Friday, January 11, 2008

Surgery For Dad Golden Postponed

This is the picture I took of Dad Golden and Rachel yesterday at the hospital.
Again they cancelled his operation!
The doctor was ill, and so now the new date is Wednesday, the 16th at two in the afternoon.
I am so glad that I thanked you for your future prayers for my dad because he is still needing i!

I am heading over to Mom and Dad's now as Mom as come down ill, so I will see what is happening.
Thanks again everybody....Love Terry


Anonymous said...

Miss Terry,
What a drama for you and Dad Golden! We sure want the Dr. well, but this must be getting real difficult for your family and your Dad. Dad has a real sneeky smile. McDonald's ay.
Still praying, with all these prayers expect a miracle.
Susan Adams

Felisol said...

Amen, God & Terry,
be a realist, expect a miracle.
From Felisol

susanwalkergirl said...

Good golly! My goodness...praise God that we can know with assurance that God is in control...and according to His perfect timing and plan it will take place.

Lord's blessings to you Terry...still praying that I will soon have a new brother in Christ.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh My....These kinds of postponment things are hard, aren't they...Dads Golden must get himself ALL prepared for this in every way and then to have it postrponed....Not easy.

I hope Mom Golden feels better very quickly and that it is nothing serious....

Prayers are fortyhcoming, all around....!

Terry, absolutely feel free to put me on your sidebar....I too find this the best and easiest way to visit people....So go right ahead.

Anonymous said...

Hi Terry, it was nice to hear from you (twice in one day!).
I've really slowed down in my blogging, some in posting and a lot in reading. Mostly I have been return reading those who have visited me.
And I'm just a little down myself, can't figure out why.

I do keep my prayer life open, Pop is on the top of the list now!

Amrita said...

Prayed for Dad and will do so for him and Mom. Rachael and dad look so fit and fine.

Pat said...

I certainly wouldn't want a sick doctor to operate on me! God's timing is perfect, He will present the right time for the operation so all will be well. Meanwhile - go take care of Mom, us seniors need tender loving care!

Vicki said...

Sorry to hear of yet another cancellation, but we know God has everything under control. Your Dad is so sweet...I'm still praying, you know. May the goodness of the Lord be evident to all!

Glenys said...

Terry, I bet you all are tearing your hair out now! Still, it gives Dad Golden longer to think about the LORD! I am praying for him still- and for you and your Mum.


Anonymous said...


I just left you a note at your cake post on Pals...enjoy ;)

Love and Prayers,
Your friend,

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you know, but Amber posted another update on her mom on amsland.blogspot.


Saija said...

you are a good daughter, Terry ... and i hope that all went well with the surgery ... ((hugs))

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Thanks for letting me know Dad Golden had his operation and that he is resting comfortably...I was wondering because you hadn't updated...if ALL was----well, if not "well", at least okay. I hope he recovers quickly!