Wednesday, January 03, 2007

*Mrs. Mac*... This Flower Is For You!

When I returned home this evening, I found this in an email from my sister, Betty Jane.
Apparently she is feeling fine and back to her old tricks of taking pictures.
One of her children picked this dandelion for her and this is what she did with it.
She placed it on a 2007 calendar and at a snap of the camera, she now has the proof that dandelions are indeed blooming here in Niagara County, where there SHOULD be at least two feet of snow covering the ground.

I am sending this to Mrs. Mac who has been singing "Let It Snow" for serveral weeks already.
This little tune has worked very well for Idaho but certainly NOT for Welland!![so far!]


Mrs. Mac said...

When "pigs fly" was my first response. Buy knowing you and your sister, Betty, I don't think she'd be trying to fool us with her "dated" dandelion photo. Well, I'll be Miss Terry, we haven't anything blooming here just yet, in fact, we are forcasted for a wee bit of snow on Friday and Saturday (I'm sure to let you know if this happens ;)

{The old Scottish popular saying "[it will happen] when pigs fly" (or "when pigs have wings") is traditionally used to mean that the specified event will never occur.}

Anonymous said...

What a nice picture, Terry! There's no snow here either, but it's cold!


Terry said...

Ha!! Mrs. Mac...Bernie would have said, "Dandelions in January? In a PIG'S eye!!"
I would have said, 'Dandelions in the winter? THAT will be the frosty Friday!!"....Love Terry

The reason I am believing Betty is not because she is my sister but because Miss Katy has some dandelions too and daffodls and snow drops coming up.

susanwalkergirl said...

Good to have you back blogging Miss Teresa...missed you.

So what you saying is your sister also has photographic talents. I do believe it runs in the family.

How is Miss Lady Kathryn doing these days? Did you have a good visit?

By the way…love the picture of your kitty. I have a new kitty…and I’m way tardy on posting his picture and giving the straight scoop on this rambunctious addition to my home.

Blessings Miss Teresa. Happy New Year!

Your California Kindred Spirit…Susan

Terry said...

Susan, my kindred spirit!!!.. That Betty is a professional! She has taken classes in photography and does a really good job!She has a SLR camera.
Myself, I am way too lazy and just use my automatic.

That Anonymous, Morgan is a professional too so when she tells me she likes my pictures, I feel like I have had a real compliment!!
Thanks Morgan!!

Please DO post that new kitty, California Girl!....Love Terry

jel said...

hey there, I tryed to e-mail you and it came back.

Jammie J. said...

What a creative picture idea! :)

Susan Adams said...

Miss Terry,
So glad to hear Miss Betty is better and up to her old tricks. WOW!! What a wonderful picture. Wess and I have been sitting on the Front Porch this morning drinking our coffee, watching it rain. It's very warm and pleasant here in Tennessee this week. Being from "dry" Texas you will never catch me complaining about water falling in any form even SNOW.
With the Joy of Jesus Inside,
Susan Adams

Rachel said...

LOL...Terry I just have to laugh at myself. I just finished reading all these post and My first thought wasn't " wow they have dandelions odd?"
NOPE I'm a didn't even occur to me that anything was odd about that picture. I did think it was beautiful though. We've had snow once and it lasted about 2 weeks and as far as I'm concerned that was too long! I really enjoy the snow but I hate the cold. Have you noticed that I'm slightly an extremist ! LOL!

SiouxSue said...

Wow, the weather has changed on us. You all are warmer than we are here in Texas! I love her photo...stunning with the calendar and flower.

Amazing that the cat I drew looks like your kitty! I guess they all have that attitude. I loved you cat story!!

Wendy WaterBirde said...

I just loved this image Terry, and the wonderful story behind it!

A Very Blessed New Year : ) Wendy

Jessica said...

LOL! I didn't get the fact that it was a dandelion growing in January either! Don't feel bad Rachel! I was right with you. I was mainly admiring the pretty picture!

Very lovely picture Terry! Maybe one day Ty will pick dandelions for me too!

Love, Jessica, Ryan, and Ty

Maggie Ann said...

Dear Terry, what a fabulous it!!! =). I would love to see a picture of Katy's dishs and if she remembered what they were called it would be so interesting. I love dishs! & collect Homer Laughlin. Our former Pastor's wife started out her marriage with a set of Virginia Rose and bless her heart, when she knew I was trying to get a little collection started, didn't she pull down hers off the shelf/display and insist I have them. My Mum started out with some Homer L. dishs too but she says we kids broke them all. I always doubted that a bit. My kids never broke ALL of ours..grin. Mums dishs were solid colored and squared edged she said. I never got to see any. But, her grandma had a plate rack around her kitchen wall and it was lined with dishs. Now, I was only about 4 or 5 yrs old back then, but I do remember that! Have a nice day my friend. When I get home I'll be trying to lose this extra 10 lb or so, I've put on with all the Christmas goodies. I like sugary things way too much! by for now...

curious servant said...

Just passing through... on my way to Noel's blog.

If you are interested, I will have a new post about that painting on my blog tomorrow, noon local time.

Terry said...

Dear Curious Servent..On your way to see Noel...How nice!
He is a forever friend of mine!!...

Maggie, I did mangage to take a few pictures and I will try to put them on my blog within the next few days.
Lady Katherine has not been feeling too well lately, and it seems she is losing her hearing. When I left her tonight she had the hockey game on at the top of the volume and it was very ear splitting. Betty is looking after her tonight.

Mrs. Mac,,,They are telling us that snow is finally coming!!So next time instead of sending you pretty flowers, I will be throwing a big snow ball right at YOU!! You better get that Little Gift to protect you because if he is any where near I WON'T throw any snow balls. I will just wait until he is safely in his bed before I attack his snow loving mom!! hee hee!!!

Jessica, you little mother living in a cute white house..Trust me I haven't forgotten you or Rachel or Amanda or Amber or Erica but it seems that the world is spinning too fast these days. I will be over soon to visit all you guys and that little blogger baby, Ty!
Betty took the picture and I think it is really nice!
Jessica, The only kids that pick dandelions for me are the little Sunday school kids and when they do, I put them right on my hat or on my collar. I wear them with pride which is a disgust to some people I am afraid. but to me they are treasures!!
Do you think that littel Ty would pick me one when Peter Pan flies him into Canada again?

Wendy..I haven't forgotten YOU either!! I am thinking what I can dedicate to you on one of these postings. I would NEVER throw a snow ball at you because you weren't singing "Let it Snow. Let it Snow" on your site!

But YOU Susan Adams... If I have any snow left after I have dealt with my friend Mrs. Mac...I will just be sending you a whole truck full of the fluffy white stuff!

Take care everyone...... JammieJ, Morgan Denise, Jel, Sioux, and Susan Walker, my kindred spirit...I pray that you all have a blessed Lord's Day....Love Terry

Wendy WaterBirde said...

Oh no, no snowballs : ( lol. Actually i LOVE snow, I'd just given uo hope for it over the holidays as I love in portland and it barely ever snows here. But if it did I'd be doing a happy dance!

Blessed Epiphany Terry and Blessed New Year : ) Wendy

curious servant said...

Thank you for your kind comment once again!

Now... on to check on Noel...

Noel Lewis said...

This is one beautiful picture. Wish I could tell you it snows here... It doesn't. A scan of the atmosphere here would show tiny little creatures working overtime to keep the conditions unfavorable to any form of snow. If it does snow, you may find pigs in the air.

Jim said...

Thanks, Terry, for the visit tonight and the kind word.
I felt bad that C.S. was going to change his very nice picture partly because of my words about it.
I didn't mean to be critical, I just said the crown of thorns stood out.
Evidently he had been worried it was too predominant himself.
The change looks nice, but I sure am not an art critic.

Again, thanks for the visit. You have a nice blog here and it is well read. Keep up the good work.

Jessica said...

Terry, Ty would be more than happy to pick you any dandelions he can find the next time Peter Pan brings him for a visit!! =) Love from all of us in the little white house! Jessica, Ryan, and Ty