Tuesday, September 08, 2009

A Flowing Fountain On A Sunny Ruby Tuesday


Mary the teach!

on our way home today after taking mom golden to the blood clinic, bernie and i spotted a fire hydrant just gushing out clear water.
we turned the little red car around, so we could snap a few pictures.

oh that fountain of water...it was sure cleaning up the sidewalks and the side of the road!

it went around and around..

until all of a sudden it was aimed at these men who surely did need a good cleaning!

it reminded bernie and me of this verse..

and THIS song

god bless you this lovely sunny ruby tuesday....love terry


♥RocĂ­o♥ said...

☼¨`*•.♥AWESOME SHOTS♥.•*¨`☼
Thanks for sharing!
Have a Lovely♥Day!
To view my Ruby Tuesday you can visit my kiddos blog @
See ya!☺!

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
Yiu sure know how to seize the moment.
Just promise me, you didn't turn on that water fountain yourself?
Stunning report & pictures.
From Felisl

Dianne said...

I love the scenes of water streaming out
good catch!!

Terry said...

dear felisol..
no i didn't but i won't tell you who did.
let's put it this way,
there were three of us at the scene,
bernie, me and the little red car.
i didn't turn it on.
bernie didn't turn it on.
and that's all i am saying!!
[anything for a picture even if it is in the background]!

thanks rocio.
i had others plans for my ruby tuesday post but i just couldn't pass this up, especially when it reminded me of my second favourite hymn...

hi dianne...what a catch for sure, eh?
dianne...it fell right into my lap!
the city workmen were giving me real strange looks but i didn't care.
i just jumped out of that little red car and started snapping!
i think that bernie pretended he never knew me....but oh well!
thanks for dropping by!
....love terry

passing-thru said...

Hmm --- Terry and her camera -- and now U have Bernie doing CRAZY THINGS TOO

Blessings Terry , Bernie and "LET'S BLAME IT ON THE LITTLE RED CAR"

byhisgracealone said...

I'm voting we blame it on the car....yessireeeeee....

blessings Terry and you too Bernie

Amrita said...

Red riding Hood must have smiled too.

That 's right the blood of Jesus cleanses us from all sin.

Jim said...

Terry, did your little red car turn that hydrant on! Shame, shame.
If I were you I'd not drive on the sidewalk anymore, you could have broken that thing off and it would have been shooting water straight up!
Happy RT, I won't tell either. I have the new granddaughter on again, she was seven months (now eight) in that picture.

Mrs. Mac said...
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Mrs. Mac said...

Just imagine what that gushing water would look like if it were in the middle of WINTER Miss Terry (ooop, did I mention winter .. sorry .. it's still officially summer.) But you know, our friend, unnamed for the moment, mentioned something about liking snow. Yes, check out her words here:


You have a nice end of summer rest because you might need some energy once the snow (ball) flies.

Warmest Hugs,

Constance said...

Growing up in the inner city, I remember the firemen turning the hydrants on for us kids to cool off! Who knew playing in the street's gutters could be so fun!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

When pure water flows
all the dirt is washed away—
at least for a while!

My Ruby Tuesday

Terry said...

now passing-thru..how did you ever figure that one out...that the little red car turned that water hydrant on?

yes donna..i am afraid to say you guessed the guilty party too.
like i said ..that little red car would do anything to get into a picture!

hi amrita!...bernie just loves the way that you call the little red car,"red riding hood" and you know what ,the only reason it was smiling is for the camera.
it was saying, "cheese"!

yes jim..it is really lucky it didn't get caught..
after all..we sure don't have the money to bale the guy out!
i will come and see the babe grandpa jim but i sure hope that you have posted a picture of my niece, adi too..!

mrs. mac...just you never mind reminding me of the cold winter weather!! not a pretty sight!

connie...yes, quite often we see on the american news, that on the very hot days, they turn the fire hydrants on for the kids..
so nice to see the happy children having so much fun and so much laughter!

hi magical...thank you once again for a nice little poem.
you are so right that water does make the outside of a person clean for just a little while.
i am just so thankful for the fountain of blood that once the blood of jesus cleansed my heart from sin that my heart will be clean forever!
thanks for your poem....love terry

twilightev said...

It took me a great deal of time to finally get this to work for me. I wanted to offer my condolances on the loss of such a beautiful lady.
She lived to love and had that love returned to her ten fold. The sorrow felt with her passing will be felt by so, so, many as she was a wonderful Mom, Grandmom and Greatgrand mom, an beloved sister to Aunt Edna who loved her so so much,she was an aunt to so many who shared that love. The loss here on earths is heavens gain as her blind eyes looked upon the face of her heavenly father and loved ones gone before.
The tears of sorrow shed for her will help to wash away the greaf of this loss. So cry for her as you must and then rejoice at the fact that she was who she was. One who gave her love and lived her life for her family. Love Evelyn