Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Vacation Bible School

It is that time of the year that all of the older people and the teenagers at the Welland Gospel Hall pack up their cars with kids and bring them out for Vacation Bible School.
Who knows but the Lord what will be the results of sowing the good seed into these little one's tender hearts?


Deborah said...

Our VBS starts on Wednesday. This is the first year our church has held one, so we are looking forward to it! I went to VBS once as a child, and it made such an impression on me....but you already know that...it's one of the first stories in my book!
p.s. I'm having a book giveaway on my blog...come and check it out!

Amrita said...

I have been a VBS teacher,its such good fun and to see the kids grow in their understanding of Jesus.

Jessica said...

Hi Terry,

Thanks for stopping by! You are more than welcome to post it. :)

Ryan gets home about 7:15am in the morning, so I have a hard time going in and falling asleep. So I thought I'd blog. :)

Love from all of us!

Vicki said...

God bless you, Terry, for all you do to help sow these seeds every summer. Hope you're doing well...I've been praying for you and thinking about you.


Anonymous said...

dear ms terry,
i love listening to the songs
about Jesus...

vera lynn
I am almost 2

Terry said...

Dear Vera Lynn
I know that you love listening to Jesus songs and I love to hear the children singing them.
Thanks for your comment and give Gramma Donna a hug from me...Love Ms. Terry

PS.. You won't be two until September 25th Vera Lynn!

passing-thru said...

Good Stuff Terry

Hope U are holding up OK

Praying for your strength and How Cute is that , a comment from Vera Lynn

audrey` said...

I'm so encouraged by this post, Terry =)