Friday, December 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Georgian Man

Poor man from Georgia RRBJ didn't have time to change his travelling suit so I just had to be content to take him as he was for his birthday card.
A little girl birdie told me today that it was her daddy's birthday so here is his card!

Actually he should be happy that I am even doing this for him!

All he gave Bernie and me and sweet Gracie for presents this year were pieces of coal in our hung up stockings!

See if I leave him a plate of canned carrots and Red Rose tea out next year!

Well anyways ,

Happy Birthday Ron!

You are a blessing!



ron said...

Hi Terry,

You have did good ! 22,995 days and 16 hrs and 19 minutes ago I made my Mom and Dad jump for joy ! this is calculated by EST at 9:50 pm Dec. 28th 2007 !

Blessings to you and Bernie and wishing ya'll a Happy and Prosperous New Year !


Amrita said...

Happy birthday Ron.
He wanted you to be warm that 's why he gave you a symbolic piece of coal

Jim said...

Happy Birthday Ron!

And Terry, I am glad you are going to leave him a plate of canned carrots and Red Rose tea out next year again!

Happy New Year! Happy New Year to you and Bernie!

Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone,

It ain't everyday ya'll get classy pictures like that ?
How could you not compliment A handsome old man that had to work overtime on Christmas Eve ?


Anonymous said...

Yes Anon? ain't everyday either that people get lumps of coal in their Christmas stockings? Kind of gets a person wondering what Uncle Santa Clause aka Grandpaw aka Ron aka RRBJ did with all the loot that the elves packed,eh?...signed Anon?

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
Happy New Year to you too.
The time here in Haugesund is only 21.23 or 09.23 as you would put it.
So we are both still in 2007.
Serina is partying with her friends. Gunnar is to be a driver and is napping in bed. She'll probably be calling in 03 in the morning, our princess.
The weather is frosty, but star clear and the world around me is at peace.
Hope the same to you.
Yours Felisol

Jim said...

Hi Terry. You might sneak over and take a peak in between bowl games today.
It is Mrs. Jim's birthday. Thanks,
and have a very Happy New Year!

Gracey said...

So that's who Ron is. I really liked the North Pole website that you sent to my email.I also like the good jokes.