Monday, April 16, 2007

A Sad Day For My Dad

Aunt Vera [Golden] Gough
Born...St Catherines, Ontario
July 15, 1928
Went to be with the Lord ..April 7, 2007

This Friday was a very sad day for my dad.
Bernie and I took him and my mother to his sister, Vera's funeral.
Now Aunt Vera was a Christian, so we know where she is but this was no comfort to my dad because ever since the death of my bother David, in 1997, Dad has known that he will never see the saved loved ones that have died since,because he is not a Christian and he has not the hope of Heaven.

Dad. along with his 12 brothers and sisters had grown up, going to Sunday School, so he knows the gospel well
Ever since my mother was saved in 1967, along with Betty and I, Dad has had so many chances of hearing the glad message of Salvation.
We are praying for him.

Yesterday as we were at their home as we are every Sunday, we noticed that he was very quiet and it seemed like he was thinking deep thoughts.

The Gospel was brought out so well at my aunt's funeral
I will give you a little bit of what the minister said.
The pastor actually quoted very little scripture other than the verses that pointed to the hope that my aunt had of heaven.
What he did tell the people who weren't saved is that no matter how good they tried to live to earn their way to heaven, it would never happen.
He gave us an example,"You know if I told you that I had a brand new house and I invited you over, I would not allow you to enter with muddy feet!"
They would HAVE to be clean!
The same thing goes for heaven, that clean and spotless place of God. He will never allow a sinner to enter who is muddy with sin.
That sin will have to be washed away with the precious blood of Jesus and then the welcome will be given for you to enter into that place where you can live eternally!

After the funeral, because of the coldness of the day, we thought it would be too much of a hardship for our parents to go to either the grave yard or the family gathering, so we took them home.
We were going to drop Dad off and take Mom out for a hamburger but Dad suddenly piped out. "I want to come too!!"
We were quite surprised by this, because this was a rare thing,
Dad never did usually "want to come too!"
Of course, we gladly obliged!

We were pleasantly surprised when Betty decided to join us.

Here Bernie sits with Mom and Dad, eating unhealthy food and COFFEE!!

I was quite shocked at my dad when he suddenly announced that he wanted to go and sit beside the man of the hour, himself, Ronald MacDonald!


Jammie J. said...

I'm sorry about Aunt Vera. Loss is always sad. Hopefully your dad will find his way, too.


eija said...

Oh :(

But the thing is - these Christian funerals are a powerful thing. I've been to a few and boy if they weren't a dozen time more powerful events than any church service!

My parents haven't accepted Jesus either. It's a sad thing :(

dRaGoNfLy WiNgS said...

Sorry to hear of your loss. :(

Praying your Dad will be comforted as well and be saved soon!

Take care. *hugs*

Saija said...

so sorry for your loss ... but so glad that your aunt is with the Lord and away from earthly cares!

Mrs. Mac said...

Your aunt must be rejoicing in heaven! The Ronald McDonald picture cracked me up (lol) as we usually pose with him when there's one at Micky D's too. Hoping your dad will accept Jesus soon.

You look all bundled up! Do you still have snow? Or ... just cold weather?

jel said...

I to am sorry of your lost,

I think your dad was making the best of the sad day!


Jim said...

Hi Terry, I'm sorry for you and your parents for the loss of your aunt.
It is good that your dad is surprising you with his announcements.
We will all pray that he will really shock you and tell you that he has accepted Jesus for his salvation, or that he asks you or someone for guidance in asking Jesus.
I will pray for him and for you and for whoever will witness with him in the future.
You sure are trying to get that Amber hooked on Deal or No Deal, aren't you.

Susie said...

I'm so sorry for the loss of your Aunt Vera.
I'm sure it did your Dad good to go out with family for a burger.

Corry said...

Sorry for your and your Dad's loss. I am glad he sees blessings and joy in the day though.

I read your dad was one out of 13? So is my mom! :-)

God's Grace.

Julie said...

Sorry to hear about your Aunt Vera, but thankful that you know where she is and that you will see her again!

I am still praying for your dad...I have a verse for you that I think will help you, I just need to look it up. When I find it I will e-mail you!

Hope you have a good day!

Susan Adams said...

Miss Terry,
God is working on Mr. Golden. We are expecting a Miracle any day.

rrbj said...

Terry God works in misterious ways and I will pray for your Dad that Jesus wraps his loving arms around him and melts his heart ? My Dad passed away in 1984 and about 2 months before he died one of his grandkids said to him , Papa wouldn't you rather accept Jesus in your heart and be saved and know that we will be together in eternity than take a chance and be lost knowing God was patiently waiting for you ? My Dad accepted Jesus in his heart and 2 months later he passed away ? Just keep praying ? Blessings. Ron.

Anonymous said...

Hi Terry

I was just reading the blog about Dad. It was really nice. I wish that I had been there.

Love Grace

susanwalkergirl said...

Oh dearest Terry...may God continue to work on you Daddy's heart until his too knows Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.

Dear Father in heaven...You have told us in Your word that You desire that none should perish, no not one. Before the foundation of the world You chose by Your divine prerogative whom You would save. We pray that Terry's Dad would receive Your precious Son Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. We pray that You will draw him close, we pray that You will soften his heart and bring him to repentance.

Give Terry the words You would have her speak...surround him with Christians who have a peace and joy that he desires. Please God...we commit him to Your care and perfect will. We pray that he will bring glory, honor and praise to Your holy name. Amen!

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
your Dad is a "Child of Prayers". God will never stop calling him, according to his own promises.
The story of him and your family moved me strongly. Thank you for sharing.

Pilot Mom said...

Terry, I'm praying for your dad!!

I thought the new house/muddy feet illustration was great!

Hugs to you and your family in your loss.