Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Ruby Tuesday Birthday Greetings To My "Big" Sister Betty Jane


Happy Birthday Mommy!!

Dad golden phoned this morning at seven and told me, "it is betty's birthday today!
your mom and i were married july 26 1947 and nine months later i had TWO little girls!
your mom and betty!"
haha. he didn't have to remind ME!
every year for four months betty is TWO years older than i am and for those four months i never let her forget it!
when gary was born he was 0 years old, teddy was 1 year old, i was 2 years old and betty was 4!!
anyways betty, bernie and i want to wish you a happy birthday. rachel and matthew took bernie and i and the little red car for your birthday celebration but alas! you weren't there because you were at school and john wasn't there because he had to stay home and wait for a delivery man!
i will continue this post later and add some pictures of you bett, but now i have to take a nap!!..hahahaha!................

in the mean time babsy dear, here is a song you love...love bernie and terry


♥ Kathy said...

aww Happy Birthday Betty! and Happy Ruby Tuesday my sweet Terry!

Terry said...

YOU are the sweet one kathy!
teaching me all that i ever ask of you..i will find a glittery picture later on and put some more pix in..thank you for telling me how to get the you tube just to show the song i want. you have finished mr. jim's work..he is the one that taught me how to download you tube videos..
have a very happy ruby tuesday and i will visit you tonight after i see felisol....love terry

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

For you this Tuesday—
Happy birthday, Betty Jane!
Many more to come!

Pick your ruby:
The Other Way

reg said...

O wow Happy Birthday Betty, and I really enjoy the song as well. Terry I take it you are still two years younger !!!!!!!!

Amrita said...

Happy birthday Betty.

I have that music on tape and like it so much.

Dad Golden is wonderful. Praying for him too.

Dimple said...

Happy birthday to Betty!
Yep, I "retired." Well, I quit my part time job. But retired is what I want to be. Not yet ready for Social Security, though!

PEA said...

Happy Birthday to Betty!! I had to smile when you mentioned she was born exactly 9 months after your parents were married...it was the same thing with my parents and my oldest brother, exactly 9 months later:-) I hope she has a wonderful day of celebrating her special day!! xoxo

Crown of Beauty said...

What lovely pictures of betty and her dogs, obviously she is a dog lover!

And what a sweet post, too, dear Terry!

I have been away, and just able to visit my blog friends off and on...but I always thank you for dropping by my blog, and also the sisters' apron blog.

Your visits always encourage my heart.

Have a lovely Easter week...


Jim said...

Happy Birthday Betty!
Happy Birthday Betty!
Happy Birthday Betty!
Happy Birthday Betty!
Happy Birthday Betty!
Happy Birthday Betty!
Happy Birthday Betty!
Happy Birthday Betty!
Happy Birthday Betty!
Happy Birthday Betty!
Happy Birthday Betty!
Happy Birthday Betty!
Happy Birthday Betty!

That's all the better that I can sing anymore. I used to sing in a church choir but the director said he didn't like my singing (really he said he didn't like my "ear").

Terry, you are a dear. I like your Easter post too.
I am pretty well off blogging right now except for the poems on my other blog. I just finished my income tax but have nothing put away. Then I'm teaching Sunday school this Sunday. And on and on and on.
But I will return, just you wait.

Dimple said...

Hi Terry,
Thanks for the compliment, that picture is about 5 years old, but I like it. My hair is still long, but not so dark anymore!
I haven't had any problems when I have commented on Reg's blog...

heafy said...

hey, it's beautiful day..

good for you, nice post