Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Dad Golden's First Day In The Hospital

Starting the day without a phone call from my dad was certainly different.
Instead, I phoned the hospital, to inquire how my dad had spent the night.
The nurse told me that he had spent the night just fine, so I felt a little relief.
In the afternoon, I DID receive a call from Dad.
He was all frustrated and complaining.."NO ONE has been here and didn't we care?
They have rolled me here and rolled me there and left me sitting for a whole hour in the hallway, by myself, waiting for a cat scan.
I can't take anymore of this!!"
I had to explain to him that because he wasn't in ER anymore and because he had been admitted, we were not allowed to come until 2pm at visiting hours.
Bernie and I left the house together, shortly after two, Bernie to work the evening shift and I to go to the hospital.
It was not a pretty sight when I walked into Dad's room!
"I want to get out of here!"
"Dad, we have to wait for the doctor to make that decision."
"I can't eat anything, I can't DRINK anything..What can I do?"
"Dad, I will go and buy you an egg salad sandwich.How would you like that?"
"I CAN"T eat anything!"
"Well let's try it", I said.
"Get me some Fisherman cough candies.
They will clear out my throat!"
"OK Dad."
And so it went on for three hours until Betty came in, after helping Mom out for the day.
I must tell you that even though Dad had gone through several tests yesterday, the doctor still wants to keep him in the hospital for a few days[which I didn't tell Dad].
The cat scan has shown that he might be experiencing small strokes.
His blood pressure is fine but his temperature is high because he has an urinary infection, and his kidneys are acting up, so the doctor just wants to cover all bases and give my dad some more tests before he lets him go home.
After all, I am sure the doctor realizes how difficult it was for us to get Dad in there in the first place!
I am so thankful for all or your prayers ,not only my dad but for the family.
I think that we are going to have some difficult days ahead!
I will keep you informed...Love Terry

PS Dad DID gobble up the egg salad sandwich and THEN he started wondering when supper was coming!
"I WON'T be able to eat anything though!"


susanwalkergirl said...

Dearest Terry...I'm so sorry to hear that your daddy is in the hospital. But I'm grateful that he listened to the wise counsel of his beloved daughter. Indeed I will be praying for your daddy and for you, Bernie and Betty. We pray that through this episode God will draw your father close and that he will accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior.

Blessings, grace, peace and strength to you...dear one. Susan

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update. I'll keep praying for your entire family...and with susanwalkergirl that through this all your father will be drawn closer to God and accept Him as his Savior. May God bless you and strengthen you.

Jammie J. said...

I'm thinking it's probably a good sign that your dad is fussing so! And his blood pressure is normal, that's good. Even though he's fussing!
Hopefully the tests the doctor runs will be conclusive so they know how/what to treat.
The doctor sounds very smart -- do all he can while he's got your dad captive.
I'll keep praying. (hugs)

Pat said...

Still praying can be very difficult to care for our loved ones when they aren't the most cooperative! My mom is 84 and last year she had enough of the hospital (after a heart attack) and she tore out her IV's and left! They couldn't hold her and I told them to just let her go, I would be responsible for her..sometimes you just have to listen to your heart...and do a lot of praying!

Anonymous said...

Terry we have posted a request for Mr. Golden on our website's Bullentin Board. Sorry to hear you Dad is not well. Keep us posted.
Susan Adams

Jim said...

Hi Terry -- I'll be praying for him too! Tell him your blogger friends want him as well as he can be.

And give him so ice cream if he can have it.

I'm on holiday, Jim's Little Blog will be operated by Karen and/or Billy until mid-June.
I will try to find an Internet cafe in the jail house so I can check in every now and then.

dRaGoNfLy WiNgS said...

Hi Terry,

Thanks for your note. Really appreciate your friendship too.

Glad to know your Dad's fussing about already. Praying he will have speedy & complete recovery soon.


Terry said...

Dear Hebrews 11:1 I want to thank you for praying my dad.
This comment section of mine is the only way I know how, seeing as you are anonymous.
Your comments are always so much appreciated!...From "Mrs. Terry"

Jel. I want to thank you too.
I can't seem to leave a comment the last few days on your site, so I will thank YOU here too. You are a true friend...Love Terry

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
I kind of know what you are going through. My dad was just a week in hospital, and I was about the only visitor..
He was very ill though, and thankful for everything I did. That's a world of difference.
Always remember that under the anger, anxiety is always hidden.
Try to find and comfort the scared man.
Who isn't afraid, when he faces the possibility of serious illness or worse?

Felisol said...

P.S. Of course I'll keep on praying for you all.

Anonymous said...

{{Terry}} I haven't been online much lately because I too have been visiting my father in hospital and helping Mum. I will pray for your Dad's comfort and quick recovery from the urinary infection. That can be real nasty- but now that they have a diagnosis, it won't take long for the medicines to kick in. Your Dad sounds like me when I'm in hospital! LOL



Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs. Terry,
I was looking at our tulips in the yard today, and I thought of you. How I wished you were just around the corner, and I would have my sister make a bouquet and drop it off at your door! Oh, well, I hope my prayers will encourage you just as much. My family was with my Grandfather the last day that he spent at home, and it was such a hard time as we stayed with my Grandmother and went back and forth to the hospital...that was a few years ago (he had cancer really bad and died less than 2 months later), but I remember like it was yesterday what my mom went through taking care of her parents during that time. This evening during our family Bible reading a scritpure stuck out that reminded me of you..."You will call upon Me in the day of trouble and I will deliver you, and you will honor Me." (Psalm 50:15) That is my prayer for your father, that he will call upon the Lord. Have faith!

donna said...

Praying also and sending hugs your way.....


Mrs. Mac said...

Now just how I missed your post yesterday about your dad's condition is beyond me ... sorry to read that he has had such a difficult time taking the doctor's orders. My heartfelt prayers will be said on his behalf. Hang in there Miss Terry, Betty and Bernie. God may just be trying to work on getting your dad to depend on Him. Love & hugs,