Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Song For Dimple

today as i read a post that dimple had written on her bible blog, my heart burst with joy at the bible story she told of the sick man that four friends had carried to jesus and who put him down through the roof right to the lord's feet and the lord not only healed him, he forgave all of his sins.
now i love you tube and i have waited so long for my favourite southern gospel group, "greater vision" to put this song written by rodney griffen, one of the groups beloved hymn writer.
you just have to listen to the words!
i thank my new friend dimple for such an inspiring post!

god bless you dimple and keep up the good word! terry


Dimple said...

That was one rousing song, Terry! Thanks!
And thank you for your kind words about my Bible blog.

Terry said...

now that dimple has some really nice pictures on her other blog but mind you, you can't be taking them.
i must admit though that i couldn't help swiping this black kitty from her...i have wanted this black kitty ever since i saw him on mr. jim's blog a few years back but at that time i never knew how to transfer terry

Terry said...

your welcome dimple...your bible blog is just so simple enough for me to understand and to enjoy.
i know this song is rousing, eh?
i remember when we first heard it at a concert in hamilton, that everyone was excited.
i told my sister betty,,,,,"listen to the words!" and when she listened to the words and just not the music..she was quite surprised at what they said..
glad you liked it even though it isn't folk music least it has a story too, eh? terry

reg said...

I love your Black cat. he is so cool. I enjoyed that song on you Blog as well

Amrita said...

I don 't have speakers attatched to my computer so I can 't hear the song. but I am sure your choice is greaat.
The kitty so cute.
Don 't let Shopping News see her. She 'll get J

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
Beautiful song.
I'm beginning to like these middle aged men singing in perfect harmony.
They were kind of strange to me some years ago.
Usually I'm extreme; either classical or rock 'n' roll.
Well, I guess I like more; country Kris Kristofferson/ Johnny Cash style.
They have done some great gospel songs too.
From Felisol

Crown of Beauty said...

Hi dear Terry, I read back to some of the posts I have missed. How lovely the fall pictures you have posted for Ruby Tuesday last week and this week! I love the way you add the little stories, Terry...

I will visit dimple's site, and listen to this song sometime tomorrow. It is past midnight here, and just wanted to drop by your place to see how you are doing.

Hope you and Bernie and better!


Dimple said...

Terry, I would be pleased to have you list my blog as one of your favorites. I'm glad the Lord blesses you through what I have written.