Monday, June 04, 2007

Dad Golden and Felisol's Father

This morning as I was walking into the worship meeting the words to this hymn were filling my heart with joy!

"I have been at the altar and witnessed the Lamb,

Burnt wholly to ashes for me;

And watched its sweet savour ascending on high

Accepted , O Father by Thee.

And lo, while I gazed at the glorious sight

A voice from above reached mine ears:

"By this thine iniquity's taken away,

And no trace of it on thee appears."

"An end of thy sin has been made for thee here,

By Him who its penalty bore;

With blood it is blotted eternally out,

And I will not remember it more."

O Lord, I believe it with wonder and joy;

Confirm Thou this precious belief;

While daily I learn that I am in myself

Of sinners the vilest and chief."

This Thursday Felisol and her family will be laying to rest their dear father, husband and grandfather.

This Thursday my dad will be going to the hospital for a surgery.

Felisol's dad, like Miss Patty mentioned is "absent from the body, present with the Lord and Happy."

Dad Golden is living still but not really LIVING because he is unsaved as of yet.

My prayer for Felisol's precious family is that they will feel the Lord's constant comfort as He is with them.

My prayer for my dad is that he will believe on the Lord for his salvation before it is too late.

I asked Saija if I could use this lovely verse card that she has on blog site.

This verse shows us what is really important in this life.

Felisol's dad has died a rich man.

My dad is a poor man indeed and will be poorer still if he doesn't get saved!

I really loved the first hymn that we sang in our worship meeting!

"Crowned with thorns upon the tree,

Silent in Thine agony;

Dying, crushed beneath the load

Of the wrath and curse of God.

On Thy pale and suffering brow,

Mystery of love and woe;

On Thy grief and sore amaze,

Saviour, I would fix my gaze!

On Thy pierced and bleeding breast

Thou doest bid the weary rest;

Rest there from the world's false ways,

Rest there from its vanities.

Rest in pardon and relief

From the load of guilt and grief

Rest in Thy redeeming blood

Rest in perfect peace with God.

Sin-atoning Sacrifice,

Thou art precious in mine eyes;

Thou alone my rest shall be

Now and through eternity."

Felisol's dad has perfect peace and his family feel this peace even though their hearts are breaking!

If only Dad Golden would realize that the willing death of the Lord Jesus has paid for all of his sins and perfect peace is being offered to him!

Then he would be happy and his family would be happy even though their hearts are hurting for him because he is sick!

O how happy Mom Golden would be!

This Bible scripture is for my dad.

Matthew 11:28..."Come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest."

This Bible scripture is for Felisol's dad,

Psalm 16:11..."Thou wilt show me the path of life; in thy presence is fullness of joy; at thy right hand are pleasures for evermore."

Thank you for all your prayers for my friend, Felisol!

Thank you for all your prayers for my dad!

Thank you Saija for this lovely verse card!

Thank you Pat for the words of comfort!

Thank you all...........Love Terry


Saija said...

we are indeed rich, if we have Christ ...

Mrs. Mac said...

Felisol's dad is indeed rich in the Lord and present with Him. Never give up hope on Dad Golden; I've seen several death bed and latter year conversions from people we never gave up hope for. God uses the trials in life to bring us to him. Perhaps this latest trial with your dad's health will finally soften his heart and open his ears to hear the calling of the Lord. Prayers and hugs.

Hebrews 11:1 said...

Dear Mrs. Shirkie,
What time is the surgery at and what are they operating on? I'll be praying for your dad.
That is a lovely verse card. I'll have to ask her where she found it.
Have a blessed day in the Lord!

lil pilgrim pal

The Good Reporters said...

I know I haven't commented lately but I've been checking in and reading your posts. Still keeping your dad in our prayers.

rrbj said...

Terry I will keep praying for your Dad and praying God will send a messenger to help Dad Golden make a decision before its to late !As Mrs. Mac said don't ever give up hope ? Blessings and prayers for Felisol's family and Yours ! Ron.

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
million thanks for all the wonderful things you have done to help me. You'll never know how much your support, prayers and wonderful blog has meant to me.
My father's funeral is tomorrow, Tuesday. I need to borrow some more of your prayingtime.
The family will bather afterwards, about 35, and I have to say some words as well. From Rev 21. 1-7.
I'm neither tough, not much of a churchlady, so I need strength and courage.Lots of it.
I've been praying for Dad Golden since you told about him. I feel confident God will show him the way.
Yours Felisol

jel said...

will be praying for both!


Sioux said...

My prayers are with you. I can't imagine how hard this must be for you. I pray that Dad Golden will come to love Jesus as his Lord and Savior.

Bless you all, Terry.

Hebrews 11:1 said...

Dear Mrs. S.,
As you shared a song with me, so I'll share an old favorite of mine with you:

In His Love, sung by Sandi Patti

In His Love
There's a place where you can always hide away;
In His Love
There's no need to run, no need to be afraid;
When your world's a sea of trouble
You can always rise above
When you know that you are safely
In His Love.

In His Love
Where all pain and sorrow quickly fade away;
In His Love
There's a bright tomorrow, just beyond today;
If your heart is filled with sorrow
If it's all you can think of
Still there'll be a new tomorrow
In His Love.

His Love is never far away
It's just sometimes hard to see
If we would take the time to pray
His Love would flow from you and me!

In His Love
There's a place where you can watch the world go by;
In His Love
There's no need to hurry,
Everything's on time.
When your world's a sea of trouble,
You can always rise above
When you know that you are safely
In His Love.

In His Love
There's a place where you can always hide away;
In His Love
There's no need to run, no need to be afraid;
If your heart is filled with sorrow
If it's all you can think of
Still there'll be a new tomorrow
In His Love....
In His Love.

Oh, and my sister and I re so encouraged when it comes to praying for people who seems so stubborn, by a country song called "Some People Change." The chorus goes,
Here's to the strong
Thanks to the brave
Don't give up hope
Some people change
Against all odds
Against the grain
Love finds a way
Some people change...

and the bridge says:
Thank God for those who make it,
let them be the light!

I used to sing it all the time when my neighbor left his family. I still do sometimes, but I get so frustrated, I want him home to take care of his wife and kids so bad...drugs are so terrible!

Have a good evening!

the little Pigrim Pal

susanwalkergirl said...

Miss Terry,

Please be encouraged. Remember we serve a mighty God. As long as your daddy is's not over. God loves to take people and circumstances that seem to have no hope...and work a miracle so there is no's His work, not ours.

Dear one...we will continue to pray that God in His mercy will reach down from heaven and touch you daddy with His saving grace and mercy. We trust that He will do so in His perfect timing. We humbly submit to His perfect will.

Blessings dear one! Susan

Pat said...

We know that we know that Felisol's dad is singing praises to the King of Kings!
I will be praying for your Dad that the Lord would minister to his heart and he would call on the name of Jesus - and He would answer. Have faith - all things are possible to them that believe!

Jim said...

Hi Terry, thanks for the heads up about David's nephew's birthday. I'll do the wish on David's site (got to find it, I've visited before).

For Felisol's dad I'll claim Revelations 22:3 "(No longer will there be any curse.) The throne of God and of the Lamb will be in the city, and his servants will serve him."
Especially the serving part not in parenthesis, that is my favorite glimpse of heaven. I try to practice (out of love) that here on earth, it will be so great without all earth and life's many distractions.

Terry, for your dad, I'll claim Revelations 3:20 "Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with me."
You never can tell when it soaks in. One day when I heard, and then read, those words I knew Jesus was saying them to me personally. From that day on I have never doubted but what God wanted me to be saved. I obeyed right then and there.
His promise is so great too! Following verse 20 is verse 21: "To him who overcomes, I will give the right to sit with me on my throne, just as I overcame and sat down with my Father on his throne."
And I will (and do) serve Him!
[Even though at the time John recorded Jesus' words they were spoken to the church in Laodicea the Bible has recorded Jesus words that apply for all of us. And this one verse Jesus through the Holy Spirit speaks to me every time I hear, read, or think it to remind me how all powerful and gracious He is.]

In case I haven't told you my prayers are and continue for your dad, for his salvation and his health, and also for you guys.
If your dad is receptive to Bible reading you might tell him about me and read Rev 3:20 for him. Jesus can speak (and is speaking) to him any (and every) moment!

Terry said...

Dear Jim....No, my dad isn't one that I can read the Bible to, but what I have been doing is copying out my blog posts, comments and all and giving them to mom and dad,
This morning when Dad phoned, he told me he has been reading them, and you know Jim, he said to me, Boy there are so many people that know me, eh?"
"Yes", I said, "There are some in Norway and Austalia even that are praying for you!" and Malaysia too!"

Thank you everyone for praying for my dad.
It will be a happy day when he is saved!....Love Terry

Jim, David's blog site is at the top of my favorite links..

Jim said...

Terry, I'm back from David's and am troubled a little by your comment. I belive that our ages and as maturing Christians we should be witnessing every bit as much or more as spending time Bible reading.

Your blog is such a good witness to your faith and a blessing and encouragement to others who read it.
You shouldn't ever feel guilty about the time YOU spend on it.
And it can't be all preachy sounding or you would lose a lot of readers who don't read just to be preached at, they will then accept your other witnessing words too.

I.e, I believe you have a very nice balance. Mine is more worldly, but I intend it that way so I can show Christians have a life too.

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
I'm still quite exhausted from all the emotions from saying "we'll meet again" to my dad, and meeting with cousins, aunts and uncles from both branches of my family. I cannot really tell you just how supprisingly well it all went. My mother who thought she'd never be alble to stand on her own two feet that day, (the minister simply provided a wheelchair as a backup. That did the trick. No need even for her crutch)
Daughter Serina reading her grand dad's favourite poem, me bieng hostess, and my husband and my brother, who both are having cerious problems with their limbs, carrying the casket.
People who have been stragegers for yars talking to each other in peace...
Thank you for all your hard and hearfelt prayer work. It did come out so well.
The grieving process must take its time. I am still a bit num, but I'm living in the shelter of psalm 37, and shall dwell there for a long time.
My father always talked of prayer rings, how they came out good for everybody involved.
I'd like to start a prayer ring for Dad Golden.
In fact I'll go down to my prayer chamber just now. Good night, my dear friend.
Yours el

Arlene said...

Terry, we will keep dad in prayer. You know God specializes in things that seem impossible. Nothing is impossible with Him. Your dad is beginning to think things over and will accept Him, even on his death bed. I pray you are aware of his acceptance of our Precious Lord and Saviour. What a wonderful God we serve. I am humbled and in awe of Him. He saved my daddy not long before he passed. He will do the same for you. Jesus says whatsoever you ask in my name, I will do consider it done! We will keep praying that dad shares his conversion with you for your peace of mind! God bless!

Anonymous said...

You probably only know me by a comment I leave once in a while on Mrs. Mac's site. I think that is how I got here, anyhow I will add Dad Golden's name to my prayer list. God is so good, and we can pray to Him from all corners of the earth and He hear's us. Praise God !! Gramma_s