Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Wendy Waterbirde... Here Are Gramma Golden's Pictures That I Promised You!

Mother gone wild with a camera in her hands!!

Rachel, Betty's daughter was our hostess and a willing model for her Gramma.

Jordan, Grace's grandson and Mom's great grandson playing with family friend Leona H.

Gary's son, Jacob another grandchild is snapped!

Grace's children Lena and Justin with their, if I must say myself, favorite aunt!!Although I have heard them say on occasion that BETTY is their favorite!

Betty's husband, John talking to Mom's baby, Karen.

Does this little lady look proud or does SHE look proud?

This Friday, we had a special Easter gathering at Rachel's.
Now Rachel is mom's oldest grandchild.

Gramma was ready with her new camera in hand to take some pictures.

As I told you in a previous posting, when we were over at Mom and Dad's house on March 11 and she was obliged to take an anniversary picture of Bernie and me, she point blankly told us that she WANTED a camera.
Well what could we do but get it for her?
After all I had stolen her old brownie camera 46 years ago and I guess I owed her one!

As it appears she is pretty good at getting just the right shot and when all is said and done, I guess we are pretty proud of her.

In the bottom, picture she is looking over the finished product.
I had printed out her best pictures!
All in all she seems mighty pleased with herself!!


jel said...

Go for it mom!

she took some good pictures!

morning Terry & Bernie
thanks for the visit!


Ramblins of a middle-aged goddess said...

So glad that you let your mother have a camera after you took hers all those years ago...about time you paid her back..smile!! Sandy
How have you been lately?

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Bernie & Terry I know your Mom is a proud Lady when ya'll get together! My youngest daughter sent me pictures of the family reunion last thursday! Blessings. Ron.

Mrs. Mac said...

So, I enjoyed the family photos that you posted today. You stole your mom's Brownie camera 46 years ago, eh? Now I bet you'd have a hard time finding film for it. Did you get her a digital camera? She did a wonderful job taking the pics. Thanks for sharing your great family memories.

wendybirde said...

Wow, she ~does~ look proud : ) I think the camera was a such wonderful idea Terry... pictures can bring so much up, and help hold our memories. You are helping her gather her legacy more it feels, and that is such a deep thing. We should feel honored you shared this "legacy in the making", and i thank you for it.

And i had to laugh out loud about your brownie camera confession lol.

Blessed Eastertide : ) Wendy

Anonymous said...

I love seeing pictures of you and your family. How long is your mother's hair? I like her bun. That's how I'm aiming to wear my hair if and when it gets long enough to cooperate.

Pat said...

What a great gift, I think she should now become the official family photographer as she appears to be very good at it! I loved seeing the pictures, thanks for sharing!

Jim said...

Hi Terry. That lady takes good pictures. And you got her the best present she could have had!
Thanks for telling about that.

Felisol said...

Lovely pictures of a happy family. Both you and your mum have managed to catch to good spirit.
Especialy that picture where you mum is admiring her work..So lucky and contempted.

Anonymous said...

Those are lovely photos! You have a beautiful family! :)

Anonymous said...

What great pictures. :) Your family is lovely and I love how you told the story of your get together. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Terry,
You can email me at sillyoldme@yahoo.com

If you try using the scentedgeranium@verizon.net ... it's no longer valid.

Granny Mac

Maggie Ann said...

What wonderful family ties you have dear Terry! And to still have your Mother to enjoy...a gift from God for sure...=)

Bill said...

I love the pictures. It looks like you qall had such a blast.

Anonymous said...

Now, how cute is that?? She looks like she's happy w/ her "finished product" !

Looks like you had a great Easter weekend. So did we! It's great to have family around you! :)
Take care.... Amber

jel said...

where are ya Terry!

Are ya well?

Arlene - BY HIS STRIPES!!! said...

What a blessing to have such a large family. Mom looked awfully happy that she had taken those pictures!

Anonymous said...

I'm not really mad at you, check in so all will know you alright? Blessings to you and hope you not froze ? Ron.

Jessica said...

Hello Terry! Cute pictures! Enjoy your weekend in Canada! I'm going to hear some Celtic women sing with my Mom this weekend. I'm excited!!!

Anonymous said...

Grandpaw says howdee ! I think you got that Ron straight , but I should haved warned you that he don't worry about little things .Have you heard that song "Don't worry be happy " they wrote that for Ron. I think that was a swell thing you did for your mom , now if you can get her to start blogging ? Have a good weekend ! Grandpaw?

Terry said...

Thank you so much everybody for your lovely comments about my mom!
I am going to try and visit each one of you and thank you personally...Love Terry

Sue Seibert said...

What wonderful family photos and such a wonderful family gathering. You are blessed!

Jim said...

Hi Terry. ;-)
April 16, 2006