Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Ruby Tuesday Signs of the Times

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This week our assignment from our Teach was to take some photos of signs, and for me it was quite a challenge but here is what, with the help of Bernie and the little red car, I was able to find in our little neck of the woods.
This picture of Bernie inside the little red car was taken at sunrise and I must admit that it is a rarity for me to be up early enough to ever see a sunrise!
The light ruby tints are a SIGN that it is going to be a nice day!
This first picture tells you what city or large town that you are in.... Welland, the Rose City, Southern Ontario, Canada.
The only roses in sight this time of the year are the frozen ones etched into this SIGN!
Welland is known as the town where the "Rails and Water meet".
Sad to say that this is the last bridge that we have.
The other three bridges were torn down and over passes built.
This is apparently a SIGN of progress but I for one, really don't like the destroying of our history!
This huge "SIGN" is a mural that was painted by a local artist, Heinz Gaugel.
It is painted on an outside wall of the Sea Way Mall on Niagara Street.
It depicts the history of how the Welland Canal was created.
Built with the hard work and sweating brows of our fore fathers!
Now this is a SIGN that Ontario has been waiting to see for a long time!
Just a few short weeks ago the price of gas was $1.36 per litre which equals $5.07 per American gallon.
Well the little red car was surely happy that a fill up now costs only 69.9 per litre which equals $2.07 per American gallon!
She can definitely take her owner out more often now!
Ha!! This SIGN would surely have been appreciated by Dad Golden with his owning nine of these! [children]
Alas though, there was no such thing as Wal-mart in those days!
This is always a great SIGN to have. It is so unfortunate that the city didn't plough the roads properly though!
For shame!
The same goes for this SIGN.
How does the city expect our children to be crossing from a snowy bank like THIS?!
We spotted this beautiful SIGN along the highway and I had to get out to snap this picture.
As you can see the bridge is a unique part of Welland and you can also see that Welland is very much bilingual!
This SIGN reminds me of the American commercials, "Got Milk?'
Well I guess the Canadians are telling you guys to "Get Cracking!"
Do you see this SIGN?
Well I am telling you, "SOMEBODY didn't!"[chuckle]
In Canada the washrooms are his and hers!
A picture is worth a thousand words!
This SIGN says it all!

One of the nicest things that anybody could ever see is a SIGN that says, "Free!"
These Gospel plaques are made by an elderly gentleman in our church and he always puts a goodly supply here, free for the taking.
The Sunday School children and even some adults help themselves!

Happy Ruby Tuesday everybody!!..love Terry


Deborah said...

Hi Terri, I have something for you at my blog.

Pia K said...

Ha, ha, I love it that Bernie got you up and going at the crack of dawn in a red car just to capture some red signs:) The mural is gorgeous!

Deb said...

All that snow reminds me of my college days. I lived just an hour north of where I am now, in Edinboro, PA, but it was in the "snow belt" - lots of lake effect snow from Lake Erie. We get a lot less here in Greenville.

Great photos!

Dianne said...

I love your hot red car :)

the mural is beautiful and the bruised stop sign is hilarious

Raven said...

What a wonderful collection of all kinds of signs. I love your "get cracking" pun and the mural is quite stunning. Great Ruby Tuesday post.

Anonymous said...

This just about sums our city up Terry. Great shots of our great city.

Becky said...

thanks! those are great!

Amrita said...

Great post Terry. Love the sunrise photo with the glow in the sky...really magical.

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
You are making such good reports.
Make me laugh and enjoy the ride in the red car.
Bernie is the man for sure driving around letting you makes your elaborate ruby Tuesdays.
Tell him that, please.
I am strugggeling with the fever and the flue. Hope it never reaches Canada.
Take care.
From Felisol

maryt/theteach said...

Terri, this is a remarkable post for Ruby Tuesday! What a job you did finding signs! And I can''t believe you went to my first post! Thank you very much for reminding me what I said. What a nice remembrance! That bent STOP sign made me burst out laughing! :)

maryt/theteach said...

Oh, the mural is exquisite! :)

maryt/theteach said...

Forgive me, Terry! I know it's Terry with a "y" :)

Vicki said...

I want me a pair of those ruby red slippers and cute red car like Bernie gets to drive! LOL....

Anonymous said...

Whew! You sure went overboard with those signs. I think the dented stop sign was my fav.

It was nice to look at all the snow. Made me appreciate my home anew as I sit here wearing shorts, barefooted, with every window in the house open.

I just scrolled through your blog. You certainly know how to celebrate your friends!

maryt/theteach said...

Terry, I'm actually an Emerald - birthday in May...

Sue Seibert said...

Love Jack's little red car and all the photos are wonderful. Right now our gasoline is $1.56 American a gallon. It has been down as low as $1.25 but has gone back up thanks to the Arabians!!