Saturday, May 23, 2009

What A Day That Will Be

last week i was enjoying rebecca's posts over at the sisterhood of the traveling scarf blog.
as rebecca is from my beloved manitoba, i read every word of her posts and looked at each picture of manitoba's was snowing still in winnipeg,and the roads were snow covered.
one picture of a highway reminded me of the times that we were driven 33 miles to sunday school. i told rebecca that it brought back one special memory to me. one time we had invited some pentecostal children out for sunday school and all along the whole way there and back they taught us this song "there is coming a day".
i wanted to put my usual lord's day hymn in and this is my very favourite singer that sings this song...david ring.
i think that you will really enjoy it.
david ring was born with cerebral palsy and became a christian in his teens and he is a bright and shining testimony.

and here is another song that is dear to his heart and should be dear to everyone who is a christian's heart.

have a happy and blessed lord's day terry


jel said...

hi Sweet T,

I love that song,
and wish I could hear him sing it, but it would take me 30 mins to download it, got veryslow dialup sev, :(

hope y'all are well
sunshine :)

Terry said...

thanks my little sunshine jel..
so nice to hear from you.
i loved that song ever since i learned it and i really love to hear david ring sing it!
hugs to you terry

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
The songs were wonderful.
So are you.
From Felisol

Constance said...

Growing up my daughter Jessica (almost 27) used to think the chorus was,
"He punched me to victory" rather than "He plunged me to victory"! It seems like for awhile Victory in Jesus was #82 in every church's hymnals that ever I went to!

Happy Sunday!

Crown of Beauty said...

hope you are doing great these days, dear Terry.

Thanks for this post. I have never heard about David before, and so thank you for sharing.

It is amazing that he has cerebral palsy and yet he can do these things. I have a friend who has a son with cerebral palsy and he is bedridden and can't do things for himself.

What a pity. I wish he could get to see what David has become.

Enjoy your Lord's day!

Trish said...

Oh, I haven't seen David Ring in so long! I love his testimony and when he sings those precious old Hymns...
what witness he is.