.

Always thinking of others and brightening their day. Bless you dear one.

Your blog is definitely pet friendly.

Your California kindred spirit!


SiouxSue said...

All those moggies are such good guys...MOST of the time. Of course, Turtle will get into mischief while we are gone and she is being minded by Carolyn, Jake, Gus, and Poke. Hope she came in out of the rain today...we heard they had a gully washer in Texas.

Maggie Ann said...

Thank you Terry for the Hallmark reminder. Would you believe that I did get to watch ...well some of it. Our son came home and wanted to my hubby told me how it ended and that it was so touching that it was a real story! It was a sad one though, wasn't it.