Saturday, December 20, 2008

Muddy Little Furry Fluff!

Just after my posting that cute picture of Molly,who was dressed so prettily in her little ruby red coat, her mother, Betty made the mistake of reading to her all of those favourable comments, so her out of joint nose turned into a swelled head instead!
Her sister, Katy The Cat had to take her down a peg or two!
The results?
Well Betty just emailed me this picture!
NOT a pretty sight, eh?
What do you think of your Furry Fluff now Pia K.?
Donna do you STILL want one?
Dianne, I think that Molly's career as a model was just thrown out the window!And so was her greeting card business!
Not so adorable, eh Mary T?
Yes Ralph, animals do make the cutest pictures but not THIS time!
And Amrita, my friend, would you really like your girl Sheeba playing with this girl?
Mr. Jim...Maybe my niece Adi can teach that Molly a lesson or two, eh?
For sure and what I think Muddy Molly surely does need, is a dip into Felisol's great Norway sea.
Hey Grandpaw Ron...Maybe you would like a small visit with Molly. eh?
Princess would surely put the boots to her!!

Dearest Deb...your situation is just too sad for me to say anything funny about.
I hope you DO get another doggie.
It truly IS time!.....Love Terry


Pia K said...

LOL, the look on her face, but I'm sure she had great fun doing this! Thanks for sharing:)

byhisgracealone said...

Ha HA HA ....yes she is still the cutest!!! Too funny...

Saija said...

you had me chuckling!

Amrita said...

Laughing out loud.

Sheeba and Molly are peas in a pod. Last week Sheeba Sheeba muddied her paws whilke romping in the watered vegetable patch. Ihad to give her a good scolding and wash up.

Mrs. Mac said...

All I can say is "Molly has spunk" and is adorable clean and fluffy or wet and muddy.

Constance said...

I got confused there for a second. I thought I was visiting Mrs. Mac but it didn't seem like her blog! Ha Ha! You fooled me.

The snow is beautiful but I must say, I enjoy being hunkered down in my own home when the weather turns into a winter wonderland!

If I shared pics of Texas right now, you would NOT be impressed!