Monday, May 31, 2010

Ruby Tuesday Singing For Amrita's Nephew, Abner

for this ruby tuesday, i had an all together different idea for my post but when i returned from sunday school and read a nice comment from my dear friend, amrita who lives in india, i just had to change my intentions.
this handsome little man is amrita's little nephew, abner and it seems he really loves sunday school choruses and so i am going to put some you tube in here, especially for the cute little guy.
how nice that he has decided to wear a red shirt!

this is the photo i meant to put in ruby tuesday, and i will just tell you quickly that this is four of the sunday school children singing, "the colouring book song", which is picked every of their favourites!
notice the sweet little lassie in her pretty yellow dress, holding in her hands the red crayon!

and alas!.the litle red car and bernie have to take the back burner too.
bernie cut his thumb on wednesday, a few days ago and he had to have eleven stiches, and he has been so getting out of a lot of work! he is, washing the little red car as best as he could, using a plant watering can!

and now here are the you tube songs sweet abner...just for you and anybody else who likes to hear the joyful singing of happy boys and girls! terry


Felisol said...

Hello to Terry and young Abner,
Thanks for the sung. I sung it at Sunday school back in the fifties.

That poor Bernie, eleven stitches, and he has to work all the same.
Let the man watch TV and make the garage boy do the work.

P.S. Which pie did he put his thumb in?
Love Felisol

Terry said...

ha! ha! felisol..that guy sit and watch tv??..
even with his sore thumb, he is still a ball of fire, wanting to do this and wanting to do that!..if i had of been thinking yesterday, he could have worn rubber gloves on his hands.
do you notice how he is holding his thumb out for everybody to see?
after all it is HIS job to do the dishes every sunday at dad goldens and gracie and i had to do them!!
he didn't put his thumb into any pie felisol..he put it into a dvd player that he was breaking up for recycle...ouch! hurt, pain and agony!
i am glad that you liked abner's song felisol..i have always loved it and it never grows terry

reg said...

Poor guy I am glad to see his lovely wife came to the rescue and did the dishes with her lovely sister.
It is hard work to baby sit a cut thumb you know and all the anguish it takes to get sympathy that is well earned!!!!!!!!! Washing the car with a watering can is a brilliant idea. I wish I thought of that. Rubber gloves can leak you know !!!!
great post my former baby sitter I loved it as always

Now to do one my self!!

Crown of Beauty said...

My dearest friend, Terry...

Thank you for posting the video of those Filipino boys and girls singing! I know you had me in mind when you did you have always been so thoughtful. Yes you are one thoughtful lady.

I've had a hard time visiting blog friends because when I got back to Bacolod City last month (April 30 return date), my son had decided to put wifi payments last on their bills to pay... and so for a month now, I've had to lug my laptop to starbucks coffee where internet is free unlimited. But you can only stay at a coffee shop for so long...

Well, now my other son First Born gave me a plug in wifi USB and you just buy an internet card to load it up... and it makes things a lot easier for visiting blog friends.

Happy Birthday to Mr. Bernie. So sorry he got that cut on his thumb, hope it will heal really fast. Wise that he doesn't wet it for a while.

Thank you for your friendship, dear Terry.

Lovely post about Abner, and the sunday school children singing the coloring book song! I will download the songs you posted here for Abner, and let my own grandson enjoy them too!

Nice new picture of you too on your profile!


Terry said...

hey you remember the taylor family?..there were nine children in their family.
a few were the ages of you kids, but i never babysat for them..just you and your brothers and sisters.
well, they went to sunday school with us and that 33 miles from rivers to brandon were sure happy times.
we children would sing all the way there and all the way back!
they taught us so many songs that we didn't know. the taylor kids taught us."what a day that will be"
and it is such a nice song!
sonny, did you used to go to the childrens meetings that were held in the trailer almost next door to lils' pool hall?
well if you didn't, and your just living three houses down, i just bet that you could hear all the singing that was going on!
oh the happy days of living in manitoba...just kids and little kids[you and sandra] with no problems...sigh!
glad you are doing such a good job on your blog..i am proud of terry, your very old babysitter!

Terry said...

dear crown of beauty..that is ok..i know that besides all of this that you are a busy little lady.
i WAS thinking of you when i came across this video.
it is such a beautiful, joyous song and who can better sing it than happy children?
bernie is doing alright with his thumb but he is telling everyone that i BIT him!

i am glad that first born will be listening to these choruses..i know he will be clapping and smiling!
i love you crown of beauty.
you are a true terry

Dimple said...

Hi Terry,
I remember these songs! Blessings to you for being a blessing!

Keep Bernie's finger dry!


A 2 Z said...

How lovely! I love hearing children sing! Their voices are so pure! I hope Bernie is feeling better! Thanks for sharing!


Terry said...

hi dimple..yes that bernie will be keeping his thumb dry until thursday when he has the stiches out!!

yes, the golden children grew up singing these songs and we still love them.
years ago when dad golden was a child, he and his twelve brothers and sisters were picked up on a sunday morning and taken to sunday school and dad golden knows the songs too...praying that some day he will know the saviour of the songs that the children are singing about!...god bless you terry

Ann said...

My older girls now in their twenties used to sing I am in th eLord's army, and I taught them Jesus loves the little children.

Thanks for the videos.

Ann said...

You got a brave guy.

On Sunday, I poked my finger whilst opening a pack of prawns. It bled and I needed a plaster. I got my husband to put on a plaster.

He did not say," Oh your finger is bleeding, sit down, and we will have takeaway or two minutes noodles." Which I hope he will say. lol

You see, I am no brave woman, and a rather lazy one. Every now and then I say," My finger still hurts." I don't hear any response.

Amrita said...

Thank you so much TRerry, how sweet and thoughtful of you. I will show them to Abner when he comes in after playing, right now he is out doors.

Hope Bernie 's hand is not hurting.

Jim said...

You do good, Terry, that's for sure! Amrita's son is a cute little guy. He will like this post.

I am sorry that Bernie cut his hand. I forgot to scroll down to see how he did it. Guess he made the trip to the ER. Did you drive him?

Happy RT!

Jim said...

Bernie, I sang to you last week on Terry'r Ruby Tuesday. It was the day before your Big BDay. So,

Happy Birthday, Bernie!
Happy Birthday, Bernie!
Happy Birthday, Bernie!
Happy Birthday, Bernie!
Happy Birthday, Bernie!
Happy Birthday, Bernie!
Happy Birthday, Bernie!
Happy Birthday, Bernie!
Happy Birthday, Bernie!
Happy Birthday, Bernie!
Happy Birthday, Bernie!
Happy Birthday, Bernie!
Happy Birthday to you!

I sang on last week's blog but will put it on here to do it up right. I hope you enjoyed your Big BDay! Wow, you are stil young!

I am sorry that you cut your finger. How did it happen? Here is to getting it better real fast.

Bernie, you are a good sport. Terry has you in a lot of her pictures and we all enjoy seeing what you are doing.
Do you censure what Terry puts on of you? A lot of spouses do, I won't mention names.

Again, Happy Birthday, Bernie!

Dimple said...

Hi Terry,
I guess you found some time alone with the computer...

I can't remember that I have ever sniffed the Oregon grape blossoms--isn't that silly? They don't really become grapes, but they have berries. It is a low growing shrubby plant with leaves that remind me of holly. It grows wild around here, but there are domesticated varieties.

Thanks for coming by, it's good to hear from you!

Love, Dimple

Marice said...

that is really sweet! ;) Happy birthday to Bernie and I hope that cut will heal really fast!

u may view mine here

♥ Kathy said...

oh, I'm sorry Bernie got hurt! I hope he's doing better now! I loved the videos...and love you Terry *hugs*

Anonymous said...