Sunday, October 03, 2010

The Good Shepherd

when bernie and i were in rapid city manitoba, visiting some old friends that i have known for fifty years, mr c was called over to his daughter's his girl and her husband and three children live right next door.
his daughter is a shepherd of a flock of sheep and one of the sheep who had wandered away got herself into much distress because she had stepped on to the tin roof of a shed and gone right through and was in a trap...

mr. c looked on...

as his daughter spoke gently to the sheep.

and then two pairs of willing hands helped the shepherd pull the fearful sheep from its precarious situation.

after valarie and her boy looked the sheep over carefully for any cuts or bruises..

they saw a large cut in the sheep's leg and so the boy comforted the sheep as his mother went to get some medicine..he knew that it would surely sting but..

the shepherd of the hurt little sheep had no choice but to pour the stinging but healing liquid into the open wound.
the sheep made no complaints and was as quiet as a little dove.

when the doctoring was done and the sheep made its way to the edge of the yard, it turned its little head as if to say thank you to its rescuer.

the boy offers comfort to the sheep..

the sheep's mama and the rest of the flock look on and wait for their friend to return...

but the sheep will have to stay put for a while by itself while it mends....but really not alone because the boy, son of the shepherd will keep the sheep company!

have a blessed lords day! terry


Amrita said...

I wish I could live in a farm like this and rear sheep. Sheeb would make a good sheep dog, she is very intelligent and alert.

The other day Naughty attacked her, bu t was saved

Sandy said...

I love sheep and farms and the
wonderful country life. I loved
being raised on our farm the
first few years of my life as
a child. I'm so glad we have a
wonderful Shepherd who loves and
cares for us, too.
Bless you dear Terry!

PEA said...

Awwww poor little sheep, but she's very lucky that she's got such caring owners:-) I loved seeing the photos and reading your words, made me feel like I was right there seeing everything happening! My mom was born and raised on a farm and she often talks about farmlife which I love hearing about. xoxo

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
Sheep are my friends as well.
I always take a picture when we meet a flock on our hikes.
I'm as always impressed by the journalistic turn you have on your posts.
It makes the reading so interesting.

What a moving parable Jesus taught us about about the good shepherd.
He'll leave the 99 to search... ME!

I think we both may have lost some e-mails in August.
If there's anything in particular,please tell.

Terry said...

yes felsiol...isn't it just something that he left the ninety and nine to search for me?
and isn't it just something that all those separate "me's" are wrapped up in the whosoever in john three sixteen?..probably millions and millions and yet he knows all of our names and as you have so often said..."he counts the number of the hairs on our head!"

amrita i have always loved sheep and i know right well that sheeba would be the best of sheep dogs..sheeba would be gentle but firm!

sandy, you were very privileged to have been raised on a farm
i was brought up in the air force and of the two, these were a very protected life for a child..but i think that i would have loved the farm life too!
when i was 17 and dad golden was in the air force, that is where i met the good shepherd...i know i was a lost sheep but i think i was more of a lost prodigal!...and he saved me!

pea, i thank you for the comments that you have been sending. i just recently because of felisol mentioning it that i had my settings on wrong and i had a lot of comments that were not published.
i felt so bad but oh the delicious luxury of the whole thing that i had so many comments to read at once! what a feast!...xoxo to YOU too! terry

Crown of Beauty said...

I do love this sheep story, Terry.

How Jesus loves us His sheep with such a tender hearted love, like the shepherds and their son in your post.