Tuesday, July 14, 2009

God's Wonderful Summer Red Carpet


go and see mary our beloved teach for more ruby tuesday posts and join the rest of us and make one yourself!
oh! it is sooooooooooo fun!

on a cool saturday morning bernie and i and the little red car set out for a trip to st catharines.
it was a breezy day as we traveled highway 406 and there was barely any traffic.
the green grape vines were lined up waiting for grapes to appear in another few weeks.
not much ruby tuesday in this picture other than the hood of the little red car!

the roads were winding, just the kind of road that makes for a nice photo

the grass was a luxurious green..pretty but not a red in sight!
except for a little piece of red fender!

ah!...here at least was a little red storage shed amongst these road side water tanks.

the corn is growing well, thanks to all of the rain southern ontario has had for the last month.

look at this!
in the distant we can see that god has rolled out the red carpet all along the sides of the highway

such a pretty rug of sweet smelling red clover.


and fields...

and fields of red clover!
the bees will be having a hay day in these!

the cat-tails are living harmoniously with the pretty wild flowers.
one little yellow flower holds its head up high in the crowded field.

the fluffy blue clouds form a light canopy over the whole pretty picture.

and the green grass is rippling in the breeze.

but oh, oh, those clouds were sure getting black and heavy.!
we have had lightening storms the last week and so the little red car thought it best that we flee home!
"after all", it said, "what more can you ask for a ruby tuesday?
that red clover i found for you SHOULD be enough!"

well little red car, the joke is surely on you!
just before we turned the street leading to the little white house, the boss snapped this picture of three lads wearing the nicest ruby colored shirts that we had seen all day!

happy ruby tuesday everybody...alas, it will be my last ruby tuesday for almost four weeks.
next week, lord willing, the little red car will be heading bernie and me out west and maybe, just maybe i will be taking pictures of the flowered fields in my beloved manitoba.
the little red car insisted on coming this time, because three years ago when we went, we had the audacity to leave it home and rent a car and it was not a pretty sight!..ha!!

gold bless you.....love terry


Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
Our God sure has rolled out the most spectacular summer carpet.
I literally can smell the scent of honey all the way across the sea.
I couldn't see any bee hives though.
Hopefully they are placed not far away.
Farmers here place their beehives in the heather fields.
The honey is expensive, but it's the only one Gunnar will eat.

I hope for some hundreds pictures from your beloved Manitoba.
Have a blessed journey, and don't drive faster than you can catch some photos from the car.

That master Bernie better not have his eyes too long on the young women he passes though.
From Felisol

Mar said...

What a wonderful little trip and gorgeous shots! Your little red car is a real treasure.
Enjoy your vacation and take lots of pictures to share :)
Happy RT!

Constance said...

Have a wonderful time! Dave just got back from Manitoba and Ontario where he was fishing. They had planned to be flown out of Thompson northward and dropped off with all of their gear and canoes. The airline said that there was still ice on the lake and they couldn't get in. Plan B was driving up to Rat Lake in Manitoba where they have been fishing for years. they got all of the way up there and discovered ice on THAT river system as well as the lake. They overnighted it on an island and tried to fish the next day but couldn't. They packed up and canoed out and drove 800 miles overnight to Ontario! At least they were able to be flown in to fish Stout Lake. Dave said in 36 years of fishing up in Manitoba and Ontario they have never encountered ice like this in June! So much for global warming!

Crown of Beauty said...

What a wonderful red clover carpet the Lord has indeed rolled out, even for us far from where you live! I was so delighted to see the roads, near empty, except for the little red car, which by now has become quite famous.

I will surely miss your ruby tuesday posts, dear terry. Will you not be able to post from manitoba? Blessings on your trip...


Jada's Gigi said...

Beautiful clover pics, Ms Terry! Looks like a lovely summer drive in Canada!

Judas Hate said...

Dear Terry,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I don't visit my blog too often any more and haven't had time for much in the way of leisurely activities for some time.

Thank you so much for your kindness, love, caring, support and prayers. Please let dear Elise know this as well and tell her I said, "Takker De."

Yes, that is my mug at the top of the blog;-) Somewhere further down my blog is a nice picture of me with Julie, Breonna and Tristin on a raft.

We will be up at 4 a.m. tomorrow to head for the hospital. We must be there by 5:30 and surgeries begin at 7:30. I will let you know how everything goes as soon as I can. I am sure everything will be just fine though.

And not to worry about me.....I have my moments of self-pity, but try to make them few and far between. As long as my family is safe, healthy and happy, there's not much more I need or want. Life is good:-)

Thanks again Terry!


P.S. Have a great adventure on your upcoming journey.

~Just me again~ said...

Very nice. I love going on lil outings, just to take pics!

Trish said...

Don't you just know that beautiful red clover was just a buzzin' with the sound of honey bee's!? Have a wonderful trip to your beloved Manitoba.

maryt/theteach said...

Terry, what a lovely trip you invited me on with the little RED car always in view. Have a wonderful safe trip out west and I'll see yoou when you get back. Thanks for your kind concern about my oral surgery. I'm doing much better. :)

Amrita said...

I must say Terry you are very adept at capturing the varied shades of ruby into your camera and Berni and Red Riding Hood are companionable corrobarators.

A trip down the Ont. countryside is a feast to the eyes and soul. To me it appears like the Wizard of Oz countryside.

Mrs. Mac said...

No fair warning ... just up and leaving us for four weeks, humpf ... Well, you and that Bernie Fellow have a very safe drive in your little red sports car. Don't let his lead foot get in you in trouble ... the RCM's will be on the lookout for Speedy ;)

Jim said...

Goodbye, Terry. I thought you had left earlier but I see this and Patty's BDay post are the last.

Have a nice and safe holiday!

Saija said...

you guys will be here??????
i hope you took my phone ### !!!!

April said...


Wow, you are blessed to witness such amazing views. :)