Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Have A Bright Tuesday!

Psalm 118:24This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.

Mary T


This afternoon after I was shopping, I noticed this pretty tree with it's fall coat of ruby leaves and I thought it would be a good picture to take.
Bernie waited for me in the car while I snapped this beauty.
Perfect for the Teach's Ruby Tuesday!

Much to my surprise when I went back to the car and the waiting Bernie, I was struck with the sight of that little red car of ours, so I told Bernie to pose and then I had another Ruby Tuesday photo.....that little red car parked beside the red store sign.

Now I had promised Mr. Jim that I would be featuring his girls on my Ruby Tuesday post.
First of all I must tell you that Adi's Grampa Jim smartened up! I feel that I must forgive him for slighting Adi the way he did.
Katrin and Adi are getting along just fine now and I have posted this picture for them of a love cushion that Grampa Yade gave to Bernie and me for our 35th anniversary

This is a picture of Mr. Jim's two girls.
Now when Katirn was adopted just a few short months ago by Mr.and Mrs. Jim, she was a much smaller doggie but as you can see here, she is much fatter than Adi now! If you ever visit Mr. Jim's blog you must surely see all of the eating that goes on there and while poor starving Adi keeps guard on the whole affair, that Katrin is stuffing her face sitting as near to Mr.Jim as she can and as near as she can to the food!!
Alas for poor Adi. She must be satisfied with the crumbs that remain! She is fading away to nothing!

Here is a little song for Adi and Katrin and for their three friends, Amrita's Sheeba, Mrs. Mac's Dawg and Grandpaw Ron's Princess...


Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
you sure have a lot of ruby to show for you on this Tuesday.
Your Bernie in his slim, streamlined car takes the prize.
Not a small car in Norwegian measurements.
A classy car with a ditto man inside.
Even with a spoiler.
Have a happy Ruby Tuesday from Felisol

Amrita said...

You know Terry, your blog relaxes me and helps me forget the pinch in the shoe.

Heard that song after years and its delghtful. Sheeba loves it too. i have found her a peacock thron, but her installation, or crowning what they call it ceremony is delayed due to my slow computing skills.

The other song i love is "A bicycle meant for two"

~Just Me Miranda~ said...

Great picks of pics for Ruby Tuesday! Always love the fall colors.

Askew To You said...

Great photos. :D Happy Ruby Tuesday.

Askew To You said...

Terry, thank you for the nice comment you wrote on my blog. It was so exciting to see a long one!!

Next time I will be clearer with the blog that I'm using for Ruby Tuesday, but I am very happy that you looked at my cooking blog. I plan to do lot more with it, but I've been so time-crunched lately. I will add more recipes this week.

I wish you lots of fun in your little red car. :D This is a beautiful time of year for scenic drives.

PS: I related your info about the name Sarah meaning "princess" to my Sarah and she is thrilled.

Terry said...

Dear Askew..
That has always been a problem with me, I am a long winder. Just ask my Felisol what she has to go through reading my long comments!!
I will look forward to some recipes on your blog. Maybe you can find me a low fat good entrée for my sister Betty!...Love Terry

Jim said...

Hi Terry, this is great! I like it all, the pillow and Adi and Katrin picture and the nice YouTube slide show. Adi and Katrin liked it.
I can remember when that was in the top of the hit list, I used to know every word and would sing it when I walked home in the dark by myself.
I guess Bernie posed for you to take a Ruby Red picture? He is a nice guy, Mrs. Jim cringes every time I take her and some others.

I reread you comment and saw that you had given me a heads up on your Ruby Tuesday. I am sooooo glad you are doing it.
I played low key yesterday as I got cramped for time. I signed up too early and got comments over my head.

Mrs. Mac said...

That Bernie fellow looks pretty snazzy in that ruby sports car.

audrey` said...

Beautiful cute pics =)