Thursday, March 11, 2010

Happy Anniversary To My Husband


here is a picture of gary and bernie and i....gary, my bother introduced bernie to me when we lived in ottawa...he has never forgotten to wish us a happy anniversary...NEVER!!.....we just got off the phone with him.

these two small pictures are the "before we met" pictures. and the photo under them is the farewell to bernie and gary and ottawa and dad golden and the six children had moved south to welland and so a few months later betty and i moved to be with them...we rented a small house in st catharines...parting is such sweet sorrow, eh? .....a few months later gary and bernie migrated south and moved in with mom and dad golden and the kids.

on a cool day, march 11, 1972 bernie and i were married in the gospel hall....when bernie and i were married, mom golden told everybody that she was losing a son and losing the best help she had ever had....not a mention of losing a daughter! is a good thing that i didn't know mrs. mac then..i am sure that she would of given us a nice wedding gift of new fallen snow!

this is the only baby i ever had...i found him one stormy february day...he was stuck in a huge snow drift outside the house and when i heard him meowing, i grabbed him and told him he was here to stay!..he lived for sixteen years....his name?...well, what else could i have called him other than, "sir galahad"?!

you all know who this little guy is laying on the bed, next to his would never see one without the other...shopper left us just after christmas this year at the age of 14.

my grandpaw ron and princess made this seems they had heard how hard i was working bernie and they took some pity on him!....well little do they know, since bernie has retired, i have kept him even busier than before!

shopper USED to help bernie with the laundry!

but alas!...bernie now has to do it all by himself.....he really shouldn't complain though....after all i buy him only the best brands of detergent and softener to work with.

don't you realize bernie that this is what marriage is all about?....helping wifey as much as you can?....carry on boy!

...and doing the dishes for mom golden as much as you can?...after all didn't she tell everybody that you were the best help that she ever had? on boy!

oh well, in these "after" pictures, it looks like we are not least I AM happy!

alas!..i can't say the same for poor bernie.....he is in the dog house at the moment, because he forgot all about that it was our anniversary and he finally realized it was when the mail came and we got a real nice anniversary card from gramma and grampa yade! ...grampa yade was our master of ceremonies at our wedding and he told everybody that bernie had just tied a knot with his tongue that he would never be able to get out with his teeth!!...hahahaha!!

oh well, after i looked at this "now" picture that grampa yade took a while back, i guess i will forgive bernie...if he says that it will never happen again!...i guess i will keep the guy after his putting up with ME the last 38 years!

Happy Anniversary get back to work! terry


donna said...

Happy Anniversary!! God bless you both!

love donna

Amrita said...

Wishing both of you a very beautiful, blessed, blissfula d bouyant anniversary.

Oh Happy Day when God brpought you together. Your phots and memories are super...super.

The kitties are adorable.

Big hugs to you. Your phots are so pretty


Happy Anniversary,

My 38th is on May 20th this year.

1972 was a good year to get married.

♥ Kathy said...

What a sweet post and I so enjoyed seeing the pictures of y'all when you met! Happy Anniversary to both of you ♥

Mrs. Mac said...

You are a 'hoot' Miss Terry. Ratting out Bernie about being in the dog house;) I must say, the photo of you in your wedding gown you have a strong resemblance to Jackie Kennedy O. Just beautiful! Hoping your day WAS perfect. Thanks for all you both do for everybody.

Terry said...

dear mrs. mac,
now let me ask you this..
we were doing our income tax yesterday...well i was..bernie was plugged into his ipod, listening to the music.
and here he hadn't remembered our anniversary..ha!
well all of a sudden he said, "do you know what day it is today?"
and i says to myself, "hey there is hope for that boy yet..i guess he DOES remember!"
"well bernie what day is it?"
he looked me square in the eye and says, " is garbage day!
remind me to get the recycle together when we get home."
well now don't you think he BELONGS in a dog house, eh, mrs. mac?
maybe i will just recycle HIM!!
love terry

grandpaw ron said...

Hello to both of you,

Yes sir ree ~~ You were very lucky and blessed when ya'll got hitched ! Poor Bernie I'm still praying for you and hoping She will quit being so mean to you ? I wonder when you gona teach Her how to do all them chores and give you some rest ? ~~ Well Me and the girls are sending Ya'll a clothes Basket full of Love !

Blessings .
grandpaw ron.

Terry said...

never you mind grandpaw ron sending that bernie a cloths basket full of love...his basket is already filled with laundry to do tomorrow and you can just keep that old bottle of "to do" jobs that you have buried somewhere in georgia because i have remembered what those job are!!..haha

blessings on you and the girls and terry

Felisol said...

Dear Terry And Bernie,
Happy belated Anniversary,
I think you have just proved through your pictures that Bernie a your everyday hero, faithful and helpful actually carrying you on his hands throughout the year. That takes his man. One day a year everybody can be kind, but day out and day in...
You've struck gold, when you tied the knot with Bernie and vice versa.

As for being in the doghouse,- Gunar and I both belong there year after year. We married in August just about school start. With Gunnar being a teacher, he had not much place for anniversaries at that time.
Later on Serina also was very occupied with school and outfits the days around our anniversary.

Well, our doghouse has been a good place to live together.
We have supported each other there and everywhere else.
I know that has also been the case of you and Bernie too.
We have been blessed, and I think neither of us would trade our husbands for all the goods in the world.
I hope they think the same..

The pictures of you and Bernie are a treasure. The beauty and the love are still shining through them.

May God bless you and grant you his peace and Love in abundance now and for ever.
From Felisol

GreensboroDailyPhoto said...

Terry: Happy Anniversary! You seem happy in the lives you carved out together. Let's hope there are many more years together.

Thank you for looking so long on GDP at my house photos this week. That yellow one does grow on you!


Saija said...

Happy Anniversary to you guys!!! you are ahead of us by 2.5 years ... :o)

Constance said...

Happy Anniversary you 2 love birds!! 38 years is a wonderful testimony to God, commitment, patience and the other 6 frutis of the Spirit. Thanks for sharing your life and your love with all of us out here! That Bernie looks like a treasure. Any man who wears "Miss Apron", does laundry and dishes is a keeper in my book!

akumangkok said...

Happy anniversary (even tho I am a little late in wishing u).
Just had time to look at ur page and I love it when u put everyday pics of stuff that u and Bernie do.
Congratulations on the 38 wonderful years!

Jim said...

Happy 38th Anniversary Terry and Bernie!
Happy 38th Anniversary Terry and Bernie!
Happy 38th Anniversary Terry and Bernie!
Happy 38th Anniversary Terry and Bernie!
Happy 38th Anniversary Terry and Bernie!
Happy 38th Anniversary Terry and Bernie!
Happy 38th Anniversary Terry and Bernie!
Happy 38th Anniversary Terry and Bernie!
Happy 38th Anniversary Terry and Bernie!
Happy 38th Anniversary Terry and Bernie!
Happy 38th Anniversary Terry and Bernie!
Happy 38th Anniversary Terry and Bernie!
Happy 38th Anniversary Terry and Bernie!

You are ahead of us by eleven months so I can't teach you guys a thing!

I can see how God has blessed you both and your marriage. Thank you very much for sharing some of your married life with us.
May you have many, many more happy anniversaries.

Terry said...

love bernie and terry

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Oh how could I miss this post. Happy 38th Wedding Anniversary Terry and to your husband Bernie. You really had gone a long way since the day you were married. That you lasted that long is a testimony to the strength of your love for each other. My wife and I will have our own 25th Silver Wedding Anniversary on the 25th of April this year. Too bad she could not come home because her papers are not yet in order in the United States and if she comes home prematurely, she could not go back to the States again to work. I pray to the Lord that He bless you and Bernie with 38 more years of blissful married life until the day both of you meet Him in His heavenly abode. Happy Anniversary again Terry. God bless you all always.

Patrina said...

Happy late anniversary, Miss Terry and Bernie.

I was married in 1972 as well! Unfortunately, I was divorced at 26 years.

I just wanted to apologize for blocking you from my followers. I was too hastey in doing so. I can see now that you are 'for real' :) I just have had so much trouble with people spamming my blog. I've blocked 9 followers since Feb 1. I'm a bit skiddish. Don't even want to open new blogger's sites anymore. I've had such computer problems because of it.

I've had 2 people stop following me a day after they joined - so I guess I'm not the only one who has second thots! :)

Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that I've unblocked you , if you care to visit again - not that you couln't have anyways. you were just too sweet, miss Terry - I was certain you couldn't be for real.

I loved listening to Jim REeeves here. He is my favorite all time singer. I have some of his old records. He sings like a bird - such a heavenly voice. Thanks for sharing that!

If you don't mind, I would like to follow your blog. I will wait - until you say that you are ok with that! Ok

Patrina <")>><