Monday, January 04, 2010

Sorry About That!

dear blogger friends..i feel bad that i have to read your comments before i can publish them.
some nut is sending me not so nice comments and it is getting too hard to weed them out, and impossible, it seems to weed HIM or HER out! terry


jel said...

sending ya a flybyhugging! ;)

Edna said...

this is just a test

donna said...

looks like it is working...

Dimple said...

You are not alone! The world is full of all kinds, and they aren't all nice. I don't mind at all you reading my comments before you publish them.
Love, Dimple

Terry said...

thanks a lot donna and now what did i do wrong? your name doesn't take me to your blog site!
thanks so much donna for answering so fast! terry

Terry said...

thanks i will have some time to make a ruby tuesday!
love terry

Jim said...

Hi Terry, I'll be back for your Ruby Tuesday. I am sorry about the nut. I have had a few too.
My Ask Dr. Jim all comments are moderated.
The others after ten days moderation kicks in. That was an alternative. I have so much junk on my blog all in Chinese. Just about every post he got. I tired of getting rid of them.
My therory is that the spies send their messages that way. It is all coded. One I translated for a fellow was a bunch of numbers followed by a nonsense blurb about a hotel and other.
Happy RT! I'll be back. AND, I did enter this week!

Felisol said...

I am sorry for you that some moron will try to destroy your precious work.
I am glad that you never give up, just find new ways.
From Felisol, who has controlled the blog comments for a long time due to the same reasons.

Terry said...

thanks jim and felisol.
i had to take my thanksgiving post out but i saved it in my documents and just posted it again..too bad though it is in may instead of october..that guy was really attacking that MUST of been a guy.
i am glad to be rid of him because it is an awful feeling to be mad about i am not!
love terry

Amrita said...

dear Terry, the nut case will get fed of his/her own foolishness.

Manang Kim said...

It doesn't matter to me too...nuts are everywhere I don't know why they do these crap...what he/she can get from doing it. ^_^