Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Little Ruby Tuesday Lassie

last sunday, the sunday school children were practising a little skit that they will be doing this coming sunday for the older people at the church.. here the sunday school superintendent explains to the kids what will be happening. the children are all ears!
this little lassie in her ruby coloured dress is why i make her my ruby tuesday girl...


Betty said...

So very thankful for those who work with children in church all over the world. The tribal people love plays, easier to show a story then sometimes to tell it and double powerful when both is there. What a blessing to have your little grand daughter around you. Makes all things brighter. Blessing my sister.

Terry said...

ha! betty, i guess that little lassie could be my grandchild
when her mother, jenn was just 2 and a half. i used to pick her up for sunday school...almost thirty years ago! well when she grew up and got married, the five children that she now has all come to sunday school too.
jen's sister,crystal used to come too amd four of her five kids are now part of the group....down through the generations, eh?
these two sisters certainly knew where to send their children to hear the gospel!
thank you betty for your nice comment...love gerry

Gemma Wiseman said...

Lovely captures of the children's faces! Especially love the little girl and her pretty dress in the last photo!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

And a lovely ruby-clad lassie she is!

Mary of the Red Menorah

Chubskulit Rose said...

That would be fun to watch! Late visiting from Ruby Tuesday.

My Ruby
Hope you'd come and see. Leave me a comment when you can, thanks!

Jim said...

Hi Terry ~~ I was looking at the Mrs. Linky list for Ruby Tuesday and saw your name, you are still posting these. Seems that is about all you do post now which is real fine.

At least until January I will mostly post just Thursday Alphabet letters. We are starting over and are at the letter "D" this week. I do hope you are doing well, the family also.

Happy Ruby Tuesday. To the little lassie dressed so pretty in red also.

Felisol - Elise Ljung said...

I love Sunday-schools. I think they are much alike all over the world, and the people working there for free are a holy bunch too.
While others are away on week-end fun, the teacher of Sunday School are there for the children sunday after Sunday year sfter year. I know you and Bernie are involved in this work too. Also in bringing the little children to and from. Suffer the little children.

Betty Belzner said...

Really a cute little girl Terry. Is she one that you pick up?

Anonymous said...

Such a precious post. The children singing was a highlight. The little girl, your ruby lassie, is adorable. All the kids look so happy with big smiles.