Sunday, November 07, 2010

How Forgiving Is Our God!

this weekend i was so down in spirits that i couldn't even manage to put in a hymn for sunday.
there are times that i get down so low in the dumps when i think about the failures and the sins that i have had in my life.
this morning though when i attended the lords day sunday morning meeting, a beautiful hymn was given out by one of the christian brothers and it so spoke to me and healed my suffering are the words to this hymn.

1. I have been at the altar
and witnessed the Lamb
Burnt wholly to ashes for me;
And watched its sweet saviour
ascending on high,
Accepted, O Father, by Thee.

2. And lo, while I gazed
at the glorious sight,
A voice from above reached mine ears:
“By this thine iniquity’s taken away,
And no trace of it on thee appears.

3. “An end of thy sin has been
made for thee here
By Him who its penalty bore;
With blood it is blotted eternally out,
And I will not remember it more.”

4. O Lord, I believe it
with wonder and joy;
Confirm Thou, this precious belief;
While daily I learn that I am, in myself,
Of sinners the vilest and chief.

what really made my heart thrill with this hymn was the last two lines of the third verse,
"With blood it is blotted eternally out.
And i will not remember it more."

oh how good it is to know that even when we look inside our heart and have so many regrets and we never seem to be able to forget them, that god says that he will remember our sins no more.
to forget is a human frailty and because god is perfect and has no frailty then it is impossible for him to forget...he is so strong that he says that he will REMEMBER no more our sins!

Psalm 103:12
as far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us.

what started out as a down and out morning has turned into a glorious lords day after all!

whenever we sing this song grampa yade usually puts in a last verse to it,
"it is well with my soul
it is well, it is well with my soul.

here is the whole song of this last verse.

have a happy rest of the lords day i know i shall! terry


Jada's Gigi said...

God is so good! So glad you are hidden deep within Him...where there is no sin and no shadow of turning!

David Edward said...

i am glad I visited here today. I have not been in church in a long time.
Lately I am reading to mom from her prayer book.
Intercede for us, she is getting very tired and very old, and wants to be done here.
Thank you

Elizabeth Dianne said...

Dear, dear Teresa,
Please be encouraged sweet friend. From the moment I met you I felt you had a giving and genuine heart. Try as much as you can to put these failures behind you forever. As you say, God remembers them NO MORE.

All of us have garbage that we wish had never happened but we are justified in Him--thank God for his mercies that begin new every morning.

Thank you for being so transparent.

Loving you,

Liz said...

Wonderful photos. Happy birthday to your dad!

My RUBY link.