Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Short But Sweet Ruby Tuesday

Grandpaw Ron sent this picture to me of ol' Santy Clause himself from sunny Georgia.
Too bad Furry Fluff is not in the spot light now!!!


http://workofthepoet.blogspot.com/ .......Mary T. The Teach

Hi everyone..Just Molly to wish you all a great Ruby Tuesday.
My auntie has soooo much to do today but she is determined to at least get a Ruby Tuesday post in for the boss[Mary T.]
Well I'm outta' here! I have to get this ruby coat off! I am sweltering in this heat!

What I WON"T do to keep the family harmony!!.......Love Molly Belzner


Amrita said...

Oooh my soul she look so cute. Wish she could be friends with my girl.

Say a prayer for my Mom. Her foot slipped on a rug andshe had a fall. She OK tho....praise God no bones broken, has some pain...I have given her a pain killer.

Deb said...

That puppy is too cute!

...we're thinking of adopting a dog. Our precious Chauncy has been gone for a year now. It's time.

...thinking of a small, little, fluffball..much like yours!

Pia K said...

Oh little adorable beyond words furry fluff is here again! Have a good RT:)

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
I salute grandpaw Ron,
he is one of our prayer answers in the year gone by.
He could pass for Santa anytime in
with his looks and outfit.
From Felisol

Ralph said...

When in doubt what to do when you can't find a subject for a picture...dogs and kiddies worrk just fine. This is a too cute doggie!

donna said...

that is the cutest dog.....I think I want one !!!

hugs to you

Dianne said...

Molly is an excellent model LOL

She should have her own line of greeting cards

maryt/theteach said...

Hey Molly and Terry! Great Ruby Tuesday post! You are both so adorable! :)

maryt/theteach said...

Oh I forgor to thank Grandpaw Ron for the pic of Santy Clause! Ha!

Anonymous said...

That's our Molly all spiffed up long enough for this shot. Molly loves to play in the mud. Somewhere in my collection there a photo of a much different Molly.
Thanks for putting her on your blog.

Your sister

Jim said...

Hi Terry, isn't that Grandpa Ron something! He sure did have a bunch of us praying for him, I still do some.
Molly is dressed nicely for RRTue. I didn't do that this week, I am still having more to do than I have time.
Adi is doing nicely, we went to get her nails clipped today. Then when we got home after some other errands while in town we went for a walk to the mail box. Just the two of us for all that.