Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Ruby Red Vehicles Along The Way West


mary t. the teach!

pretty red flowers at the a and w restaurant in kenora, ontario.

as the autumn leaves have barely changed, i thought i would just dig into our western trip and pull out some more pictures.

here is bernie and the little red car.

i think this was on our way back east where we had stopped in thunder bay to camp.

thunderbay, ontario used to be two cities....side by side.

these twin cities were called fort william and port arthur.

terry fox made this a beloved city as this was the city where he ended his canadian walk for cancer. in total, he ran 3,159.5 miles. he was voted second most famous canadian in 2004.

there was so much red in this picture!

i just love the way that the canadian tire store sign is reflecting itself on the little red car aka little red riding hood[so named by my friend, amrita].

this little ruby red car, along the way was parked in front of the futures shop.

too bad the poles were blocking this stunning red truck.

it is a real beauty!

red cars all over the place, to and from my beloved manitoba!

red van longing for a cold bottle of coco-cola.

a ruby red bus full of people heading east!

bernie and i met this cute couple in kitchener, ontario and i asked them if i could take their picture. what a beauty of a motorcycle!

i love trucks and this one especially because it is so shiny and RED!

i just had to take another picture of it and here i am inside the little red car and discover later that we were in the photo too!

bernie finally gives the little red car a bite of lunch.

and a cool drink of window fluid!..ha!

another day another four hundred kilometres and time for a rest!

happy ruby tuesday everybody and god bless you all this day!....love terry


luna miranda said...

wow, that's a lot of red! i enjoy the series of photos.

Hootin' Anni said...

Red, red! Everywhere!!! The one photo I really like is the super unique one...the one where the cameraman/camera is in the rear view mirror.

My R T is now posted. I do hope you can stop by sometime to visit with me....it's a little bony this week for me, but there IS ruby. LOL

Here's the permalink: Ruby Tuesday [you'll need to scroll down just a bit beyond my Tuesday's Heads or Tails]

A said...

Lots of red everywhere....Happy RT

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Vehicles of red
wherever I look—which one
holds magic for me?

My Ruby Tuesday

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Another variation:

Vehicles of red
wherever I look—which one’s
my magic carpet?

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
You are really seeing red everywhere.
It's a good thing both Bernie and Gunnar are both patient and playing with the Ruby Tuesday meme.
I hope Bernie is driving while you are making all these wonderful shots!
Serina admired the pictures from Manitoba particularly and says hello.
From felisol

Jim said...

Hi Terry, thank soooooo much for showing us more pictures of your very nice driving holiday.
I am glad for 'Little Red Riding Hood' (I feel I know her so well I can almost call her 'The Red Hood' for short) in getting her pacemaker renewed.
Now for you, I am sure that battery was an expense that used up a lot of your car repair budget. So I'm glad for the car, sorry for you.

My favorite picture is the red motorcycle with the red trailer.
Your best picture was the one of you taking the picture and being in it yourself. You have a very nice camera.

Happy RT. I was too busy to even make a post this week and have way too many returns visits to make to get any more at this time. Tomorrow I will post a MidWeek Blues item. I don't think the red I had planned for RT will work on that. It might, one picture had blue and red. :-)
Adi says "hello Aunt Terry." I am sitting with KP this morning. Both KP and Adi are laying on the floor helping me blog.

Amrita said...

My goodness Terry, you really have the red eye!!! LOL

Reds just spring up everywhere you go and of the red charriot carries you there.

It was good riding with ya.

Constance said...

I have eaten at that same A&W in Kenora!!!!! When we travel to Ontario, we go to Sioux Narrows and stay at Motlong's resort. Our best friends have a family cabin on the other side of the lake (Lake of the Woods). Such a small world! Enjoy your week!
Love, Connie

Constance said...

I forgot to mention that we'll go up to Kenora and do a little shopping, order pizza and go to the little movie theater in town one evening while we're up there!

Jane said...

Love all the red!
Hi Terry,
I found you on luna miranda's post. There I read your "leetle boy" poem and wondered who the author was. This is beautiful!

I have enjoyed reading your post and will definitely return. You are a dear sister in Christ...
Jane (artfully graced)

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Jane said...

Thanks so much for the information about the poem. Like you, I was moved by it. Being the mother of 3 rambunctious boys (now grown, alas), I am drawn to the closeness Grandfather had for his "leetle bateese".

So sorry you hurt yourself today. Not fun at all. Hope the pain goes away quickly!!!
Hugs from FL,

Trish said...

I always enjoy your lovely Ruby Red posts...what a great group of photo's you took along the way Miss Terry!

Saija said...

what a great post with the red ruby theme ...

and happy thanksgiving to you & bernie!!!

Crown of Beauty said...

Hi there, dear Terry! There's lots of reds in this RT post!

Loved the one of you with the red cart...and the other one showing in the rear view mirror!

Well, keep in touch dear friend. Hope all is well with you and Bernie.