Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Ruby Red Birthday Meal


last sunday after gospel meeting my niece, rachel had all the family that she could gather, over to her house for her dad's birthday.
i had volunteered to make scalloped potatoes and a huge pan of meatballs, while rachel made a large shepherds pie.
hmmm...those meatballs make for a nice ruby tuesday, eh?

and so do those chicken balls with the nice ruby sauce!

This is the birthday boy, john with two of his sons, little john and ryan.
i had wanted to take a whole family picture of betty and john and the five children but one of the boys, matthew had to be at work.

this vegetable platter with the ruby red cherry tomatoes was brought in by betty...a creation of costco's'!

here is the golden and belzner clan gathered around the table..there is enough food to go around for sure.
rachel is quite the plate collector and hanging on the wall behind john and sister gracey is rachel's ruby red tuesdays plate collection
do any of the plates look familiar to you?...ha!




and MORE gang!!!!

this little guy in the red sweater is just a period at the end of a long sentence!

oh well, he solaces himself with one of great auntie's meatballs.

my baby sister, karen just loves betty's little doggie, and so does ivy, our soon to be great niece.
that is one red collared spoiled doggie!

betty is talking to leona who has been a part of the family for about thirty years.
she came all dressed in different shades of red and she was just a perfect model photo for ruby tuesday.

john with his usual red checked flannel shirt did for a good picture for this special day too.
rachel, his eldest child is spoiling that furry fluff again!

sitting with rachel is lena who is gracey's eldest child and who is the mother of jordan, the little meatball boy...the boy who is the period at the end of a long sentence!

this is such a great shot.
betty who is the eldest child in the golden family looks into the eyes of pretty karen who is dad and mom golden's' youngest child.
karen was born in my beloved manitoba and i have always envied her of this.
after all, i am a prairie girl and will always be a prairie girl even though i wasn't BORN a prairie girl.
karen is 42 and she looks 18!

now THIS is not a pretty sight!
brother gary made the bad mistake of sitting beside the photographer, and look what it has cost him!
i mean the guy should be ashamed of himself, eh?
his socks are in a need of a serious darning....oh my what ugly toes you have my dear!

this is the guy!
gary is standing with his grandson, andrew.
i must say he sure doesn't look very happy with his sister!
well it serves him right.
when i was only ten, and he was only seven, he took my chain necklace and ran off with it.
i chased him until i caught him and i had him on the ground.
"give me back that necklace you!"
"well, terry is is too late!"
that brat had popped my cherished necklace into his mouth and swallowed it!!
well you see whenever, even after 49 years i can get even with him ,i do!
there will be a whole lot of people looking at his ugly toe nails...Ha!!!

i love this little guy, andrew.
he is nothing like his grampa!!

this thursday, i took mom golden to see her sister aunt marion and we went to wendy's.
aunt marion had some pretty red flowers on her jacket and so i thought i would just put her in my ruby tuesday post.

two sisters who are the best of friends after almost 80 years.
this is the senior citizen building that aunt marion lives in.

well happy ruby tuesday everybody.....god bless you.....love terry


Jim said...

Hi Terry, this is a very nice RT post. Happy RT Day!
When I saw your brother gary's foot picture I thought it was in a cast with the toe sticking out. Thanks for the explanation.
I am glad Mom Golden got to visit and eat with her sister. I don't know what you eat there but my regular order there is a small chocolate frosty, a $1.00 crispy chicken sandwich with no mayo, and a glass of water.
I always ask for the water and some BBQ sauce when I pick up my order. It is too bad, but just a lot of Burger Kings are now charging for their water and I WILL NOT PAY FOR WATER out of the faucet.
Oh yes, the kids are taking the cans, I just told them about it last night. I changed your comment because they are nice kids and do like to have family things. The offer had been made and I hadn't hear when I wrote the blog. I will change it now.
Thank you for you concer. And yes, but I think they will (they should) out live the pets. :-)
Our U.S. Wendies give seniors a 10% discount on the entire order that they are paying for. I doubt they would charge for water, ever; and
I may start calling your family the TERRY BUNCH, they seem to eat more than the JIM BUNCH does!

Marie Reed said...

What a fabulous time! I'm starving now:)

donna said...

Your gathering of clan is similar to what mine looks like..lots of people and food!!!!.all the food looks delicious...Did Betty change her hairstyle...she looks wonderful! and you my friend...look as beautiful as ever....thanks for the great post...Hi to Mom Golden

love and hugs

srp said...

What a wonderful family get together... it is so hard these days to get everyone all together in one place at one time...
And a lot of beautiful red!

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
Did you ever count how many took part in that birthday celebration?
I'm lost. You simply are too many.
I will remember your brother Gary with the toenail and necklace though.
He's a toughie.
The food looked delicious,just like I would expect. Meatballs are your favorites??
I suspect you to plan the Menu suitable for Ruby Tuesday.
Placing teach Mary on the wall plates was a clever trick.
Well done!
What I should like to know is how do you keep calm enough to make photographs in those surroundings?

We were celebrating Gunnar's sister this Sunday. I took two pictures after we got out.
Likewise at the school reunion. I get so busy talking, I forget to click.

I sure am a lousy multitasker.
Even forgot to take pictures when we were in Sauda recently.
Serina stays with my mother for some weeks. Helps her with gardening, doctors and so on.
They get along so well.
From Felisol

Terry said...

dear felisol, let me give you the download of how many people were there at rachel's.
the birthday boy john and betty and their four kids, rachel, little john, ryan and amy....6
gracey and her children lena, eric,[marie], and her grandson, jordan....5
bad toughie gary and his grandson, andrew.....2
of course the bernardo and me...2
baby sister, karen....1
teddy's boy jeffery and his girl friend pretty little ivy...2
good friends of the family leona, and sandy...2
one little white belzner doggie, katy....1
three of rachel's dogs...daisy, dd and columba....3
and last but certainly not least, the cause of this whole big crowd...great gramma, gramma, mom golden!...1

yes indeed my bestest friend...it was a small crowd only 21 people and 4 doggies!.......love terry

felisol, i usually take most of my pictures sitting now because if i start to run around, i am sure to fall on someone and squish them to death!!..ha

mr. jim, that is way too funny thinking that gary's foot had a cast on it!
they don't charge for water at any of the fast food places in canada. and we do get a 10 per cent discount at wendy's where mom golden usually has a coffee and baked potatoe.

marie, i visited your blog and i will go back again.
you have so many interesting post cards!

aw donna, you already know that you are part of the golden family.
maybe this summer after your daughter's wedding, we will get together again, eh?

srp...thanks for your kind words...i will come and see you this evening.

thank you, you guys.

Trish said...

Terry...this looks like one of my family gatherings!!! There is a whole gang of us Musser's. And I bet it's just as loud and boisterous too!
I was rolling with laughter when you caught Gary's toe on film...just like a big sister to get even...I know and certainly understand, cause I am the oldest of the 8 Musser children.
Great Ruby Tuesday, Sister...

Dianne said...

what an amazing collection of photos
beautiful people, beautiful place
lovely food
and pets and kids too!!

Amrita said...

Y 'll are painting the town-house red in that party. Great stuff.

Aunt Terry andhe 2 grandma 's look special.

I love meatballs too.

We make spicey curried meatballs.

Sonia made some for me. I had the last one yesterday.

Crown of Beauty said...

Hi Terry,
Thanks for this RT post with all the pictures and stories! It is fun getting to meet some more of your family... obviously everybody's having a good time.

Yes, my birthday is on March 27. I turned 56 this year.

Am happy to be joining the Scarf Sisters. I must begin planning what I will do when the scarf gets here. Oh, but what a long way to travel! Hope it arrives here safely!

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Happy Birthday to John. May he have many more blessed and abundant birthdays to come. Those photos of delectable food sure made me hungry. I just noticed that the dining table was short just like the Japanese and Korean tables and those eating around the dinner table were sitting on the floor. Love those photos. They tell a lot of stories by themselves. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

Mrs. Mac said...

Well that does beat all, Miss Terry. The holy sock with the toe stickin' out ... I thought it was someone's prosthetic foot that had come off the end of a leg ... oh my ;) There must have been fifty or sixty people packed in for the b/d gathering. I must say, Mom Golden and her sister looked mighty pretty for the camera ... you too! When you guys throw a party... you THROW A PARTY!

Blessings to you and the gang.

oma aka meme said...

that looks like so much fun and yes sock it to that toeful guy. the boy who is a friend to Miss Ashley tends to wear socks like that and so far- she is not doing any mending--(wink)
thanks for sharing this good story- hugs from Meme