Saturday, October 24, 2009

To Jada Gigi

hi jada gigi... remember when bernie and i and the little red car took a trip to port colborne to snap some pictures of the snow for you?
well, today we took a trip to st catharines to show you that of course we have more than a golden coloured autumn...there are lots of reds and browns and greens and oranges too!
this post is dedicated to you.
just imagine cheryl "tree house lady"...what beautiful forts you could build for your grand kids in THESE trees...hahahaha! terry


Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
I've enjoyed the reds, golds and browns of the Canadian autumn as well as Cheryl.
You are indeed the classiest Lady in Red I ever saw.
I like to imagine that you will go to YouTube this evening after Church,light some candles and make a slow dance to the beautiful tune from Chris De Burgh.
From Felisol
PS I've been playing with your cat for quite some time.
What do you call him?

reg said...

This way my second favourite season is spring, These pictures a amazing. Yes we need to see more yellow. The splash of colours are incredible. Beautiful pictures again as always

Jim said...

Hi Terry, Happy (late) Ruby Tuesday! And yes, I have a couple of pictures ready for RT this next week. Not a big thing though.
I sure am glad you caught Bernie RED HANDED picking those leaves from the Red Bush.

Speaking of trees and leaves falling, our Lemon tree has blossoms. It thinks Spring has come early. My gardener friend says to prune it and it will bloom again in the real Spring.
This Spring it had a lot of blooms but not one lemon set on. There is a shortage of bees, they are all disappearing for an unknown reason. And our Congress doesn't want to spend money to find out why. I am afraid this will end up as big a catastrophe as Global Warming.

Deb said...

Terry - I've been neglecting my commenting lately! This morning I decided to take a moment to breathe and am so glad that I stopped by for I would not have wanted to miss your photographs of our Creator's brilliantly colored leaves! God paints such wonderful pictures for us, eh? And that little lady goodness how she fits right in with your color theme! I pray God's richest blessings on you today! Thanks for remembering to pray for Brillo Man - even if the day was mixed up! We can use all the prayers we can get! I'll keep everyone posted on the Sister's blog as to how he is doing! Surgery is Wednesday...Love you!

Jada's Gigi said...

OH Terry! What a beautiful wonderful world it is! Thank you for sharing it with us in pictures and in song. You are too kind for dedicating it to me. Yes, indeed you do have much more than gold in your Autumn. It is gorgeous to behold! You should have saved some of these for your Ruby Tuesday post there is so much red. Very vivid and beautiful! Like you! Thanks again and give Bernie hellos.

Crown of Beauty said...

Wow, these pictures are stunning. can't think of a better word. I had to keep looking at this post with all the reds and oranges, and the one before it with the golden leaves. So beautiful...

We don't have autumn here, no marked changing of the seasons. Canada is so lovely! And you mentioned Niagara Falls in the Sisters blog ... Maybe someday we can meet and see those beautiful places together.


Terry said...

thanks felisol..that is a nice song and that guy has a nice voice!
I listened to a few more of his songs and they are really good..
there is one there that would make a really nice anniversary post!
I am glad that you like that black kitty. his name is sir Galahad!!
shopping news has a nose that is real out a joint...that jealous thing!

thank you sonny my boy...yesterday bernie and i went around welland and took some real nice pictures that i am going to send especially to you...there is even a picture of your old babysitter's golden!!

i will be looking forward to your ruby post mr. jim, but i will NOT be looking forward to yours and mrs. jim's going away AGAIN!!
do you thing that you could put a picture in of that beautiful grandbaby of yours with adi?
that katrine is far too spoiled and possessive of that baby!

deb..don't you be worrying so much in catching up on comments..i am way behind in mine too. that is why i appreciate the sisterhood of the traveling scarf and donna's prayer blog so much. that way we can keep in touch so well and i will be praying especially for brillo man this wednesday!
i love YOU too!

jada gigi..we took that trip especially to take those pictures for you and we enjoyed the drive.
for sure and there is some ruby red in those pictures but today bernie and i went downtown welland to take some ruby red pix and we will use them tomorrow to celebrate mr. jim's birthday!

crown of would be just the thing for you to visit niagara falls with us some day. we even rarely go there. we just take it for granted.
my friend sonny[reg] has some really nice pciutres of niagara falls on his fact i think that his picture for his blog IS the niagara falls!
thanks for coming to see me terry