Saturday, December 31, 2005

What A Difference A Day Makes!!

Well, I guess you can say that our green winter has disappeared this last day of January 2005!
We had to get up today and clean off the snow from the car before we could go ANYWHERE!! After a quick trip to the office[MacDonalds'] for breakfast, we headed out to Shaver Hospital to do a little visitation.
THIS is the picture that met our eyes--the green, green grass was gone! To top it all off, some of the patients had colds! We stayed a couple of hours to cheer them up.. Bernie had brought his lap top with him and we showed slide pictures of winter scenery. We have hundreds of pictures!! A good time was had by all between all the sniffing and coughing.
By the time we left everybody was feeling OK, despite the colds and the snow!!

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Administrator said...

Sorry about that! I have lost ALL sense of time. I have jumped ahead one month in time! Actually it is the last day of DECEMBER!! See what the snow does to my mind!!Ha!!