Sunday, May 17, 2009

happy birhtday taylor... two days late!

this friday grandpaw ron's girl, taylor turned ten and although this is a couple days late mr. bernie and i and our fat cat, shopper wish to her a happy birthday.
i am sure that amazing grace man, ron made her a nice cake[not!] but just in case we have ordered little ten year old, taylor a fresh one from google.
now taylor is a great baker in her own right but she can't bake her own birthday cake!for sure and she can't!

these are taylor's brothers, cole[john 3:16 boy], noah, and her sister brittani, and i know that they are wishing little sis a happy birthday too!

taylor if you watch the comments, mr. jim will be singing you a great birthday song.
i am really sorry that adi and amber and katrina didn't make it over to canada for a photo shoot of your birthday but that grandpaw, of yours who was the little birdie that told me about your special day gave me too short of a notice!.....always got his nose in a book, he has....a facebook!!!!

i hope that you like these sunday school choruses sweet taylor.
one thing that your grandpaw believes in and prays for is that you four children will trust the lord in your tender years!...that is our prayer mr. bernie, miss terry and a fat old canadian cat! XXXXXX


Felisol said...

Dear Taylor,
Welcome in the double digits' club.
Hope you stay there for a long time,-all the way to triple digits; a hundred.
Hope you had a nice day, and that all your days to come will have lots and lots of sunshine, and a little rain to keep you growing.
From Felisol in Norway

ron said...

Hi Terry,

Thanks from me for this birthday post for taylor ! She is at school now and when they get in from school I will let her view this ! I say - you will bless a little girls heart very much ! She had an Ice cream cake and some cupcakes fixed up for little girls and her favorite beverage [fanta orange drink] ! I also managed to get her a new sporty bicycle ? Her papaDwight carried her out to eat dinner ? She a fun filled day ?

Blessings to you and I thank God for you doing the job He designated for you !

Grandpaw Ron.

Jim said...

Happy Birthday Taylor!
Happy Birthday Taylor!
Happy Birthday Taylor!
Happy Birthday Dear Taylor,
Happy Birthday to You!

That is neat being twelve. Our Grand daughter, B.P, turned twelve on May 1st. I think life starts getting busier about this time of life.
I hope you celebrated real good for your BDay. Imagine having to make your own cake, I hope Uncle Ron or someone dear to you could make you one.

So for one more time,

Happy Birthday Taylor!
Happy Birthday Taylor!
Happy Birthday Taylor!
Happy Birthday Dear Taylor,
Happy Birthday to You!

Mrs. Mac said...

A most special happy birthday wish sent to Taylor from Mrs. Mac over in Idaho. Hope your day is/was special. May the good Lord bless you with good health and a bright future.


taylor said...

Dear Mrs.Terry,
thank you so much for the birthday wishes!!!!
I had a great day and papa Ron did the best he could and i'm proud of him and greatful !!!

blessings and love you!
Taylor nicole chancey

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Happy Birthday Taylor. May you have many more blessed birthdays to come. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

Crown of Beauty said...

Happy Birthday Taylor... and Terry you are such a sweet one to post all this as a birthday treat for her!

Hope you are doing better.


Terry said...

your welcome sweet taylor.
you and your family have become very special to us in the last couple of years, and your papa ron is all of our grandpaw ron.
by the way he talks of you kids, he sure is one happy and proud papa of you all, and now apparently one devoted great grand pappy as well!
i hope you had a great day.
it sure sounded like a yummy birthday feast! miss terry.

ps..say hello to cole our john 3:16 boy whenever you see him and tell that princess to behave herself!