Monday, March 15, 2010

Dad Golden's Doves And Sunsets On A Ruby Tuesday

this is the view that dad golden has from his front room window as he sits in his big easy chair.
he asked me a few sundays ago to take a picture of his "dove tree"
and he wanted me to post it on a ruby tuesday.
i made it a legal ruby tuesday photo by putting around it a red frame..

for the rest of the ruby tuesday post, i decided to go into my old picture folders and i pulled out a few red tinted sunsets.
this is the view i got as i was sitting in the front room of the elderly client that i was nursing.
this is a sunset over lake ontario...still showing its golden colours.
lights are twinkling in the windows from the homes across the lake.
so peaceful and comfy these houses are.

as the sun lowers, it begins to dress into its red pajamas, the colour it has chosen for this particular evening.
i have seen this same sun wearing light green, turquoise and mauve pj's.

a little sail boat has ventured on to the lake.

soon it is covered under the deep red sky and can hardly be seen.

the little boat is completely smothered in the darkness.

and the red waves lapping at the shore line under a now deep golden sky,

are also turning to dark blue and then black, as the world says goodnight to the sun who has gone to bed for the night.
by the looks of this sky, i think that mrs. sun will be wearing her mauve pajamas tomorrow night!

happy ruby tuesday on this monday evening and have a good night sleep until then...god bless you! love terry


Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
I love Dad Golden's pigeon tree.
I bet he's feeding them well.
It must be a Golden thing; love for every living creature.
There is a red rear light down to the right of the picture.
Love and Dad Golden are perfect for ruby Tuesday.
The sunset over Lake Ontario pictures are stunning.
The ultimate rubies.
When Serina was a girl we used to admire the works of the "The great Sky Painter".
He is the all time greatest, don't you think?
From Felisol


What beautiful sunset photos.
It's rare that we have sunsets like that
in the Los Angeles area where I live.
You are truly blessed.


Carletta said...

Felisol also noticed the red tail light in the dove pic. I bet Dad Golden likes to hear the cooing of the doves as he watches them.
Your sunset shots are beautiful!

♥ Kathy said...

The red skies are beautiful Terry and that first picture has red in it...the taillight of the car :) Happy Ruby Tuesday a little early ♥

Dimple said...

Hi Terry,
The sunset shots are beautiful--wonderfully beautiful. And the dove tree is lovely, too, with its red frame. I think there's a little red from a tail light, also!
Love, Dimple

Dimple said...

Hi Terry, I got an error message just now, so I'm writing again. I think those sunset shots are wonderfully beautiful, and the dove tree is lovely in its red frame.
Happy RT, I have a monochrome that's been up for a couple of days, but I doubt I'll do RT this week.

Auntie E said...

Nice photo displayed, Oh I saw the ruby taillight in Dad Golden's doves one.
My Ruby Link for you

Amrita said...

Dad Golden 's dove tree looks very majestic. We have our mango tree out front.

The sky 's night clothes are very alluring Terry. God dresses up His firmanent. He is the Master Fashion Designer.

Coffeeveggie addict. said...

an awesome post,ilove all the pictures,have a great wednesday!

Marice said...

the sky looks fierce on those photos :) but hey your first one still pass as RT even without the border, can you see that red tail light? :) happy RT Terry!

Jim said...

Happy RT to you, Terry. This is a great post. I really like Pop Golden's dove tree. I'm with Felisol in that he must fee them to keep them coming and not be alarmed by his watching.
We had doves here, they get after Adi when they have babies in the nests.

I take it Pop G. is doing okay, thank you for telling this about him. You know I missed him at the party the other day.
Haven't heard from you in a week plus, but please remember to mention where in Iowa your brother lives. Thanks,

Constance said...

Sunsets are one of God's last gifts of our day.
Love, Connie

Crown of Beauty said...

I have missed visiting my friend's blogs these past days...and now I realized that your anniversary has passed by and I missed greeting you on that special day!

You are one special lady I would not want to miss sending special wishes to on such a special day!

So, it is not too late to wish you the best as you celebrate another year together!

ANd what lovely pictures the dove tree, and the sunsets make!

Love to you always, dear Terry,

Trish said...

Oh, beautiful! What is the old saying "Red skies at night a sailors delight." And the Dove tree, I don't blame Dad Golden for wanting a picture of that sight. And how I love their peaceful cooing in the mornings!?

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Those are beautiful photos of golden doves outside the window of your father's room. The colors of the photos are melancholic especially the photos of the sunsets. They signify the changing of the colors for the day. Thanks for the melancholic post. God bless you all always.

Corry said...

What a beautiful view and great pictures!


God's Grace.