Sunday, May 20, 2007

A Visit With Aunt Marion

Yesterday just before I picked my mother up to take her to see her sister, Marion, I spotted this butterfly on my porch, so I just had to snap a picture of the lovely creature!
It is so rare that a butterfly favors us with a visit in the city!
We were surprised to see that Aunt Marion had company.
Two of her little great grandsons were there to brighten up her day a little.

Here Gramma Horton rocks her great grandchild and I think the little guy is quite enjoying the attention!

Mom and Aunt Marion are looking at old pictures and telling me which ones they want me to scan and print out for them, while the baby looks on.

There are certainly a lot of pictures!

Aunt Marion gave Mom a nice bouquet of carnations.
They are very pretty but not as pretty as my mother!

This young man is one of three grandchildren of Aunt Marion's, who is a soldier.
I put the Canadian flag up for Aunt Marion as this Monday is Victoria Day.

The picture in Aunt Marion's lap is one that was taken of one of her grandsons who was in Afghanistan.
He was fortunate to be picked to stand beside our former Prime Minister Chretien, who was over visiting the troops.

THIS picture makes me laugh!
Every Saturday morning that we go to MacDonald's, Bernie orders two senior coffees and one burnt English muffin.
The poor kids almost set the kitchen on fire every time Bernie comes in and the smoke doesn't clear for an hour!
In Bernie's own words, "This is a work of art!!"
Bernie reads "Wheels" every week but there is no way that I want to ever give up my little red car, so I tell him that he better be satisfied to just window shop!!
End of story!


Corry said...

The butterfly pic is beautiful!
It looks like you had a good visit and everyone enjoyed each other's company :-)
I think it's so sweet of you to scan and print pics. I can imagine it means alot to them.
Now, don't tell me you actually are eating those burned muffins?!

God's Grace.

Terry said...

Good Morning Corry..
No I don't eat them!!
That "Burnie"does.
Ha! He loads them with honey and peanut butter. eats them and washes them down with black coffee..

Have a blessed day...Love Terry

Jim said...

Hi Terry -- I'm glad you and your mom got to go visit your aunt. The only aunts I have anymore are my age. My grandafather remarried and had another family.
Does your McDonalds not give refills on those senior coffees? I have one senior coffee and three refills!
Hi Merle -- You have the goo nres and the bad news. Good you aren't needing cataract surgery. Bad, unless we think of the alternative, that you are getting older.
We are getting an early release from our jail and will be home towards the end of the week, at Newark, NJ, tomorrow.

Susie said...

I'm sure your Aunt Marion enjoyed the visit and how sweet that you'll be scanning some pictures for her!
I couldn't get those burnt English muffins down. Mine have to be just lightly browned!!

Hebrews 11:1 said...

Dear Mrs. S.,

May God richly bless you for taking such good care of your elderly relatives! I do all I can for my elderly neighbors and my grandparents, but I'm still never satisfied. It bothers me to see an elderly lady go carrying home too many groceries all by herself, or shoveling in a blizzard...I try to help out as much as possible, but I have learned that one must earn their trust, if they are to let one help them. And then there is my elderly grandma who lives over a thousand miles away...

That is a painted lady butterfly. In my younger years I was an avid insect hunter and keeper. I have a photo of that kind on my fence when I was 10.

I can relate to your husband who looks through a scetion of the paper that may not be of the most relevant info...I have my favorite section in Saturday's paper to look at, and my sister says, "WHY ARE YOU LOOKING AT HOMEFRONT AGAIN? You AREN'T GOING TO BUY A HOME anytime soon?!" I don't know, it's just interesting!

Good-bye for now. I'm sure they'll be a reason to write again, soon enough. Oh, yes--Thank you for taking that joke with stride! I was afraid you might not have a sense of humor...I was relieved when little sis said that you asked about McDonald's.

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
You certainly are one of God's empathic web working angles.
You're creating a warm and beautiful web of friends, relatives and animals where youre living, and have the capacity to do the very same thing on the internet.
I'm so lucky to have met you.
Just now times are rough, as my father had a brain stroke on the left brain half. He all paralyzed, cannot speak or swallow, not even move his head.
My mother and I visit him on shifts, we are allowed to stay as long as we want to, and that's a blessing. He 's got a bed in a mini hospital in my, and his birth town, only eleven patients for the nurses to take care of. That's kind of a blessing too. They're warm, considerate and as my birth town only has 5000 inhabitants, it's kind of close and personal too.
Nevertheless my father is in great pain, and we love him so helplessly much. So little can be done. We try to hug and stroke him, massage his skin, sing, read from his Bible (with all the underlinings and personal remarks made by him as he was reading. He always was a systematic reader. Read the whole Bible 34 times before his brain haemorrage.)
On my iPod I've collected old redemtion songs, Norweigian and English. Old rugged cross, Rock of ages and and cuople hundreds of his favourites. I play them soflt in ears, and see his face relaxes a bit.
We all so much respect life, and awaite for God to collect him in his time. Meanwhile we're just doing our best. Thanks for remembering us in your prayers.
It means a real big difference.
Yours Fel

jel said...

hi Terry !

very nice pictures

hope all is with ya!


Maggie Ann said...

Dear Terry, you must have the most wonderful family times together. Our family is not close like yours. And there aren't many of us either. I've enjoyed seeing your pictures. Is that really a burnt muffin? I thought it was some sort of yummy blueberry

Jeanette said...

Your mom and Aunt Marion look like they really enjoyed your visit.

Not sure I'd enjoy "Burnie's" little snack at all. Blech!

Arlene said...

Hi Terry, wonderful pictures of your Mom and Aunt. How nice is that? Have a wonderful day. Glad you got to enjoy your family! Precious baby too!

Amber said...

WEll Hello there Terry!
I read your comment on Jessica's blog i believe it was... said yo uwas having problems posting comments..was wondering just where you had gone these days! haha I posted abunch of new pictures on mine today also.
Your pictures of beautiful also. Looks like you and your family are very close and looks like you had a great time with them all. Also one thing i noticed was in one of the pictures there are pictures EVERYWHERE on the walls in the background!! I just love pictures. My mom's walls are starting to look like that ALREADY and our kids are the FIRST grandkids! funny huh? there are 4 more of her kids to get married!! haha!
Have a great week!
Hugs from Amber and the kids..and don't forget our velcro!

Hebrews 11:1 said...

Dear Mrs. S.,

I thought I'd come over to your site to write you instead of the Pilgrim's...hey, did you notice we both posted a comment at 1:10 yesterday...and, as usual, yours got there first! :)
My sister said she's tired of the silly river joke, but I like it, which means I must be going crazy like some other bloggers I know. Well, at least it's not about cats, although if you and your husband do get washed up this way, he'll have plenty of cats here, so he should like it--minus the burnt muffin. We make breakfasts here, we don't eat out! We go to Ottawa to eat at Kelseys --even though there is one just up the street from us. Oh right, we go to Ottawa to go sightseeing, Kelseys is just the extra bonus.
As for turing up music at a traffic light, I have a frind who blares her classical music in traffic jams just to annoy people. I don't blame you or her...when my parents and younger siblings are out, I open the livingroom windows (providing the temp. allows for that), and turn on my favorite tape REAL LOUD in the livingroom. I might stay on the other side of the house, but occasionally I peek out front to see who's passing by. Or if I see someone coming I might fast forward/rewind to an appropriate song for them. Oh, right, when it's a day when all the neighbors are outside, I open the kitchen windows, too, on the back side of the house, and turn on either another CD in the kitchen, or turn up the cassette in the other room EVEN LOUDER. And this is someone who has excellent hearing because of always listening to tapes or the radio on my walkman on a very low volume! I figure if I blast music a few days a year just so someone can hear the good news, it can't hurt my ears that much...

May God bless your day with His goodness. And if you haven't looked at the Pilgrim's blog, yet, you better go see the story he put up (don't worry, I already commented)'s going to make you cry!

The Little Pilgrim Pal

Pat said...

What sweet, sweet pictures. Your family has so much love, it's a joy to see how you all care for one another.
About that burned breakfast - if it makes him happy, that's all that matters - right!?

susanwalkergirl said...

My dearest Terry...what a beautiful butterfly! Springtime at the arboretum is where I find butterflies in abundance.

Hummm...not too sure on that burnt muffin thing. I guess it depends what you put on it. Some butter and jam could make it right yummy.

Great pictures from visiting your

Blessings dear one...Susan