Tuesday, October 10, 2006

On Our Way To Hamilton With Betty

Today Rachel and I are on our way to Hamilton at last to be with Betty as she has her angiogram and anything else that she will need.
If all goes well, she should be home later on this evening.
I will let everybody know how things work out and I thank you all again for your prayers....Love Terry

These are a few pictures that we took this Sunday as we were walking along the Welland Canal.
I had quite a few more pictures but the blog kept acting up last night and I just couldn't get them all posted!
Susan I DO have some to send to you but I am running out of time so I will send them maybe tomorrow!!....I have to work a 19 hour shift later on today,

The last two pictures here are taken at our little house...


Maggie Ann said...

Dear Terry, I'm praying this morning for Betty, that God will bring her through all this safly, how precious she is to him, this I know, 'for the Bible tells me so'..smile. I came over though, to thank you for sharing your beautiful testimony...tear filled my eyes as I read it...thank you dear friend, for sharing this. I hope many people read it and it opens the way for Holy Spirit conviction of sin in themselves. I'm thinking of having a post perhaps of just a testimony now and then ..reprinted. Would you mind if I used yours for a reprint? And I would give my own again..just pondering this, a testimony once a month or so? What do you think?....And how do you have the strength to work 19 hours? I can't imagine! *hugs* Maggie

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

I agree with Maggie..how do you have the strength to work 19 hours anyway? I came by to see how Betty is doing. I know you will let us know when you know. I am having a good day so hopefully you are too. Great pictures. Looks like you have a cute home too.

Jessica said...

HEY...you have a cute little white house too! How neat! You better take a long break after working 19hours! That's a LONG time!! I see the Canadian flag in your window! Very neat! I remember the winter olympics quite a few years back when the Canadians wore this really cool red hats...I wanted one just like it...I finally found one very similar at our Walmart and still have it to this day. They were winter hats...maybe I'll take a picture and post it so you can see it. =) Or I guess I could just email it to you. hmm..I don't think I have your email address though. Love, Jessica