Tuesday, January 01, 2008

What Mr. Jim Found At The End Of The Rainbow

Happy Birthday To Mrs. Jim ...A New Years Baby!

When I heard today that it was Gramma Jim's birthday, I had to scurry about to find some pictures which were needed to make a birthday card for this special lady.
I only got to one blog and that was Adi's Grampas' and found exactly what I needed.
No need to swipe any pictures from Saija or Jel!..[as I usually do]!
Adi and Amber and BP, Mrs. Jim's grandchildren and Karen, her beloved daughter and her son-in-law wanted to add their congratulations too, so I have added this card from them.
Adi has a hidden motive though.
She wants a big piece of that chocolate cake with ice cream!

Have a great day Mrs. Jim!!..Love Bernie and Terry


Jammie J. said...

Happy New Year to you and Bernie! :)

Jim said...

Hi Terry, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I didn't make blog rounds for this holiday wish. Partly because the next time I drop a comment someplace I can still wish a Happy New Year because this New Year still has 365 days left, tomorrow there will yet be 364, etc.

Mrs. Jim and I wish to thank you so very much, Terry, for you thoughfulness and kindness! And yes, I wish I had thought of that, Mrs. Jim is at the end of the rainbow just for me! Terry, you are soooo clever!

Mrs. Jim also said to thank you, for her, for getting the birthday wishes of her kids, grandkids, and grandanimals.

She just loves it! Thank you from me again too.

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
you must really make a family tree on your blog, I simply don't get the connections, except from Adi that is.
Once more congratulating Mrs. Jim, guess she is midst in the celebration by now.
Terry, you are so clever making those cards. You put your heart in your compositions as well.
I think you are great and blessed.
Yours Felisol

Rachel said...

I came from Jim's blog! How neat that you created this rainbow picture!!

Saija said...

wishing you & bernie a joyous 2008 ... sending (((Hugs))) your way too! :o)

Anonymous said...

Happy new year/bday!
Mrs. Jim

ya gone pink sweet T!


Jim said...

Thank you Terry, for the song too! Mrs. Jim really liked it so much!
I'm glad people are checking you out here too from my blog. A lot don't leave comments very often.
Some family members said they liked your pictures too.

ron said...

Hi Jim and Mrs Jim Wishing ya'll a Happy New Year and Happy Birthday to Mrs. Jim !

BlESSINGS to Both Of You .

Anonymous said...

A happy birthday to (Mrs. Jim)
A happy birthday to (Mrs. Jim)
May she feel Jesus near
Every day of the year
A happy birthday to (Mrs. Jim)
A happy birthday to (Mrs. Jim)
and the best year she's ever had!!

Lots of love,

Amrita said...

I like your birthday cards.How did you make them. please give me the name of the software you used. Hope its a freebie which i can download from the internet.

Sue "Sioux" Seibert said...

Terry and Bernie, Happy New Year from Sioux, Raf, Turtle, Gus, Jake, and Poke, too. Love to you both!!

joyful said...

Aloha Terry..

Hauoli makahiki Hou... That is hawaiian for' Happy New Year. :)
I wanted to stop by and say hello!!

Hugz Joyful

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