Monday, September 27, 2010

Bits Of Red In My Beloved Manitoba

i have finally got a little time to make a ruby tuesday post...i have really tried but with mom golden being so ill and the little red car AND the big blue sunday school van both needing repair, bernie and i have been very busy!...back and forth to the hospital for blood tests and x-rays and back and forth to canadian tire for car parts, there has been very little time for blogging!


here the little red car was driving us on the flat highways in my beloved manitoba

behind us in the back window lie the flags that we love so much...the canadian flag, red and white and the american flag, red, white and BLUE!

NOW, you will see why i love manitoba so

here is a flat wheat field with a border of clear water and a fringe of green grass around it....such a serene sight under the blue sky and fluffy white clouds!

oh is that a red barn in the distant?
almost at any distance, you can see a lot.
the flat land allows you this, ONE reason why the the golden kids would never even think to run away from home! dad golden could just go upstairs and look out of a window and know EXACTLY where we were heading!
for sure and i could, from my bedroom window see the high school which was THREE miles away!

oh! the beauty of these pure white silos , reflecting on the still sky blue water really took my eyes!

here in the green field lie bales of wheat, waiting to be gathered..
the little red vehicle will have to make more than one trip, i am thinking!

and i am thinking that a much larger building than this little red shed will be needed to store the golden wheat!

now this is one pretty sight..a dark blue stream flowing right in the middle of a field!

another manitoba homestead in the lone prairies!

and another.

in the winnipeg area, there are several pine trees and on the side of the road here, i spotted god's word on a sign for all to see!
"he that believeth on the son hath everlasting life."

MacDonald's is a busy place on the prairies.
several years ago when bernie and i used to go west by motorcycle, they were few in number.
one funny thing we noticed is that when we were travelling way back when, you would read a sign that said, "150 miles to the next gas station"
and NOW, what we saw this year was a sign that said, "200 kilometers to the next MacDonald's"
my, the times, they have been changing!

bernie is setting up for another night of camp.

and it is not too long after that he is watching one of his favourite tv shows!
he can get judge judy from you tube if we have the internet available.

as for me, i have been waiting to write to my felisol and THAT is exactly what i did!

i had to tell her that bernie and i and the little red car had met this very special couple,. of course we knew them from the blog world but how nice it was to meet saija and leo and their little black kitty face to face!

saija is such a tiny little one and here i look like a giant standing beside her.

the little red car wanted a piece of the action and so bernie and saija and leo too
obliged the spoiled brat!

and THEN...saija and leo's little black cat gave us the honour of its presence at the
coffee and cookie party that saija and leo had treated us to.
leo made the coffee and it was delicious!

and one of our scarf sisters, i am not sure if it was miss patty or trish, made the jam that was on the had been sent to manitoba and bernie and i enjoyed it and it was a perfect thing for a ruby tuesday!

we stopped at an a and w along the way. it is a very popular restaurant in my beloved manitoba.

this girl who is pictured on the wall is jewel macavanny....many years ago when the goldens lived on the rivers air force base, jewel and her family lived there too. her dad was the reverend there for the protestant church.
i will never forget the day that while we high school were waiting for the bus, we spotted a pretty little lassie entering the corner store. she was as pretty as a picture!
one of the boys said, "THAT girl is going to win a beauty contest one of these days! you mark my words!"
several years later that little girl DID win a contest. she was crowned the very first "miss teen canada" in 1969.
oh boy though, that was some outfit that she is wearing here, eh?
i guess it was the 70's style though.

some nice guy asked us if we would like a picture taken and we sure did!

we had to, because of the weather, rent a motel for the night.

and the little red car was so put out and had a nose way out of joint and wanted to come in but "no way" we said, as we slammed the door!

but didn't that character show us?
there we were stuck in a hot room and there she was all covered with a rainbow!

these three, the canadian flag, the american flag and the traveling sisterhood scarf became true friends as they were driven by the little red car all the way to my beloved manitoba[plus a side trip to calgary to see bernie's brother] and all the way back to ontario.
they, of course are already looking forward to another trip next year!

happy ruby tuesday everybody.... especially to our beloved teach mary! terry


chubskulit said...

Awesome post, I enjoyed the journey as if I was travelling with ya.

Ruby Tuesday

Wendy said...

That was so neat. So there actually is a travelling scarf? haha, how cool

Amrita said...

Oh dear hart, where ha d you been hiding all these precious photos Terry!.

Feels like was on the trip too. I really envy Red Riding Hood, fortunate girl to travel with such special people and meet Saija and Loe. You guys look fab.

My my you had Internet on the go too. That 's great.

Terry you are very patriotic indeed.

Mrs. Mac said...

Terry .. you need to be crowned an ambassador between the two North American countries that you love! I feel the same way about the Canadians. It was good to see the scarf with the two beautiful flags. Your visit with Saija and Leo was such a good rest stop, eh?

Sandy said...

This was just wonderful to read!
Like the others remarked, I too
feel like I went right along on
your journey! How great to get to
meet another sister.
You are so funny Terry!
Love & Hugs,

Saija said...

it was wonderful to meet face to face! i'm so glad you guys took the time to stop in ... i know we were a bit out of your way ... but you got to visit some cottage country - manitoba style!

blessings on you!

Sonja said...

No wonder you love Manitoba!! I've enjoyed sitting here and scrolling through your photos. There are so many beautiful places in this world... do you think Heeaven will have a little of all of it?? I hope so!

Thanks Terry, I always love to see pictures...


Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
Your beloved Manitoba, really is worth seeing and traveling.
If I remember correctly you spent four weeks on the Manitoban roads.
That's quite an achievement, especially when tenting.
Then again, I know you love a bit of freewheeling, and that's why this report has become so special.

The meeting with Saija and Leo was great.
My favorite spot is an evening picture of a river running smoothly through a huge wheat field.

I'll bring my laptop next time we go to Sauda. My mother definitely have to see these mighty fields and special landscape.

Not many placed compared to her Jaeren, but Manitoba sure is. bigger, wider and mightier.

i also admire your personal mix. The big hearted woman, always caring, praying and brightening other people's life. And this adventurous teenager, curious and open to new horizons, meeting every new ned of the raod with a broad smile.

It's good that Bernie, your best companion, shares your attitude and also carries his parts of the burdens under your great expeditions.

God bless you both, now and always.

Crown of Beauty said...

My dear Terry
This is such a nice post with all the pictures. Always love the way you make all these pictures come alive. THe picture with Saija and Leo and their black kitty, the one of you and Bernie in the coffee shop, and the little red car with the rainbow! All so beautiful.

Well, I just finished reading all the posts I have missed from the last one I read and left a birthday comment on!

I miss your visits to my blog, and your long friendly comments, too. Visit me when you have a bit of time again, ok?

Love you always,

Constance said...

What great pictures! The memories you and Bernie make, just like Dave and I are priceless!

Growing up in the Midwest, I can relate to the wide open farm fields, love them!

While we were in the Canadian Rockies this week, we dinner at an A&W! Their Teen burger was de-lish!!

I didn't realize you had went to Calgary, we flew in and out of Calgary on our recent trip!

Loved the flags, we obviously saw a lot of your Maple Leaf!

Gregg said...

Fantastic photos! Now I want a road trip!

reg said...

First thing Terry Sorry I have not been on lately. I have had Computer problems like you would not believe and still do actually. I am just lucky to have it right now. So I will post when ever I can. I am headed to Toronto to-marrow so I hope to get a few nice shots of the city for RT. Actually I will be driving threw to a wedding in Oshawa.

Any way I love your post here. Must have been a lot of fun.

I hope your Mom is okay and will get over what ever is troubling her. I am praying that all goes well for her. I will send you my phone number so we an chat some time, but not here

Deborah said...

I'm a little late seeing this but enjoyed your tour of Manitoba. I do hope you'll let your readers know that not all of Manitoba is completely flat!