Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Thank You Friends! Thank You Lord!

I wanted to write to each person individually for all the prayers that you have offered up to God for my sister, Betty but I have to go to work shortly and will not be home until about 4 tomorrow, so instead I am sending you a picture of two people who want to thank you very, very much..Bernie and Terry!
We were taking pictures on Sunday as I mentioned in my last post and a young man offered to take a shot of US!
Of course two people can play at that game, so I took a few pictures of him and his little family group.
I will put them on my blog in a couple of days.
I got the man's email address and sent them over to him.

Well I must be going!!

Oh! I almost forgot to tell you.
Betty is just fine and she will need no operation!
Just a little bit of medicine...
She was sent back to Welland at 1 pm and now she is on her way to Rachel's to stay for a few days.
That Welland Hospital just out and out booted HER out!!!
They say they needed the bed for someone who is sick, not somebody that is in such good health as my sister..
Ha!! Little did they suspect that it was because of ALL the prayers that have been going up for Betty, and because of God's mercy that she IS well..


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Anonymous said...

That's wonderful news, Terry! Praise the Lord!

Ramblins of a middle-aged goddess said...

Good news for Betty I would say and for your whole family..good!! Sandy

Lauren-Mary said...

Just thought I would swing by and see how Betty was doing, and I'm happy to hear she's doing much better! The Lord answers prayer...and from the sounds of it, there were a lot of people praying for you and Betty!

Terry said...

Hello there Anonymous...Thanks for stopping by!!
It is surely too bad that you did not find what you were looking for on my blog site.
Sorry I cannot accept your offer though.
I am ALREADY rich!!
I have Jesus as my Saviour, a wonderful family, a loving husband and all these precious friends who write to me and pray for me.
What more can a person ask for?
My cup runneth over!!

Thanks for thinking of me though and please come back!....from Terry

Noel said...

Terry, you have a wonderful, caring heart. Even as you go through your own tough times, you have time to compliment others. Keep smiling and may the sun's rays find you through the gloomy days.

susanwalkergirl said...

Dear, dear Terry,

Praise God for his hand of mercy and comfort and healing upon Betty. For sustaining her and caring for her during this time.

I love the scripture verse from Psalm 94:18-19...I will keep this one handy for the encouragement of others.

You are indeed a blessing to many...and were the hands and feet of Jesus as you cared for Betty.

Lord bless you my friend...you are an inspiration!


Anonymous said...

Hi Terry! I'm so glad to hear about you sister! Cute picture of you and Bernie!
Love, Jessica and Ty

Mrs. Mac said...

Praise the Lord that Betty is recovering so well and so quickly. Thanks for sharing the photos of the lovely autumn countryside.

Saija said...

i'm so glad to hear the good news ... :o)...

blessings on your weekend ... i hope your power didn't go out!

Jessica said...

Hey Terry...I keep visiting looking for new posts! We need some new pics. I always enjoy browsing through your pictures. I got a new photo program for free and it lets me do some really fun things with Ty's pictures. I need to post some new ones that I just took of when my mom and I took Ty for a stroller ride. He ended up falling asleep. It was cute. Even more funny was we saw the cutest little white wooley worm (don't think I've ever seen one before) and a praying mantis (if that's how you spell it) I'll post those too. You'll like em. I wasn't afraid of the work, but the praying mantis moved right when I had gotten down on the ground beside it to take the picture and I jumped and hollered...mom just laughed. Love, Jessica and Ty

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear Miss Betty is home and all is well. You are so right to acknowledge and give credit to the healer. What a wonderful testimony. From your pictures it seems we are (at this moment) having more Fall Colors than Canada. HEY!
With the Joy of Jesus Inside,
Susan Adams

Anonymous said...

Hello Terry! I'm so glad that your sister was kicked out of the hospital! :) haha And I LOVE the fall time pictures you take..I think we need some more. I was just checking in on you, b/c I hadn't heard from you in awhile! Hope you're doing great and get some rest! Love, Amber

Maggie Ann said...

I am so glad to hear the good news that Betty is back home and even has the ok to start back to work!! Yes, God be praised! What a scare you've had.....How wonderful that your sister plays the violin and you play the piano. I enjoyed your comment to me at my blog about the different L.M. Montgomery book characters that played the violin...so nice to remember that. Did you ever read any of Mrytle Reeds' books ..like 'THe Spinner in the Sun'? I used to love those books and need to reread some. Most of them are quaint gems, there was 1 or 2 I didn't like though. One was about a man who played the violin and could never play with passion untill he had a broken heart/romance wise..grin. Another is about a woman whose face was injured in an accident and came back to her old town wearing a black veil over her face...a mystery...she opens up her old home, full of cobwebs. Hey, think I'll go grab that off the shelf and dig in. ....I need to get you in my sidebar, I keep losing track of you till you come by. I'm slow at things...grin. Hope you have a good work shift Terry, and that the Lord blesses you with lots of energy....=)

Maggie Ann said...

Terry, you could right click on my blog page on 'source' and enlarge the view of it...scroll down till you see my sidebar and try copying Blog friends. and go back to your blog ...open your template and paste my stuff in the right place...but delete my 'names' and insert your friends names. Help any? It is confusing...and I'm not keen on getting into the template myself. My son helped me alot. Talk to you later!