Friday, May 25, 2007

Happy Birthday Bernie

You are 58 today Bernie!
Here is one of my favorite pictures of you.

Didn't my little sisters have the biggest crush on you!!

As a matter of fact so did I, and you know what?
I still do have the biggest crush on you!!

I always liked this picture too.

I found it tonight in one of our old photo albums.

This was taken by Gary, remember, in Ottawa just before Betty and I left to go to St Catharines.

You were very important, mind you Bernie but when our family moved , well we just had to follow them and a year later you followed us!!

Hey do you remember Bernie that they welcomed you with opened arms...especially my little sisters and Mom ?

Do you remember that we used to almost live in these photo booths?
We have literally hundreds of these pictures!!
Such a good deal too.
Four for a quarter!

Ha! These are two partners in crime.
You and your best friend, Gary who just happens to be my brother.
I will be forever grateful that he brought you home one day, the first day that I met you!
It is so nice that you are still friends and you know that he never forgets your birthday and he will be phoning tomorrow.
This year our friends Felisol and the little Montreal Pilgrim Pals beat him to the draw and they even beat me to the draw!

Well when I met you , the two of you became the three of us and then when Betty came along, it was the four of us!
Always together!
Unfortunately, I have so many boxes of pictures that I just can't find the ones with us "Four Musketeers"...maybe when I find them I'll put them on another post!

Bernie, the nicest thing that you ever did for me was to take me back to my beloved Manitoba for a visit FIVE times!
Remember that you said you were not speeding?
Well, my dear, I took this picture of your speedometer and here is your proof!!
You surely were a little heavy on the foot, eh?
Or I should have said, in the case of a motorcycle that you were heavy on the hand!

We were just starting out from home in this picture.

Bernie, I think Betty took this picture just before we hit the highways on our way west!

You just think you are the coolest thing, eh sitting on that motorcycle?

Bernie, I will never forget the day when we drove out of Ontario and finally reached Manitoba!
Do you remember how I started to sob and you were no help at all in the situation because when I looked at you, YOU were crying too!!
"What's the matter with you?"
" I don't know. I think that I am feeling so happy!
This is the first time that I have been outside of Ontario, and it is so beautiful."

Bernie, you took me right to where I used to live!
I had never been to a dance in my life but I sure felt like dancing THAT day!!
And dance, I did!!
I will ever be grateful to you for that Bernie!
It is so tragic that all of these houses are torn down now and the air force is no longer there.

Well, here is what you look like now Bernie.
You don't even look 58!
I wish though that you did!!
I am just getting so frustrated that everyone thinks that I am your mother instead of your wife!
Right now you are on the night shift working but when you get home, I hope that you will look at this post.
If I had to do it all over again, Bernie, I would still have picked you to be my soul mate!
I am so glad that you were saved in 1970, one year before we got married.
I loved you when I met you and I love you even more today...Love Terry


rrbj said...

Wow Bernie you are one lucky man ! All of this sweet stuf shared -- MAN you don't even need a birthday cake much less Ice Cream ! These Happy Birthday wishes are from So. Ga. and wishing you many more. Blessings to you and Terry and wishing you a happy memorial day weekend ! Ron. [ PS ] I might even take her off the mean list now ?

Prayingsensfaninmonreal said...

Happy Birthday Mr.Shirkie!!
May God richly bless you this year and allways.
From: Prayingsensfaninmonreal

Mrs. Mac said...

I'd say that's a great trip down memory lane. Happy birthday Bernie ... you sure have one sweet wife. You must have been good to each other over the years ... she still adores you!

Jeanette said...

What great memories you have together! Happy Birthday, Bernie! :)

SiouxSue said...

What a wonderful tribute to your wonderful husband. God blessed you with someone who has shared his life with you. God has blessed me in the same way.

Happy Birthday, Bernie! May God be with you and bless you all the days of your life.

--Sue and Raf

Bill Scott, Sr. said...

Wow, that is so cool. I wish you the best and many many more years of happiness.

Susie said...

Happy Birthday to Bernie,
Terry this is just the sweetest and most loving tribute I've read in so long.
You two are so blessed to have each other!!

David Warren Fisher said...


Happy Birthday, you old man! Just kidding! Sure was nice to read what Terry said about you. Can I believe it all?

Some Saturday morning I'm going to surprise you and come into McDonald's in Welland for a coffee.

Have a great day!

Lots of love,

The Pilgrim Pal

Jim said...


Wow! You guys have been married almost forever if he is that old!


I had a Honda CB 450 when Mrs. Jim and I got married. She was very naive back then, I taught her the practical way--not falling off, though--of what 'hang on' means on that bike.

Pat said...

Happy Birthday Bernie!
You have one adorable wife who loves you dearly!
I loved looking at these pictures - they are priceless, just like your love for one another.
Wishing you many many more happy years. Just like the old song we used to sing in church....
may you find Jesus near, every day of the year!

donna said...

Happy Birthday Bernie ....Terry such a sweet sweet birthday present you gave him....many blessings to you both


dRaGoNfLy WiNgS said...

BLESSED BIRTHDAY Bernie!!! And many, many many more to come. :D

Terry, those are amazing pictures. You have, once again, put a huge smile on my face with your posting.

Have a blessed weekend!

Maggie Ann said...

What a wonderful Birthday post! Happy Birthday Bernie! I enjoyed seeing your are both so good looking..and what a special love story..=).

G~ said...

well my goodness! happy birthday to bernie!! :)

what an awesome post/tribute to your hubby, terry! very very sweet.

i popped over here from claire's. your comment there made me curious so i came for a visit.

and very glad that i did! :D



Noel Lewis said...

Wow! What a tribute.
Bernie, where can I find me a woman who'll stand by her man no matter what --- like you got there.
May y'all be blessed with many more wonderful years together.
Happy Birthday, Bernie.

jel said...

sorry I missed your bday Bernie!
hope ya had a good one!

that was sweet! Terry! :)

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
what a wouderful couple the two of you make.
You could model for an angle any time, and Bernie with a smile like a million dollars could run for president tomorrow.
Hope you'll have a wonderful Pentecost.

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
my father is not exactly allright, he's slowly dying. But he's being treated really well after that doctor had to back off.
he's getting i.v., painkillers, nursed in the very best way. We, the family are allowed to visit day and night, and they even serve us meals.
I play his hymns and classical favourites on the iPod, and yesterday and the day before Gunnar showed him family videos on his Mac. He seemed to enjoy, but we don't know for sure.
I feel I've learnt a lot from my father all of my life, and these last weeks have been packed with
important details, both what love and ethics are concerned.
It is a gift to ease the burdon and be allowed to follow the man I cherish so highly on his last few miles.
I cry a lot, but without bitterness, and we laugh and dwell on good memories as well.
I receive valuable help from your prayers. could not have done it without.
That's also an important lesson.
In the end it's the Bible, the hymns and the praying that one clings to.
The other stuff becomes totally unimportant.
And the warmth and support from relatives, friends and my wonderful internet friends.
Thanks again.

susanwalkergirl said...

Happy Birthday Bernie!

Terry...what a beautiful loving tribute to your beloved Bernie. What a handsome couple you are...precious souls to so many and to The One who brought you together.

Blessings dear kindred spirit...Susan

Saija said...

i love this little birthday tribute you did ... my walk down memory lane with you and Bernie was fun!!! hope Bernie had the best of birthdays!

Lord bless you both!

p.s. the only thing that has changed on you Terry, is the hair colour - you still have the same lovely face! i would DEFINITELY NOT mistake you for Bernie's mom!

Pilot Mom said...

A Happy Birthday to you, Bernie! May you and Terry celebrate many, many more! :)

Terry, G~ is having problems with her site not letting people comment on her posts. She has been trying to get it resolved for a very loooong time. Somewhere on her blog she has her email addy and we just have to email her. She so looks forward to getting emails (who doesn't;) so, if you get some time drop her a line. You will make her day.

Hebrews 11:1 said...

Dear Mrs. S.,
Happy Memorial Day. Good for you with your flag out! I had a busy and exciting weekend, (well, I had a half-hour of sorrow one evening but that passed) and I checked out the Pilgrim's blog as soon as I could this morning. My first thought was, "WHERE IS THE LEADING COMMENTATOR'S COMMENTS?!" I hope you have had a good weekend. It is not like you to go so long without commenting on the Pilgrim's blogs, unless he told you to be quiet and let everyone else speak :) or maybe you were out painting the town red (which would be a good color, considering tonight's hockey game) or you were still thinking about how you will answer the Pilgrim's Never Before list... I hope you had a blessed Sunday.
I've been wanting to comment here, but have not had the time 'till today. That photo of you in Manitoba reminded me of Little House on the Prairie. Those books were treasures here in my family years ago, and we watched a few shows on TV, too. My sister even had a dress that she called her "Prarie dress"!
We spent a day in Ottawa, and it was AMAZING! The city is decked in flags, though it does not compare with Little Italy during last year's World Cup, or our area during the previous Euro knock on Ottawa -hey, maybe we were not where the party really is- but you have to come to Montreal to see what showing your colors is really all about. I think it is just very fine there, very civil..I don't know the word. It is like Westmount here. Last year during the World Cup of Soccer, Italians would honk at each other at the stop signs, there were flags ALL OVER, and whenever we gave someone the thumbs up with a particular flag on their car, they would honk back! My little siblings gave many in Ottawa the thumbs up, and got a blank stare in return. Oh, well, too bad we couldn't go there a week or two later. I'm sure the atmosphere will be even better. We counted 140 Sens flags (plus numerous Canadian car flags), and there was a huge inflated Sens ball on a building near Parliament, and a huge Sens poster on another building. We also saw 3 people wearing Fisher t-shirts, and my sis and I grinned at eachother. Oh right, and your favorite little Montreal girl was wearing red...I opted out.
Whew, I'm out of breath, and I still need to write the Big Fish. Have a blessed day in the Lord!

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
sorry to hear about your father. I thought, when you wrote about his doctor's appointment in June, that it was a long time to wait for him. Then I'm always tend to be a busybody and interfer when I shoild not...I wonder though, don't you have kind of an emergency doctor's help for people with your father's condition. I mean, he's dizzy, he's falling. That might be ceveral symptoms indicating fast treatment.
Well you might at least perhaps call a doctor to get his opinion.
Being a 49er means one's sandwiched between the elder and the young one's problems. Not much sparetime. Sorry to tear about two funerals in so short time. Canser patients at least get time to sought out their past and future. I don't think many in that situation rejects God's hand. I think a cry for God is enough. He's the saviour, we're mere receivers of his amazing grace.
My father weakens more and more, but he is ready and has been longing to meet his creator for quite some time.
I shall miss him deeply, though.

Anonymous said...

May I add a late birthday greeting to Bernie? I've so enjoyed your trip down Memory Lane. Bernie is almost as old as my old man, who will be 59 in November. And, no way do you look like his mother! P looks very young for his age, too.

jel said...

where are ya sunshine?

hope all is well!


Hebrews 11:1 said...

Good day, Mrs. S.,

I thought you'd like to know that my sister loves the name you've given her so much, you should see how she signed her comment on the Pilgrim's blog about last night's game (she just accidentally misspelled your name by hitting the wrong key). She asks me all the time, "How does she know how tall I am when she calls me little?" How right you should see my short, slim sister. I hope you two can meet one day face-to-face, because you'd get along so well!

May the Lord grant you strength for this day, and those to come...

Hast thou not known? hast thou not heard, that the everlasting God, the LORD, the Creator of the ends of the earth, fainteth not, neither is weary? there is no searching of his understanding. He giveth power to the faint; and to them that have no might he increaseth strength. Even the youths shall faint and be weary, and the young men shall utterly fall: But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint. -Isaiah 40:28-31

Praying for you,
the lil pilgrim pal who never imagined missing your comments so much!

Terry said...

Dear Hebrews 11:1.
How amazing is THAT?
I just got home and I was checking my blog and trying to figure out how to delete that advertsing comment and after that...there you were!!

The reason that I am a little sad is for the relatives of the two people that passed away.
Mr. Shirkie and I just got home from the funeral
We went to the legion aftewards for the visiting of the family.
I think that is so important to do
I was sad to see my dad there.
He goes to the legion every day accept for Sunday and I just wish that he wouldn't.
It is not doing his heart or his soul any good..

Well I have to be off again Lil pilgrim pal.
I just got a call from a guy whose mom is in the hospital with a broken hip and he wants me to go and see her.
Maybe this evening I will get caught up on my blogging and perhaps put in a new post about Dad's exciting Sunday..

It WOULD be nice to meet the little Montreal girl but it could never be face to face. She is so little that I would have to be looking down on her!!

God bless you both...from Pigrim Pal Terry

PS..Dad just called me on the phone and he told me he is home from the legion for which I am happy..

Hebrews 11:1 said...

Hey, Sunshine! (I like that name) Just got your note, and glad that you can catch up now...also saw your comment at the Pilgrim's and responded there...and sister says she's 5'2''...not THAT short...I'm guessing you're around my mom's height.
What do you mean about the legion? Sorry for my ignorance!

May God bless your day with His SonShine!

Lil Pilgrim pal, who will soon be so busy (Lord willing) that very little time will be available to blogscotch (did we make up that word, or has someone else coined it?)due to upcoming photography work...

Terry said...

Now Hebrews 11:1,
Jel is "Sunshine"!

The Legion is a hall that belongs to the miltary; the air force, army and navy men who have served their country.
My dad was in the air force for several years.
It is a good organization but they have a bar where retired guys quite often go to for a few hours.
Dad drinks and this I think is not good for him...
One good thing though is that my dad respected my mom so much while we were growing up that he has never brought alchol into the house, for which I am truly grateful.

Take care now...I must be trying to put in another post or that David Fisher's new forman will be getting after me, not to mention that the boss, himself will be doing the same thing!!...From Mrs.S pilgrim pal..

Hebrews 11:1 said...

Dear Mrs. S.,

I opened your blog up about half an hour ago, and saw a new post...but then my sister wanted to catch up, and by the time she let me back on, the new post was GONE! I hope it will come back, because those pictures looked really nice!

You know who's MY youngest sister (not the one you know). She's the apple of my eye since she was born. We prayed for her so much before she was even conceived, and I prayed that when she was born she would be my sunshine. She has lived up to that! She has her days like all children, that she is a little ornery and miserable, but she is the sweetest little thing...everyone who's ever met her loves her, too.

My sister (the one you know) said that I should take it as a compliment to be called a monster, because that might be like being one of "McGuire's Monsters," and the Little Fish was one last season...oh, you'd have to watch TSN, or read it online, or listen to Pierre McGuire on the radio (I do the latter two) to know what I mean.

I knew what a legion is, but I couldn't understand why it would be bad, so I thought maybe there was another word that meant something different. I did not know that people drink there. UGH! That is so bad for people's health. My family is European so we drink wine, but I hate even the smell of beer and strong drinks.

Have a blessed day in the Lord. I look forward to your new post on your dad. How is he feeling lately?

the lil pilgrim pal

Wendy WaterBirde said...

Oooooo i love these pictures Terry. And even more so, the lovely feeling of your relationship. May it all be blessed with many more birthdays : )