Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Please Pray For Dad Golden

Yesterday was a full day for Betty and I.
At 7 am my dad called, as he does every morning.
When I asked if he was feeling better, he told me that he was still having heart burn.
He has been having it for the last few weeks but has been refusing to go to the doctor.
When I offered to take him right away to the Emergency, he as usual, said "No.
"Dad", I said, "that is what Betty had[heartburn] and it ended up with her having a heart attack.
It is really important that you go the Emergency!"
"No. I will be alright. I love you." and then he hung up;
Not five minutes after my phoning Grampa Yade to pray for him, Dad phoned and told me that maybe I SHOULD pick him up and take him.
I phoned Betty, picked her up first, and then Dad and off to the hospital we went.
After they had checked Dad's heart, they said that it was not a heart attack, but he would have to take several blood tests and there would be at least an eight hour stay.
Of course Dad was not too happy about that, but with Betty and I sitting there guarding him, he had no way of escape.
The heart doctor that came in shortly after told us that Dad would have to be admitted into the hospital because he will be having to take a cat scan and several other tests.
I would, my dear friends, appreciate your prayers for my dad.
You have always been there for us..Thank you so much.... Love Terry


SiouxSue said...

Terry, you all are in our prayers. Please keep us posted.

Love to all of you.

rrbj said...

Thanks for telling us Terry , And we will pray for your dad and for the rest of family ! May God Bless Ya'll . Ron.

Pat said...

Praying here in Michigan. Keep us posted...

Pilot Mom said...

Terry, you can count on me lifting you and your dad up before His throne of Grace!

Hebrews 11:1 said...

I'll be praying, too. Please keep us posted. May the Lord stregthen you and your family.

jel said...

hope your dad is ok!

Susie said...

Dear Terry,
I know how worried you must be. Please know I'm praying for your Dad.

dRaGoNfLy WiNgS said...

Lord, we call on You, our Jehovah Rophe to be that healing balm to Terry's dad. We know he is precious to You and that You will carry him through this time of uncertainty.

We pray for your peace to be upon Terry & her family, that they will continually be reminded that You ARE the Lord who is in control over every circumstance.

Bless this family, in our Lord's name. Amen!!

Saija said...

"Lord we ask for Your wisdom for the doctor's and Your Presence in and around all that goes on ... in Jesus name ... "

LauraMae said...

I'm praying for you Terry!

Jeanette said...

You have my prayers, too. It's exhausting seeing doctors.


Corry said...

I said a special prayer for y'all.

God's Grace.

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
so sorry to read aboat your dad. I'm doubleing my pprayer for him, for his health and salvation, and for you and your sister. It's tough to have the responsability for our adult, sane, but weak parents. I know a thing or two about that issue, but it's a good thing that we are out of ordinary work and therefore have the opportunity to help. I think maybe God need someone to do all these unpaid chores in an over bureaucratic society.
I'm repeating, God will not forget his "Children of Prayers".